Hips Don’t Lie: Redefining Corporate Events

If you’re looking for an astonishing offering for your corporate events, get in touch with Hips Don’t Lie for your quick fix. We are the number 1 entertainment provider in Toronto offering a variety of dance services such as belly dancing depending on your preference.

Your business partners, stakeholders, customers, and employees deserve the best show they can possibly have during company gatherings. Hips Don’t Lie make this a reality. We know just how much each of you has worked so hard. Thus, you deserve to be delighted by world-class performances.

The team from Tinting Chicago got an awesome treat when they hired Hips Don’t Lie to their corporate occasion. They attendees definitely had an amazing time watching the dance routines we have specially designed for their event.

Variety of Offers

We know the importance of making an event different from the others. No show should be the same as what has already been done. Otherwise, it is like going through motions with no room for excitement. Novelty and freshness are what we do best. We aim to make every show a new experience for the guests.

At Hips Don’t Lie, you can opt to have belly, Latin American, Jamaican, Egyptian, Russian, African, burlesque, Gypsy, Indian, Bhangra, Middle Eastern, Arab, Persian, Bollywood or Samba dancers. We also offer jazz, samba, ballroom dancing and contemporary dance routines. The choice of which ones you need for your event depends upon you. However, if you do not know what to have for your event, we can suggest the appropriate show based on your theme among other considerations.

Wonderful Experience

Getting our services is a wonderful experience. We aim to please so we make sure that we engage our audience with our unique routines. Many of our past clients can vouch just how amazing each of our performance is. We do not shortchange ourselves and our clients. We always mount shows that will have everyone talking for a very long time.

The non-stop energetic routine of the dance company will let you experience a whole lot of fun and emotions.

Get the Services of Hips Don’t Lie

Your corporate events will be the talk of the town for weeks or even months if you let Hips Don’t Lie handle your entertainment. We have a pool of engaging, professional, respectful, polite and talented individuals to do the dance routines for your events.

Our professional dancers are industry experts and legends, who have been dancing out of passion for the craft. We know this business more than anyone in Toronto does. Thus, trust us to make the big difference in your special gathering.

We will deliver as we promised. Hire us and find out for yourself why we are the number 1 dance services provider in the city.

Give Hips Don’t Lie a call now at 647-444-1595 for your inquiries and booking appointments. Our telephone operators are on standby to provide you with assistance. You may also reach us through lyana@hipsdontlie.ca or by filling up the form found on our website. We will immediately reach out to you as soon as practicable.

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