Autoguard Paint Protection Film Installation

Autoguard Paint Protection Film Installation

Tiny chips and scratches can ruin the look of your car. However, the effect of these little imperfections on the appearance of the vehicle is not the biggest problem. What you should be really concerned about is the fact that these damaged spots will get corroded quickly. If this happens, you will need to get your car repainted, which is not going to come cheap.

Luckily, there is a way to protect the paint from this kind of damage. Autoguard paint protection will effectively take care of this problem and preserve the look of your vehicle for a very long time.

Who Needs Autoguard Paint Protection?

The constitution of car paint is different from the products you will use to paint your walls. It offers some measure of protection to your vehicle by default. However, it is not enough to withstand the trials of the road. Debris, dirt, branches, and even something as simple as bird droppings can damage the outer layer of the paint and lead to corrosion.

Considering the fact that it’s completely impossible to avoid all those things while driving, it becomes obvious that everyone will benefit from Autoguard paint protection. Every time you take your car out of your garage, you place the paintwork at risk. Installing the film is a precaution that can save you a great deal of money and improve the overall look of your vehicle.

Physical protection from road abuse is not the only benefit offered by Autoguard film. Other perks you will get after installing it are:

  • The value of your vehicle will be increased.
    The protective film will ensure that your car looks its best, so you won’t have to lower the resale price due to scratches or chips. The film itself is worth quite a bit and its warranty is transferable, which allows you to raise the price.
  • You won’t need to wax or polish your car.
    Top-quality Autoguard protection film will ensure that your car looks as shiny as it did the day you bought it, and you won’t need to spend long hours polishing it with wax to achieve this effect. Washing the vehicle will also become much easier.
    Please note that you will need to use specialized cleaning solutions in order to avoid damaging the film.
  • Your car will be protected from UV rays.
    Sun radiation is as damaging for your vehicle as it is to you. Autoguard paint protection will act like a permanent sunscreen, reducing the damage significantly and extending the life of your car.

Installing paint protection films is a tricky process, and handling it on your own will be extremely difficult. A single wrong move can ruin a strip of film, and it’s almost impossible to avoid such mistakes when you aren’t an experienced professional. Therefore, DIY isn’t really a cost-efficient option in this case. In addition, you should remember that a lifetime warranty for the film will be valid only if the product is installed by a certified professional.

Our technicians are qualified to do this job, and we offer an additional warranty for their work. When you work with us, you can be sure that your Autoguard paint protection will be installed quickly and perfectly.


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