If you have already looked for the ultimate in paint protection against stone chips and abrasions then locating the best hood protection film will be a breeze, with your answers now clear. This film comes under the general category called Paint Protection Film or PPF.

Hood Protection Film

Gone are the days of putting up with that unsightly car bra that destroys the look of your car and only gives it protection while fitted. The alternative to this has been to slowly watch the vulnerable areas or you cars paint work show more and more signs of general road wear and tear. Stone chips, abrasions, environmental fallout and unsympathetic road users all take the shine of that once new car paint work. True, hoods may not be affected by stone chips thrown up off the road or kerbside, but you cannot ignore the possibility of hard object contact with your ‘roof on the road’, your car’s hood, e.g., large hailstones in a thunderstorm.

Now there is a perfectly clear answer to this problem and if you only look once you will probably miss it. A good hood protection film will be a clear and almost completely invisible high gloss and extremely tough thin polyurethane film which was primarily designed to be applied to those vulnerable areas of your car to protect against stone chips, abrasions and all forms of road debris and environmental fallout. They apply to the hood as well.

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a clear urethane adhesive film that is used to protect the paint finish on a vehicle’s impact zones, such as the leading edge of the hood, amongst others. This invisible film is strong and durable and is the most effective way of protecting vehicles from damage. This thin invisible bra is designed to save cars and other types of vehicles from day to day paint damages. The film forms an invisible shield that can be waxed and maintained just like your paint to maintain the original high gloss shine of modern vehicles. This durable material has been used successfully for years by the military, various auto manufacturers, and NASCAR race teams in rock chip prone areas with incredible results.

More and more consumers are opting to protect their vehicle investments with a PPF, and many drivers are even choosing to cover the entire hood of their vehicle for the ultimate level of paint protection.

The paint protection film solved all the negatives of the vinyl bras and improved the benefits of having one. Utilizing the black vinyl bra was a hassle. Worse, the bras would damage the paint where it was rubbing against PPF, and now they are not very fashionable. PPF is nearly undetectable on the paint, almost 100% invisible on the hood; the film does not damage the paint, and it does not require removal for washes.

Perhaps the most unique benefit of the hood protection film, aside from its durability against road damage, is that you cannot see the protection on the car. It is on the vehicle all the time, rain or shine; ready to repel stones and pitting, come hail or hot water!

Overall, the film is more effective at preventing road debris than anything else. Over a 5+ year period, the film maintains its clarity, then gets old battling the sun and atmospheric hazards and appears worn out. It is completely removable. Another plus is that with the paint protection film in place, it still allows the paint to fade over the largest surface area of a car at the same rate as the rest of the car.

When shopping around for an installer, look for a company with experience. Good work is never cheap and cheap work is never good. Anyone can buy film. The quality of the job can vary widely. It takes years to become competent with installations.


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