Scotchgard Paint Protection Film

The Scotchgard protection film has been designed to provide a fast and easy installation of the protection film on your car surfaces. It shields your paintwork from stones, insect acids, bird droppings, abrasion, and weather impacts. Its main task is to preserve your vehicle’s appearance and protect its resale value.

Most world manufacturers recommend installing this film as a preventive measure against road tar, scratches, oil stains, etc. Due to its transparent nature, the film does not alter the overall appearance of your car, unlike vinyl wraps or plastic protectors. Many of our Chicago clients prefer these films for their invisibility. As a rule, people do not like changing their vehicles’ style, that’s why transparency is vital for them. The Scotchgard protection film requires no special treatment, which offers another comfortable advantage. You don’t have to pay any additional attention to the film and you can easily perform your conventional wash and wax procedures. The films we offer for our clients are approved by many institutions, including OEM and NASCAR. Additionally, we offer a wide selection of pre-cut patterns ensuring a precise and effortless installation.

The Scotchgard protection film is equipped with a self-healing technology allowing the fixing of minor damages itself. This film is quite durable and it is practically impossible to stain or scratch. As compared with other similar clear films, the scotchgard offers the following benefits:

  • A clearer look.
    In fact, this is probably the clearest films in the industry. Its transparency is virtually exceptional. Not many will notice it on a vehicle at first glance.
  • Durability and high repellent features.
    The innovative technologies provide excellent resistance to scratches and stains. That’s why the film is easy to install and maintain.
  • Self-healing qualities.
    The top layer of the film can repair itself so that minor scratches simply disappear with time.
  • Newly designed adhesives.
    The advanced technologies applied to produce the adhesives allow the repositioning of the film easily during the installation process. On the other hand, the film sits firmly on the surface once the installation is over.
  • Flexibility and easy-to-stretch properties.
    The Scotchgard protection film offers Chicago installers a comfortable application process. You can always go around any curved surface with little effort.
  • Efficiency and high performance.
    The installers perform faster due to the film’s better cutting abilities, allowing fewer leftovers and faster cutting.

How to Apply the Scotchgard Protection Film

Virtually any part of your car can be treated with the Scotchgard film. It is easily applied to any curved surface and does not change the color or the design of its surface. The protection against road debris is absolutely invisible. Normally, we recommend protecting the following surfaces:

  • Rocker panels on cars experience the main damage done by sand and rocks flying from under the tires.
  • Hoods, bumpers and side mirrors usually suffer from flying gravel, insect acids or bird droppings and bitumen stains.
  • Door handles and sides of the doors, as a rule, get spoiled due to keys, belt buckles, and purses.
  • Roves mainly are damaged by dust, tree sap, and bird droppings.

The surfaces are to be thoroughly prepared prior to any installation. They have to be washed, cleaned, and dried out. Don’t forget to use a degreaser to provide the best installation effect. If your car had been previously repainted, make sure the paint has dried out completely. Otherwise, you risk spoiling the paintwork, as well as getting the bubble effect while the paint continues to dry out under the film. During application, remember to keep the temperature within 16+C-32+C or heat the surfaces if needed for a better result. For this reason, use high-pressure heat blowers.    

Check the manufacturer’s instructions for more details, or feel free to contact our Scotchgard paint protection film product installers in Chicago, IL. We are always ready to share our expertise and experience with you.  Our team of trained professionals will help you to choose the right type of film and the correct installation tools and techniques for your particular car. We can also offer a wide selection of pre-cut kits which are much faster to install. We offer a winning combination of quality products and perfect installation services at reasonable prices.

Whenever you’ve decided to add extra protection to your vehicle, we are here to help and assist. We warrant a defect-free installation and an exceptional performance within the warranty period. The scotchgard paint protection films do not crack, bubble or get yellow even after many years of use. Meanwhile, your original paint stays brand new and untouched. Just imagine your 10-year-old car shining with fresh colors. Its resale value is definitely high while your clients will bargain less to buy your vehicle. Not many old cars can look scratch-free and non-faded. With us, your car will be a success even when it’s no longer new.  


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