Spray On Clear Bra Service

Spray On Clear Bra Service

There is no arguing the fact that Clear Bra is an excellent car paint protection tool. However, it does have some limitations. Low-quality films can yellow and peel off, bra not installed by professionals can bubble and develop other defects, tiny particles of dirt may gather at the seams and make your vehicle look rather unappealing.

However, there is a solution that will solve all these problems in one go. It’s known as Spray On Clear Bra. It is still a film, but it’s not a piece of clear polyurethane that you are used to. Spray On Clear Bra is exactly that, a spray. When applied properly, it will cover every nook and crevice of the hood, bumper, and any other part of the vehicle you want to protect. When the spray dries, it will turn into a film that will provide excellent protection without the common Clear Bra disadvantages.

Of course, there are a few reasons to why this product has yet to push traditional Clear Bra off the market. The most important of them is the durability of protection. Even the best films from 3M and other renowned giants last up to a year. This period can be extended if the vehicle spends the vast majority of time safely parked in your garage. However, the opposite might shorten it.

All in all, you shouldn’t expect more than a year of heavy-duty protection, and that is only if the Spray On Clear Bra you install is of the highest quality. If you aren’t sure which of the many products on the market are reliable, we will gladly offer advice and help you pick the perfect option for your needs and budget.

Spray On Clear Bra Installation Tips

Many people make the mistake of thinking that applying a spray on product will be easy. On one hand, it really is true that installing traditional Clear Bra is much harder to do on your own. However, this doesn’t mean that applying Spray On Clear Bra for cars will be a walk in the park.

Our technicians learn how to do this perfectly through hours and days of rigorous practice. When performed by a master of the craft, the job does seem deceptively easy to those watching its progress. Should you try to do this yourself, though, the situation will definitely be different. Applying the spray just RIGHT is a skill that is not easy to acquire. Therefore, it’s always best to entrust this kind of job to professionals.

When we install your Clear Bra or Spay On Clear Bra, we offer a guarantee that will protect your interests in the unlikely case of a defect. When you do this on your own, a minor setback like this will be very difficult to deal with and can double your costs. To remove a defect of any kind, you will most likely need to replace a section of the film.

This is possible as it is not a permanent fixture. However, removal, cleaning off the adhesive layers from the surface of your car, polishing the surface, and reapplying the spray will take a lot of time, a great deal of effort, and the use of specialized products you will need to buy. Bear in mind that removing freshly installed spray on protection won’t be easy either. You may need to pay for a high-pressure wash to do this. At the end of the day, the accumulated costs and time spent on the task will definitely prove that hiring a professional to install Spray On Clear Bra is the more cost-efficient option.

In case you decide to try installing this protection on your own, you will need to set up a clean dust-free environment with excellent lights and the temperature between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. You will also need materials to cover the parts of the vehicle you don’t want to spray the product on.


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