Tinting Chicago opens a new Palatine Illinois shop

On the 10th of March 2022, Tinting Chicago opened a third shop in Illinois at 1402 N Rand Rd., Palatine. Now you don’t need to search “Car window tint near me” or “Car wrapping near me”. Just visit our new Palatine shop!

Tinting Chicago Palatine IL shop now open

Tinting Chicago is a dynamically growing company, and, following high demand from the customers in this area — Palatine, Buffalo Grove, Des Plaines, Mt Prospect, etc, we have opened a new modern facility in a new convenient location. 

The shop is situated on a busy street, close to multiple restaurants, cafes, and malls: you don’t need to just sit and wait for your car, but can have a snack or do the shopping. And in case you want to chill, welcome to our waiting area with free Wi-Fi, coffee, and water!

Tinting Chicago Palatine IL inside

Tinting Chicago Palatine IL signature services

As two of our other shops — in Harlem and on Grand Ave, Palatine facility features Tinting Chicago’s signature range of services:

  • Car window tint to protect from harmful UV rays, heat, and glare
  • Wrapping a car to renew its look or completely change the color
  • Paint protection film installation — invisible, strong, and durable protective vinyl layer
  • Home window tinting for cool, comfortable, and beautiful homes
  • Commercial window tinting — installation of quality films to any glass surfaces of your business premises
  • Commercial graphics — decal works, fleet graphics, and much more for successful business promotion 

We are happy to offer a 20% discount for any of Tinting Chicago Palatine IL services to the first 100 customers! 

Visit the shop at 1402 N Rand Rd. today or feel free to contact us at 773-714-8100 and contact@tintingchicago.com to get your discount!

Tinting, wrapping first 100 cars get 20% off

Facility description 

  • The new tinting shop fits three vehicles simultaneously
  • 10 parking spots for our clients
  • The convenient waiting area (Wi-Fi, coffee, water)
  • Samples of all vinyl films
  • 3M and XPel certified

What is different?

Tinting Chicago Palatine Illinois shop is the first location that is not adjacent to the United Tires tire shop. Therefore, this facility only offers quality car window tinting services (including headlight tint and tail light tint), car wrapping (car color change, chrome deletes), PPF (paint protection film), home window tinting (residential window tinting), commercial tinting (glass and window tint any business properties) and commercial graphics (decal works, fleet graphics), etc.


Location manager — Nazar Demianchuk, supervisor — Alex Belov, certified installers — Vasiliy Demianchuk and Dzmitry Bulauchyk. Vasiliy and Dzmitry are our top specialists that will perform impeccable installation and will be happy to consult you on any car tint services, be it on the phone or in person.   

Working hours

Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Saturday: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Tel.: 773-714-8100

Email: contact@tintingchicago.com

Address: 1402 N Rand Rd, Palatine, IL 60074 

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