Wheel Wrapping With Vinyl Sheets

Wheel Wrapping With Vinyl Sheets

Wrap Your Rims in Vinyl

Wheel vinyl sheets have been originally designed to provide extra decoration to your vehicle’s exterior. It’s been a long time since titanium rims were the only thing in fashion. Nowadays, there are plenty of opportunities to customize your wheels. One of the most popular ways is probably vinyl wrapping. Due to the vast variety of colors and textures, you have a wonderful chance to install practically any design on your rims.

The vinyl sheets used for decorating wheels are long-lasting and quite easily installed. As opposed to an entire car wrapping, which usually requires a professional installation, treating just the rims is a genuine DIY procedure. Of course, you can hire a professional to help. However, it is not the most complicated task to do by yourself.

Our Chicago, IL – based company will provide a wheel wrapping service for your sweet ass wheels. You are welcome to contact our professional team for instructions and assistance 24/7. We offer wrappings from the world’s top producers, ensuring premium quality and the highest performance. We have a wide range of colors and exotic textures to provide the best designing solutions and an excellent professional finish to your rims. Our wrappings mimic the texture of wood, stone, and natural animal skin.

The cost of wheel wrapping with vinyl sheets is its advantage as well. Unlike painting, it is faster, easier, provides more designs, and is much cheaper. While painting your rims may take you days and cost you a fortune, wheel wrapping takes a few hours and is reasonably priced. In addition, you do not have to stick to one design forever. You can always take it down and switch to another one. Or you may have a couple of different wheel sets for different occasions.

The image below shows how a wheel looks after it is wrapped with a vinyl sheet. You can also see it won’t take much to remove it. The vinyl wrap service for your sweet ass rims that we offer in Chicago, IL provides a different look to your car, adding a unique style to its general image and making it more versatile and appealing.

The modern innovative technologies used for the wheel wrappings allow easy installations and removals. The self-adhesive wrappings are easy to re-position, which makes their application fast and flexible. Most of our DIY wrappings are amateur-friendly, so you can always change your style or add to it yourself. You can easily stretch the film, so you won’t need much effort to go around the tight corners of your rims. You are sure to install the wrapping correctly, if you follow the instructions. However, we recommend amateurs to contact our maintenance line in Chicago, IL for useful tips and assistance. The average outdoor warranty ranges from 3 to 7 years depending on the type of the wrap. But, you may risk losing your warranty if the wrap is not professionally applied. That’s why we offer skilled installation services for Chicago, IL customers.

If your look and style are as important as your performance, be sure to use some of the extra wrapping decorations we offer. Your rims are as visible as the rest of your ride. So, why not provide them with a sporty appeal or eye-catching luxury? With the help of our wheel wrapping sheets you also have the chance to hide any minor faults on your rims and make them look absolutely brand new. As opposed to painting, this procedure takes less time and is far from being overpriced. Additionally, the film protects the original surface of your rims from natural wear and accidental road damages done by stones, dirt, and other debris.


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