Window Tint Percentage For Cars

One of the main considerations you will need to take into account when choosing car tint is the amount of light it can let through. This factor determines the “darkness” of the film and is represented on the label as window tint percentage.

The higher is this particular number the more light will pass though the film. Clear films that have very little effect on visibility have 90-80%. The darkest shade available is 10%, but it is illegal in the vast majority of the states.

In order to decide what window tint percentage is perfect for your car, you will need:

  1. Research local car window tinting laws.
    Auto window tinting laws vary depending on the location. Therefore, you will need to find out what is legal in your area, and base your choice on this. You can search for this information online, or simply contact one of our experienced agents. We will be happy to help you choose the best tint for your precious car.
    Note that people suffering from some medical conditions, like skin cancer or light allergy, are exempt from tinting laws. If you are one of them, you will need to discuss the safest window tint percentage with your doctor. Don’t forget to get an official permission to tint your vehicle darker than norm in your state. Otherwise, you might have some legal problems.
  2. Consider the color of your car.
    Auto window tints are available in a great variety of colors and shades, so you’ll definitely find something that will match the color of your vehicle perfectly. Consider the shades carefully as tinting will really affect the overall look of the vehicle.
  3. Think about your safety.
    One of the biggest problems with dark window tint is the fact that it makes driving at night much more dangerous. If you crave privacy, but don’t want to make your car dark by choosing 10-20% film, you should consider metalized options. This kind of tint has lower percentage, but still provides you with some measure of privacy due to the “mirror” effect.

Car Tint Installation: DIY or Pro?

Choosing the perfect tint film for your car is not enough. If this kind of product isn’t installed properly, it will not live up to your expectations. It is possible to get your car tinted without professional assistance, but this is a rather risky way. If you choose to take it, you should look for special films designed for DIY application.

As the quality of installation has such a profound effect on film’s performance, the vast majority of car tint manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on their products only if they are installed by certified specialists. Therefore, you will need to seek professional service in order for the warranty to become active.

Our technicians are qualified to work with films from all major manufacturers and can install any kind of tinting in a matter of a few hours. Our shop also offers a warranty of its own, which covers the quality of the technicians’ work. Contact us if you want to get your car tinted quickly and efficiently.


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