Antiglare Window And Reflective Glass Films

Modern buildings contain large windows in order to let in as much natural light as possible. However, it has become obvious that an excess of sunlight may be quite harmful for those who are inside. Extra heat calls for additional cooling expenses while excessive UV radiation is able to harm people and interiors. In such a situation, antiglare control heat reflective window film installations may be an effective way out.

Anti glare control window film belongs to the window films applied to the glass in order to improve its physical characteristics. It is mainly used to avoid unwanted sunlight and prevent overheating and fabric fading. Normally, the film contains metals which filter out the excessive sun spectrum, thus making your life more comfortable. So, in case you feel there’s too much light in your home, be sure to use an antiglare window film.

However, you shouldn’t think antiglare protection suits the southern regions only. According to climate statistics, Chicago IL experiences around 189 sunny days per year. This means you’ll have at least half a year of unpleasant indoor conditions with too much light and glare. But it is not only about your comfort. Researchers state that by reducing heat gain caused by the extra sunlight and glare, you are able to save up to 50 percent of your home utility expenses. Quite an impressive amount, isn’t it?

In addition, a wide range of other harmful factors can be disarmed with the help of antiglare window films. Did you know that an average window film is able to stop around 99 percent of harmful UV radiation? So, not only does it keep your furniture fabrics in good condition, but more importantly, it helps to provide better living conditions for you and your family. The risk of cancer is not the only possible disease caused by excessive UV rays. For many people, especially those who experiencing eye malfunctions for example, too much light inside their homes is simply unacceptable.

Another benefit of using the antiglare protection is the issue of privacy. It is no secret that some types of window films are absolutely perfect for creating a high level of privacy for your home or office. Whenever privacy is required, antiglare control reflective window tint installations offer a quick and affordable solution. Most of the films do no harm to the glass surfaces, which enables temporary applications. This is especially important for tenants and landlords.

The application of antiglare window films are far from being complicated. In fact, it was designed so that an average customer could cope with this task. The procedure is quick and does not require special tools or knowledge. As long as you follow the instruction, you can be sure of a successful installation. Of course, if you do not want to take the risk yourself, our 24/7 assistance crew can give you a hand at your earliest convenience. All you need to do is to contact our Chicago IL-based office.


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