Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap #1267

Carbon fiber vinyl wrap offers protection as well as enhances the car’s look.
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Custom Vinyl Wraps #0360

Design a custom wrap to express your individuality through your vehicle.
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Orange Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap #1253

We can install the wrap of your choosing on any vehicle quickly and efficiently.
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Car Roof Vinyl Wrap #0553

Install a wrap of your choice if you want to save money on repainting your car roof.
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Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap Hood #1256

No need to repaint car hood to hide stains or scratches, wrap will solve the problem.
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Gold Vinyl Wrap #0552

You can make your car truly golden and luxurious by installing a gold wrap.
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Gloss Fiber

Gloss Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap #0454

Gloss carbon fiber wrap gives car a stylish look and protects it from some damage.
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Interior Vinyl Wrap #1163

Interior car wraps with various designs will make your car truly special.
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Black Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap #0439

Don’t waste a fortune repainting your car black, installing a wrap is more efficient.
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Matte Silver Vinyl Wrap #0717

Silver wrap will make car look stylish, and you won’t need to spend a fortune on it.
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Matte Grey Vinyl Wrap #1203

Changing the color of your car to solid gray is easy and cheap with wraps.
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Camo Vinyl Wrap Car #0359

If you love camouflage, “paint” your car this way by installing a special wrap.
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Matte Blue Vinyl Wrap #0940

No need to spend money on paintjob, you can “paint” your car vibrant blue with wraps.
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White Vinyl Car Wrap

White wraps are easier to clean and maintain in pristine condition than actual paint.
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Wood wraps are for people who want their cars to be beautiful and original.
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Orange Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap #1253

A vibrant orange wrap will allow you to draw attention to your car wherever you go.
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Satin Vinyl Wrap #1194

Satin wraps look truly luxurious and will make any vehicle seem classy and unique.
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Boat Vinyl Wrap #1052

Make your boat stand out with a colorful wrap that will reflect your personality.
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Trailer Vinyl Wrap

Turn a trailer into a moving ad or a magical castle by installing a special wrap.
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Matte Grey Vinyl Wrap #1203

Find out the costs of both full and partial wraps with various textures and designs.
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Vinyl Wraps For Trucks #0725

Get a free promotion by turning your truck into a moving ad for your business.
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Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl lettering allows you to put your ad on any vehicle and gain plenty of exposure.
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Race Cars

Vinyl Wraps For Race Cars #1329

Advertise your race team’s sponsors with colorful custom wraps on the racing vehicle.
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Car Graphics

Vinyl Car Graphics #1319

Car graphics will make your car look really cool and show off your style.
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Motorcycle Vinyl Wrap #0728

Make your motorcycle truly unique with the help of colorful graphic wraps.
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Car Vinyl Wrap: Upgrade the Look and Feel of Your Vehicle & Protect it From Damage

Vinyl wrapping is a common practice undertaken in the automotive aftermarket. It involves applying a special vinyl wrap to the exterior surface of a car body to be held in place by a strong adhesive.

In addition to being one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to alter the appearance of your vehicle, vinyl wraps also have the advantage of protecting the original paintwork and can be removed later if necessary.

Benefits of wrapping your car in vinyl

Here are four great reasons to consider vinyl wrapping if you want a new look for your car.

1. Get a unique look with creative customization

Car vinyl comes in an almost endless range of colors, textures, and patterns (unlike stock paint, which only comes in a limited number of colors). From black vinyl to wrap that gives a carbon fiber look, you can have it all. A car wrap can even be made with custom graphics.

With so many options to choose from, you can let your imagination run wild when you design a new look for your car. You can even advertise your business by designing a wrap featuring your company logo or text.

2. Wrap is cheaper and faster than a new paint job

Getting a professional paint job for your car can cost $7,000-8,000 more than a vinyl wrap job — or even more, depending on the type of paint used. It typically takes a week or more to complete a quality paint job.

By comparison, vinyl wrapping is a much more cost-effective solution to transform the appearance of your car. It is also much quicker – typically around 2-3 days — so you can get back on the road sooner.

3. Paint protection

If you’ve owned a vehicle for any length of time, you’re no doubt aware of how easily paintwork can be scratched or damaged by cleaning tools, debris on the road, or other factors.

Vinyl wrapping helps to protect your car exterior from damage or fading in the sun. This keeps the original paintwork in good condition and helps maintain the resale value of your automobile.

4. Keep your options open

Unlike paint, which is permanent and cannot be changed easily, vinyl film is removable. That means you can alter the look of your car with vinyl without permanently changing the vehicle. Later, if you decide you want to return the car to its original state, this can be done by removing the vinyl.

This flexibility is also a benefit if you later come to sell your car, as changes you made to its appearance are not permanent and can be undone if so desired.

Car wrap: Popular choices

With so many types of car wrap available on the market, it pays to take your time and think carefully about the right color and material of vinyl film you will install on your car.

Selecting the best vinyl for your car can really upgrade the look of the entire vehicle. But some wraps that look great on certain cars might not suit other vehicles at all.

At Tinting Chicago, you can choose from top industry brands and manufacturers that offer different choices in terms of appearance, gloss, finish, materials, and style.

Color options

Automotive vinyl wraps come in countless color options. Choosing the right color can create a striking effect or contrast that can totally change the appearance and feel of your car. For example, wrapping a car roof in black vinyl tends to visually “lower” a vehicle and makes it look extra sleek. Red, silver, green, or grey vinyl are also popular choices.

For something a little more “out there” you can even opt for a chameleon wrap or camo vinyl.

Vinyl finish

Car wraps come in different types of finish. At Tinting Chicago, you can choose from all of the options below – and more.

  • Gloss vinyl is one of the most common types and gives a similar appearance to a regular paint job. Gloss vinyl wrap tends to reflect light and make your car shine.
  • In contrast, the matte wrap is not shiny, but rather absorbs light and gives your vehicle a sleek matte look. Matte wraps tend to accentuate the body lines of a car and make its curves more pronounced.
  • Satin wrap rather sits between gloss wrap and matte wrap in terms of visual effect, almost making your car look like it is wrapped in silk. If you are torn between gloss and matte, this might just be the vinyl finish for you.
  • Carbon fiber wrap is a popular choice that adds a luxurious and dynamic “sporty look” to your car by emulating the look of carbon fiber.
  • The color flip wrap is an iridescent film that gives any car a striking “color flow” look that changes in different angles of lighting.
  • Chrome wrap is another popular choice that gives your car a metallic chrome look, available in a variety of colors.

How is vinyl wrapping done?

While roof wrapping is a relatively straightforward process, even minor mistakes and imperfections during installation can significantly detract from the finished result.

Our specialists at Tinting Chicago have many years of experience wrapping all kinds of vehicles. We pay attention to all the small details to ensure your car gets the quality wrap treatment it deserves.

First, we make sure the car and workspace is well-prepared and spotless. This means thoroughly cleaning the car and ensuring that no dust or other deposits are left on the body panels. The workspace must also be kept totally dust-free and uncontaminated.

Next, the wrap has to be cut accurately for the configuration the customer has ordered to fit the particular dimensions of the body panels to be covered. When applying the wrap, we take great care to prevent bubbles from forming under the car wrap by using special tools.

How much does a vinyl wrap job cost?

The total cost for the vinyl product and installation service depends on a number of factors such as the type of vinyl film used, the model of the car you drive, and how much of the vehicle is to be covered.

As a guide, wrapping the whole of an average sedan car would start in the region of $3,200, and for SUV/pick up at $3800 onwards.

The advantages of a professional wrap service

Covering a vehicle in vinyl is more difficult than it sounds. It is all too easy to make small errors during the various stages of a wrap job that will lead to suboptimal results, a shoddy appearance, or wasted DIY wrap kits.

If you want to be sure of quality roof wrap results without the potential headaches of a botched job, it is best to call in professionals to do the installation.

Our vinyl wrapping specialists offer a top-class service tailored to the needs of each customer, vehicle, style, and budget. As well as completing the job in around 2-3 days in our specially-fitted shop for car wrapping, we can also guide you through the different vinyl films available to get the perfect look for your car.

Still have questions? Why not speak to one of our advisors for a free consultation so we can run through the options available and provide you with an estimate of how much it will cost to install vinyl film on your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to wrap any kind of vehicle?

Yes, but the amount of labor, the time spent and the cost would totally depend on its kind. By the way, besides cars, Tinting Chicago has experience in wrapping boats, jet skis, motorcycles — and even one helicopter!

What car wrap services does Tinting Chicago provide?

- Full car wrap
- Partial car wrap
- Chrome delete packages / blackout packages
- Custom design (including corporate identity)
- Removal of the old film.

How long does it take to wrap a car?

For the average models — around 1,5 days. But if you own something rare, sporty or antique, the timespan can extend to 4 days and more. Keep in mind that cars of brighter colors also need more attention: even the tiniest gap would be visible on a yellow car but absolutely invisible on the black surface.

How much does it cost to vinyl wrap a car?

Our prices start from $3200 for the whole vehicle and depend on the difficulty of work and the vehicle kind. The most time and labor consuming and, therefore, more expensive, are rare or old car models, sports cars etc. They often have unconventional shapes, curves and little details that need a lot of attention. For them prices can come up to $5000-$6000

How long does the wrapping process take?

From 2 to 5 days depending on the difficulty & the amount of work.

What kinds of films do you use for auto wrapping?

We only work with the top industry manufacturers — companies 3M and Avery. There are multiple combinations of wrapping options available:
- Colors (up to 500 from 3M and Avery pallet books)
- Finishes — matte, gloss, satin, chrome, metallic
- Textures — from carbon fiber to velvet.

Can I just wrap a part of my car?

Sure. Tinting Chicago provides partial wrapping services: you can wrap a hood, a roof or any part of your vehicle besides hard textured plastic parts. In some cases we wouldn’t advise wrapping because simply it wouldn’t look good. Also, we don’t wrap rims.

What are the key benefits of auto wrapping?

- Unique customised look of your car
- Protection of the vehicle from mechanical and chemical damage
- Protection from UVA and UVB rays — therefore, of original paint from fading.

Do I have to wash my vehicle before vinyl wrap installation?

Yes, it is highly recommended to wash your car 1-2 days before wrapping.

Can the vinyl film be removed?

Yes, in most cases. Especially if the original vinyl wrapping has been done in our shops: we only work with the best film manufacturers and are . The problem with the poor quality films is that, with time, they lose their elasticity, can crack and become almost impossible to be removed evenly.

Will the paintwork of my car be in good condition after the vinyl wrap removal?

We can only say it about original paintwork. If you wrap your car in a good quality film from the top brand, yes, it can be removed.

What guarantees does Tinting Chicago provide for wrapping services?

Manufacturers that we work with — 3M and Rayno — provide a 2 years guarantee on all vinyl films against fading. Plus, Tinting Chicago provides a 2 years guarantee against peeling. To keep the film in good condition use only hand car wash and try not to park your car under the direct sunlight.

Do you have a payment plan?

We do have a partner company that provides loan services for vinyl wraps. Let us know that you need it, and we will send you the application link.

What payment kinds do Tinting Chicago shops accept?

We accept all main credit cards and cash.

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