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Auto wrapping film types are the different sorts of vinyl that can be applied to the bodywork of a vehicle to promote a business, protect the paintwork, or simply transform its look. Vinyl films can be used to fully wrap entire vehicles, or partially wrap the most visible surfaces of a vehicle, such as the doors, hood, or trunk.

When choosing a film type you will need to consider whether you require a calendar vinyl wrap which is durable, long-lasting, but also comparatively expensive or a cast vinyl wrap which is cheaper but only lasts for a season or short promotional period.

All vinyl wraps can be installed on any type of vehicle from a car to a van to a perfectly flat box truck. Unlike respraying, the installation process for vehicle wraps takes only a couple of hours meaning your car can be completely transformed in just one day! Only calendar wraps can be stretched over concave and convex curves, any kind of compound curve, tight crevices, grills, bumpers. Cast wraps are less versatile because they are thicker and are backed with more aggressive adhesive.

Not all wraps have the same properties. As with many things in life you get what you pay for with vinyl car wraps. Speak to the experts at Tinging Chicago today to find out which vinyl wrap type suits your needs and budget.

What are the different auto wrapping vinyl types?

There are two different types of auto wrapping vinyl types: calendared vinyl and cast vinyl. Calendared vinyl is cheaper and thicker than cast vinyl, but also less durable and therefore best used for short-term spot lettering or a decal solution on your vehicle. Calendared vinyl is produced with more aggressive adhesive which can be difficult to clean off when the wrap is removed.

At Tinting Chicago, we only apply quality cast films to vehicles because they are thinner, more durable, and longer-lasting. Unlike calendared films, cast films never shrink or bubble at the edges making them ideal for long-term car wrapping.

Don’t make the mistake of selecting the wrong product for the purpose. If your priority is a quality, durable vinyl wrap that is easy to remove, a cast vinyl film is the preferred option.

Benefits of different auto wrapping vinyl types

Cast vinyl

  • Durable
  • Long lasting
  • Won’t shrink or bubble
  • Lasts from 5 to 7 years
  • Easy to remove

Calendared vinyl

  • Cheap
  • Great for short term stickers and decals
  • Lasts only a couple of years

Different brands of auto wrapping film types

There are numerous brands of vinyl film on the market so it can be a confusing job choosing the brand that is right for your vehicle. At Tinting Chicago, we only install three brands of car wraps: Avery Dennison™, 3M™, and Luxe. These brands offer assured quality, value for money, and easy installation. They are a great choice whether you opt to wrap an entire vehicle or just partially wrap certain parts of it.

What kinds of finishes do auto wrapping film types achieve?

The many and varied auto wrapping film types achieve the following range of finishes:

Auto wrapping film types for graphics

Eye-catching Vinyl films are also used to create digitally printed wraps, with graphics that promote a logo or brand. Businesses can fully wrap or partially wrap their cars with branded graphics to gain excellent advertising exposure, at an affordable cost. 

Studies have shown that vehicle wraps are the most cost-effective form of outdoor advertising available. If just one branded car can receive up to 80,000 views per day, imagine how many views a whole fleet could achieve!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best auto wrapping film types on the market?

If you are looking to wrap your vehicle in a high-quality vinyl wrap that will last for as long as possible, then it is best to apply a cast vinyl wrap, rather than a calendared vinyl wrap. The unfortunate truth is that the material used in calendared vinyl wraps is not as durable or as long-lasting as that used in cast vinyl films.

Which type of auto wrapping film is most commonly used?

These days calendar wraps are more commonly installed than cast wraps. The most popular finish for a vehicle wrap is gloss because it gives a paint-like finish and comes in a broad range of wrap colors.

Which auto wrapping film type is easiest to remove?

Calendared vinyl wraps have a more aggressive adhesive backing than cast vinyl wraps, making them more challenging to install and more time-consuming to remove. For a long-lasting vinyl wrap that won't shrink or bubble and is removed within a couple of hours, cast alternatives are the best option.

What should I consider when choosing an auto-wrapping film type?

You need to consider the purpose of your wrap and how long you need it to last. If you want to install a partial wrap, sticker, or decal that will last just a few months or perhaps for the length of a promotion, then consider an affordable calendar vinyl wrap. If however, you want your new wrap to last as long as possible and be as durable as possible, opt for a cast vinyl wrap.


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