Privacy and UV Protection Tint: Invest in Your Comfort & Peace of Mind

Privacy tint is a thin vinyl layer added over your vehicle’s windows.It doesn’t allow any outside attention to get inside of your vehicle. You are in your private zone, having a comfortable ride. Besides protecting you from unwanted distractions, these films provide a high level of protection against dangerous UVA and UVB rays, heat and glare.

Modern kinds of sun blocking window film can reduce the exposure to UV rays up to 99%! That significantly cools the temperature in the car down, helping you to save gas, as you need less air conditioning. 

In this article, we will talk about the benefits and types of privacy and UV protection tint. Once you decide which service is right for you, our team at Tinting Chicago is ready to carry out the window film installation to the very highest standards. Privacy and UV protection films are the most popular in our shops! But we still offer you the best prices. Give a call to our 24/7 customer service for a consultation or a free estimate!

What’s the difference between privacy glass and privacy car window tint?

Car manufacturers know that many customers prefer tinted windows and often offer privacy glass fitted on their cars. However, you shouldn’t confuse privacy glass and window tint film as these are two quite separate solutions. 

Privacy glass is glass that has a coloring pigment added during the manufacturing process. It offers no other benefits except for darkening. Therefore, privacy glass has only one function, as indicated by its name.

4 main benefits of privacy and UV protection tint

Window tinting films for privacy and UV protection have a number of functions:

  1. Creation of a comfortable atmosphere of privacy in the car — you are protected from unwanted outside attention and can easily leave your belongings in the car.
  2. UV protection and heat reduction — these are important both for human health and the car’s interior, including protection for electrical equipment, upholstery, and other stuff you keep inside the car you’ll want to look and work like new.
  3. Energy-saving — tinted windows help to keep a vehicle cool in the sun. This means you don’t need to use the air conditioner as much, reducing fuel consumption.
  4. Safety in the event of an accident — tinting film helps to hold glass shards together if a window breaks, reducing the risk of injury.

Types of privacy and UV protection films

There are many quality films that will give you optimal privacy and UV protection. It is very important to choose the right kind and the right brand. Here at Tinting Chicago we narrowed our choice down to two industry leaders — 3M and Rayno and work only with them. According to your goals, our specialists would advise installing clear or colored car window films. Both of them would have high protection and sun blocking properties — or a stronger accent on one of them. Because of some doubtful characteristics of metalized films we don’t recommend them to our customers: today there is always a better choice!

Installing privacy and UV protection tint? Know your window tint laws 

Rules regulating how dark your car windows can differ in different states. You can check the rules for your state at the official Tinting Laws website. 

It is worth noting that there are different rules about the darkest legal tint you can have for different kinds of windows (front side, back windows, rear window, and windshield). For example, it is forbidden in absolutely all states to tint your windshield: you can only apply a 6-inch window tint strip on it. Rear window or a sunroof can have films of any darkness installed. When choosing a film for your car, don’t forget to also check about the reflectivity of the window tint. 

We know that these rules can be a little bit intimidating — feel free to contact our customer service 24/7 in case you have any questions. And in our shops we have special stands with all main kinds of car window films installed: you are welcome to pop in and have a chat with one of our specialists who can walk you through all details  and give valuable advice to help you choose the right tinting option.

According to the rules of different states mentioned above, a privacy film that is too dark is not legal as it can increase the risk of accidents. But it may be useful to know, that some states have medical exemptions that allow the use of darker window tint for people who should avoid harmful UV rays for medical reasons. You can check exemptions that apply in your state here.

A little history behind privacy and protection films

Car owners began to seek increased privacy inside their cars more than 50 years ago. Answering this demand, the tinting industry was born in the early 1980s. After a while, it became clear that car window tinting also provides other benefits such as heat control and blocking UV rays. In 1985, when the market for window films was growing fast, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration [NHTSA] asked major manufacturers to conduct research into how such films impact road safety. The first research was undertaken by the IIT Research Institute in Chicago.

Based on the results of this research, the industry settled on a recommended guideline of at least 35% visible light transmission (VLT) for window film for standard passenger cars and front side windows of other vehicles such as trucks, SUVs, and off-road vehicles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best privacy and UV protection window films for cars?

There are two types of window tints that provide more privacy than tinted films: carbon tint or ceramic window tint. These types are the most expensive on the maret, but we strongly recommend choosing them for privacy and protection of your car. These kinds of window tint are produced according to the highest technological standards and contain either carbon or ceramic nano-paricles. Both of them offer enhanced privacy as well as high durability. Carbon tint also looks super stylish, giving a subtle matte effect to your car windows. Both of them block UV rays, and reduce infrared heat.

Does UV film on car windows work?

Yes, it does. It blocks up to 99% of UV rays, about 85% of solar heat. It protects the inside of your car from heat, glare, reduces the need for the air conditioning use, therefore, helps you to save on gas. Also it protects the upholstery from fading.

Where can I install privacy and UV protection window films?

Tinting Chicago offers the most modern films from leading manufacturers 3M and Rayno. We guarantee a professional installation and a solid warranty for all of our window films.


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