Car Ceramic Tint Window Tint

The ceramic tint is one of the best options for tinting on the market today, offering the highest degree of protection out of all the types of tints available. You will get the maximum protection against heat, UV rays and glare, without the need of a very dark tint. 

What Is a Ceramic Car Tint Window? 

Some tints out there are only designed to look cool, but not the ceramic ones. Ceramic tinting uses similar sheets as other types of tints, but the materials are coated with microscopic ceramic particles for extra protection. These particles are non-conductive and non-metallic, so they don’t conduct heat, don’t fade over time and don’t interfere with electronic devices such as your phone or radio. 

They reduce glare without the need of a very dark tint, and also make the windows more resistant to scratches and breaking. Ceramic films are usually referred to as the “gold-standard of window tinting”, so they are definitely not cheap. 

The ceramic film belongs to the category of premium tinting products, so the price range for its installation is higher. But these films offer great heat rejection, UV protection and glare reduction, and they are definitely worth the price. 

Ceramic window tints provide a whopping 99,9% protection against UV rays, while also protecting the interior from heating up, all of this without sacrificing visibility. Plus, they vary in shades: if you don’t want to have your car windows dark, you can still get the same protection against heat and UV. They reduce the impact of the sun on the temperature inside the car by almost half. And that plays a part in reducing fuel consumption because you use your AC much less!

The Benefits of Ceramic Tint

  Provides 99% protection against UV rays. This reduces the risk of cancer and other health issues caused by exposure to the sun. Optimal protection for yourself and your family!;

  Doesn’t darken the windows. Some people like the look of dark windows, while others don’t, especially because they make the inside of the car dark all the time. But ceramic tinting solves this problem and you can choose lighter shades that are almost not visible;

  Durable. Most manufacturers are offering a lifetime warranty on their films, so you just need to install it once and then forget about it;

  Never fades. Premium ceramic films like the ones we are using will not fade in time and will not change color;

  Rejects up to 75% heat. Not only that you are protected against the dangerous UV rays, but you will also keep your car much cooler. This will decrease the need for air conditioning, thus reducing the fuel consumption during the summer. But it will also prevent the loss of heat during the winter.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Ceramic Tint On A Car? 

The price for ceramic tinting depends on factors like:

  The type of your car (coupe/sedan is cheaper than SUV/wagon);

  The surface you want to tint (front windows, rear windows, windshield, sunroof or the full car);

  The brand you choose. 

But to get an idea, the price for tinting a full car with ceramic film varies between $199 and $399. Our tints have a lifetime warranty, so you will be sure to make a great investment in the long term.

Brands of Ceramic Tints

We are only using high-quality films from brands like Rayno and 3M. As mentioned before, they have a lifetime warranty for peeling, bubbling or fading (scratches and regular wear and tear are not covered).  

Ceramic Car Tinting in Chicago 

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