Ceramic Car Window Tint

Ceramic car tint is the best auto tinting option available on the market today. It provides you with the highest degree of protection and doesn’t have a single of the drawbacks associated with other film types. In addition, it varies in shades, and the clearest one will look as if it’s not even there. However, the level of protection from UV rays and heat will remain the same.

Our technicians will install this premium-quality tint on any kind of vehicle in a matter of hours. We guarantee the quality of our services and have all the certificates necessary to prove that we are authorized to work with the best tints on the market, including 3M, LLumar, Solar Gard, SunTek, Viper, Flex Film, and Xlint Tint. All these manufacturers offer lifetime warranties on their premium-grade ceramic car tint only if it’s installed by professionals, so employing the services of our specialists will ensure you get the most out of this film.

Benefits of Ceramic Car Tint

Still in doubt about installing ceramic car window tint? Take a look at the benefits it offers:

  • 99% UV protection.
    This tinting grants the best protection from UV radiation. Therefore, it reduces the risk of skin cancer. It’s definitely a must for people who live in sunny states and have to spend a lot of time in their cars.
  • It doesn’t darken the glass.
    While dark tinted windows might have some aesthetic appeal in certain cases, many people find it quite bothersome that tinting makes the inside of their car dark and gloomy all the time. Ceramic car tint doesn’t have this problem, even if you choose one of the darker shades, enough natural light will filter inside the vehicle.
  • It’s durable.
    If installed correctly, you won’t have to worry about replacing your ceramic tinting. Ever. It is that good.
  • It never fades.
    Premium-quality ceramic films don’t change color, so it will always look like new.
  • It rejects up to 75% of the heat.
    With tinting like this, you won’t need to use air conditioning much, so you’ll be able to reduce the level of fuel consumption during the summer months. In winter, it will prevent heat loss through the windows.


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