Wondering, which brand of tinting film is better? Here at Tinting Chicago we have been testing dozens of brands for more than 12 years. Among many kinds of residential window films, one of our top choices is definitely the SunTek. To our clients we present it as the most affordable and reliable.

SunTek window film manufacturer

SunTek films belong to a 100-year old American chemical company Eastman Performance Films, LLC — one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance coated films. Its headquarters are located in Saint Louis, MO, United States.

Eastman is a reputable company that produces high-quality products with the use of most modern film technology. The result — very strong and durable products, allowing the company to give solid guarantees for all types of SunTek window films. At the same time, the pricing policy of the brand is pretty loyal, so the customers can get high-quality products for an affordable sum.

All listed above makes SunTek the most popular brand among Tinting Chicago clients. We recommend it to everybody who is looking for a perfect balance between price and quality.

Types of SunTek window films

SunTek offers a full range of innovative solar, security, and specialty film solutions to improve windows characteristics.

Solar window films

Ultraviolet and infrared rays, as well as heat, adversely affect the upholstery and other interior details, in addition, lead to damage to expensive electrical equipment. Solar performance window films protect the interior from this harmful effect.

These product lines include:

  • Reflective window films
  • Dual-reflective films
  • Sputtered films
  • Neutral films

Besides UV rejection and superior heat control solar window tinting also helps to reduce harsh glare and hot spots and creates a nice comfy atmosphere.

Security window films

Reinforcing the glass making it almost unprovable still providing optical clarity. So you can feel safer in your house. There are also anti-graffiti films that serve as protection from unwanted art on your windows.

Specialty films

This type of window film is made for decoration purposes. But it is still very functional and also helps to protect space from UV rays, as well as provide infrared rejection. This product line includes:

  • White matte window films
  • Blackout films
  • White-out films
  • Crystal films

Choose one of the decorative window films and your house will get a stylish look and a unique atmosphere.

2 expert’s tips on choosing SunTek window films

Think about visual light transmission

This is very important — the amount of natural light influences your life scenarios. For example, you probably don’t need a lot of light in the TV area, — there is better to avoid annoying glare on the screens. But you might want to have enough sunlight around your dining table.

Keep in mind — the lower the percentage of light transmission, the more you can see from the outside of the house what is happening inside.

So according to your needs, you can choose the percentage of VLT (visual light transmission).

Let the licensed professionals do the tint installation

The film should be cut and glued properly. The qualified installation needs experienced hands and special equipment. In order to look perfect, window tint films should be installed without any air bubbles or accidental dust. Moreover, licensed installers provide a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against fading and bubbling. Call us at Tinting Chicago, get the free estimation right now and we can start upgrading your house tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SunTek window film good?

Yes, SunTek window films are very good and reliable. It is the most popular brand of residential tinting at Tinting Chicago. Our experts strongly recommend choosing SunTek window film for the houses.

Is SunTek better than 3M?

3M is considered as one of the top brands in the market. But the SunTek films are much cheaper than 3M products — and the quality of SunTek films is also very high.

Who manufactures SunTek window film?

The chemical company Eastman Performance Films, LLC, one of the leading manufacturers of coated films with 100-years of history. Located in Saint Louis, MO, United States.

How long does the SunTek window film last?

At Tinting Chicago SunTek window films would have a 5-7-10-year warranty depending on the type. They are very strong and long-lasting. That is why we choose to work with this window film brand.

How much is it to tint the house windows with SunTek window film?

At Tinting Chicago the average price for the regular kinds of window tint is $6-7 per sq. ft. For UV protection and heat rejection films — $8 / 1 sq. ft, for security types — $9 per sq. ft. The final price depends on the shape and size of the windows, but you can get a free estimate right now, give us a call. Our phone numbers are 773-455-0467 and 312-212-0493, feel free to ask any questions.


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