Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap

Check out our luxurious carbon fiber vinyl wrap, that will make your ride look exceptional and unique. It offers a winning combination of shining sporty finish and style. Your car has never been this attractive before. You have the chance to add an exceptional dynamic look to your car with our vinyl carbon fiber wrap that we offer in Chicago, IL. The carbon fiber vinyl is available in various colors and effects. The film is easily applied to any body part of your car, providing it with the perfect finish.

We are offering a newly designed and extremely durable carbon fiber vinyl car wrap. No water for application is needed. Yet, the wrap can be easily repositioned or removed due to its pressure-activated technology. The use of extremely small and invisible air channels with center point technology allows the removing of air bubbles, preventing the wrinkle effect. The center point technology provides a temporarily limited contact between the wrapping and the surface, thus providing easy installation. After application, the small center point beads leak so the full contact between the film and the car surface is reached. You get an absolutely exotic finish with this durable dual cast vinyl wrap. Yet, if you suddenly decide to change your style or simply return to your initial paint, the removal won’t take long and won’t spoil your paint.

For Chicago clients, we offer specifically designed exterior and interior carbon fiber vinyl wraps providing the chance to change the style of your vehicle quickly at a reasonable price. The installation process is easy and can be performed even by beginners. Available in various sizes, the film can easily wrap any part of your car’s interior and exterior, no matter how curved its surface is. As long as it is not porous, you can avoid the bubble effect, provided the installation instructions are followed carefully.

How to Wrap a Car

No matter whether you’re going to wrap the interior or the exterior part of your car, you need to follow some basic installation rules. Pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Provide a dust-proof area in order to prevent small particles from getting in-between the film and the surface, as this may cause serious damage to both the wrapping and the car surfaces.
  • Be sure to wash the surface with a soap and water solution or any other mild washing agent containing no ammonia.
  • Stick to the temperature limits, ranging from +16C up to +32C.

However, if you are still uncertain about the installation, feel free to contact our Chicago, IL maintenance line for additional support. Our professional team is well-experienced in car wrapping. We are able to come up with a solution, no matter what car you have. The benefits of wrapping your car, entirely or partially, are as follows:

  • You add a sporty and dynamic look to your car.
  • Professional wrapping saves you money, especially when compared to professional painting.
  • The parts of your car are protected against all types of road debris.
  • A better resale value for your vehicle.
  • Your vehicle’s paintwork is safe and secured from dirt, oil, stones, etc.
  • A much wider choice of colors and textures for your car’s appearance.
  • The wrap adds luxury and individual style to your vehicle, making it more appealing and eye-catching.
  • The surface of your car is not affected by the vinyl wrap and can be easily removed within a few hours.

Citizens of Chicago, IL can get premium carbon fiber vinyl films from top brands specially designed for all types of vehicles. Unlike repainting, which will decrease the price of your vehicle, wrapping offers an opportunity to prevent your paint from ageing and allows you to save the initial look of your ride’s surface. By all means, this will add to your vehicle’s resale value. Most road debris will simply have no access to your car’s surface, providing safety and protection against corrosion, scratches, oil stains, etc.

You can also always go back to your original color by removing the whole wrapping, or you can fix a damaged area by taking down some part of it. The adhesives do not stick to your car’s surface, even after years of use. Vehicle restyling has never been easier with the vinyl wraps we offer. You can always count on getting a quality product and superb assistance. Additionally, the film is coated with a UV-resistant layer, protecting your carbon fiber vinyl wrap from fading for many years.

You can always protect your car with the carbon fiber vinyl wraps we offer. You will also get a perfect carbon finish which will make your car look more expensive and luxurious. With us, you’ll save time and money while still creating a unique design and the perfect look for your vehicle, combined with high performance and premium quality. Get more details on carbon fiber vinyl wraps for your car at our service.

An Entire Wrap Cost

While a full painting procedure for a conventional sedan may cost up to $4,000 and take approximately 4-5 days, the cost of a vinyl wrapping will be at least 50% cheaper and will take much less time.

Wrapping is an absolutely perfect alternative to painting in terms of price and time saving. Additionally, you receive scratch-proof and corrosion-repellant protection, which is never an option for typical paint. And of course, you get an unforgettable impression when your car’s exterior or interior are treated with a carbon fiber vinyl wrap.

Our Chicago maintenance team is always ready to help you with choosing your carbon fiber vinyl design as well as offering useful tips on the installation process. We are dedicated to providing you with the best service and high-quality products with exceptional performance.


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