Apply sleek-looking Carbon Fiber Car Wrap and protect your paintwork!

Carbon fiber wraps are the most technologically advanced vinyl wraps on the market today. Containing carbon nano-particles they are durable, super-strong, and the perfect protective layer for expensive paintwork. Carbon fiber vinyl can be applied to the exterior of any car creating a sleek, luxurious finish. With the application of heat, this high-tech vinyl is designed to smoothly cover the tightest of corners and edges, without deforming or discoloring the bodywork.  

A quick and easy, water-free application process allows you to change the look and style of your car from one day to the next. Why settle for a standard-looking car when you can add your individual style with a luxury custom finish?

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What is a carbon fiber wrap?

Carbon fiber wrap is a textured vinyl sticker with a printed carbon fiber pattern. When professionally applied to the bodywork of a car it gives the appearance of real carbon fiber. 

Why carbon fiber wrap stands out from regular wraps?

Carbon fiber vinyl wrap gives an ultra-sporty, high-end look to your car. Five times stronger than steel, but just a fraction of its weight, carbon fiber is one of the most indestructible materials in the world. With a pleasing, sleek aesthetic it is little wonder that carbon fiber vinyl wrap is often favored over other vinyl wrap finishes.

Carbon fiber wrap: how it is applied?

Special pressure-activated technology enables carbon fiber wraps to be applied, repositioned, or removed surprisingly easily. If you decide at a later date to revert to the original paintwork, removal of carbon fiber vinyl wrap leaves no lasting marks, in fact, it will have protected your paintwork from scratches and corrosion. It is highly recommended to leave the installation of carbon fiber vinyl wrap to professionals. 

Is carbon fiber wrapping affordable?

Considering it costs around $4,000 to respray an average-sized car, carbon fiber wrapping is a far more affordable alternative, at just half of that cost. Additionally, it takes up to 5 days to repaint a car whereas car wrapping is always far quicker than that, depending on the number of surfaces you choose to wrap. Some customers choose to wrap just one section of the car, such as the hood or the roof. Others wrap the entire car, both inside and out.

7 benefits of carbon fiber vinyl car wrapping

  1. Protects paintwork from damage
  2. Can be applies to the tightest curves
  3. Interior applications 
  4. Large choice of colors and textures
  5. Glossy finish or matte finish
  6. UV-resistant layer that prevents color fading
  7. Removed within hours with no lasting damage

Carbon fiber car wrap: why it’s important to trust the job to the pros

The key to the successful application of carbon fiber vinyl wrap is the correct preparation of surfaces, as well as a completely dust free work environment:

  • Wash all surfaces with a mild detergent (the smallest of particles can interfere with the application of the wrap and damage the surface)
  • Apply the wrap in a dust-free environment
  • Only apply on days when the temperature ranges between +16c and +32c
  • Never apply carbon fiber vinyl to a porous surface

How Tinting Chicago installs carbon fiber wrap

  • Cut the carbon fiber wrap to size
  • Peel off the backing
  • Lightly place the wrap on the chosen surface
  • Heat up the carbon fiber using a heat gun
  • Use a squeegee to contour the wrap into all curves, cracks, and crevices
  • Remove any air bubbles
  • Trim off excess film
  • Apply edge sealer to exposed edges to avoid the risk of film lifting

For both DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike, patience and skill are required to ensure the wrap is applied smoothly and correctly. Centerpoint technology within carbon fiber wrap assists the removal of air bubbles by allowing only limited contact time between the wrap and the surface it is adhering to.

5 common carbon vinyl wrap mistakes that professionals avoid

  1. Overstretching the vinyl
  2. Stretching the vinyl to an edge
  3. Incorrect squeegee pressure
  4. Leaving too much vinyl around edges and corners
  5. Incorrect hand placement

How professionals remove a carbon fiber car wrap

The process of removing a carbon fiber vinyl wrap is pretty easy. A heat gun is used to warm up the vinyl and then it is slowly and gently peeled off the car, leaving no adhesive or residue marks on the surface. Even after several years, a real carbon fiber vinyl will lift off easily so afterward you will never even know it was there.

The removal process is far quicker and easier if the carbon fiber film was correctly applied in the first place. Always ensure that the carbon fiber film is trimmed neatly around any edges and not simply folded underneath.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the carbon fiber wrapping process take?

It depends on the complexity of the curves and the number of surfaces a customer would like wrapped. To professionally wrap the entire exterior of an average-sized car, we allow 1.5 days, including a 12- hour rest period for the vinyl to dry. At Tinting Chicago we offer speedy service at a competitive price.

Will carbon fiber vinyl wrap damage my car?

Carbon fiber vinyl wrap is a great product that will not cause any long-term damage to the paintwork on your car it will only help to protect it.

How long does carbon fiber vinyl wrap last?

The durability of a car wrap depends on the quality of the material used. High-quality carbon fiber wraps are the most technologically advanced car wraps on the market. Customers can expect them to last for up to 7 years.

Do carbon fiber vinyl wraps fade in the sun?

Generally, carbon fiber wraps last up to 7 years without fading. However, if you live in a particularly sunny climate where your car is exposed to regular strong sunlight, it is advisable to park it in a garage or carport to reduce exposure to UV light.


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