Clear Bra Paint Protection

Clear Bra #1365

Clear Bra paint protection film protects your car paint without distorting colors.
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Dealer Paint Protection

Dealer Paint Protection #1239

Dealer paint protection ensures your car is protected from the moment you buy it.
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Spray on Paint Protection


Spray on paint protection offers a high degree of protection and is easy to apply.
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Scotchgard Protection

scotchgard paint protection film

Scotchgard protection prevents colors from fading and protects paint from scratches.
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Xpel Paint Protection

Xpel Paint Protection Film #1378

You can trust Xpel car paint protection film to protect the appearance of your auto.
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Xzilon Paint Protection

Xzilon Protection

Xzilon car paint protection film offers protection from scratches and stains.
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Autoguard Protection

Autoguard Protection

Autoguard protection film is 100% clear and protects the car from debris and UV rays.
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Invisible Paint Protection

Invisible Paint Protection

Invisible paint protection resists scratches without altering the car’s look.
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Bumper Paint Protection

Bumper Protection

Install a protection film to prevent your bumper being scratched by debris.
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Hood Paint Protection

Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap Hood #0942

Protect hood paint from scratches, stains and fading by installing protection film.
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Motorcycle Paint Protection

Motorcycle Paint Protection Film #1381

Ensure your bike paint stays vibrant and unscathed by installing protection film.
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UV Paint Protection Film

Uv Protection Film #1209

UV rays are as damaging to your car as they are to you, so be sure to protect it.
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Window Paint Protection

Window Protection Film #1127

Installing protection film on windows prevents UV damage to both you and the car.
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Windshield Protection

Windshield Protection Film #1058

Windshield protection film reduces sun glare and reflects dangerous UV rays.
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Clear Bra Installation

Clear Bra #1009

Check out our Clear Bra installation services and choose the perfect for you.
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Spray on Clear Bra Protection

Spray on Clear Bra

Choose spray on Clear Bra if you value speed, efficiency and perfect application.
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Car Paint Protection: Best Solution to Protect the Original Paintwork

Drivers who choose to protect the original paint of their car usually belong to a few categories: the owners of rare, antique or expensive models, buyers of the new cars and people who prefer to “keep it safe” no matter if that’s a vehicle or any other valuable possession. Tinting Chicago offers a variety of options for all of them.

What is car paint protection?

Car paint protection is a variety of invisible coatings that are applied onto the vehicle’s body in order to protect it from damage — scratches, scuffs, chips, road debris, bird droppings, oils, chemicals etc. It is a good idea if you need extra automotive paint protection from the weathering, including exposure to UV rays and, of course, color fading. This film would help you to retain the original appearance of your car for years to come.

Top brands for car paint protection

Because here in Tinting Chicago we are specializing in working with high quality vinyl films from top manufacturers, the offer that you get from us for your car would be 3M Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film Pro or Xpel ULTIMATE PLUS ™. Both — are the strongest, most durable and self-healing protection films.

Recommended by 3M: where to install PPF

On its official site 3M recommends these parts of the car for protection film installation

  • Door edges
  • Door handle cavities
  • Full or partial hoods
  • Fenders/rocker panels
  • Front bumpers
  • Side mirrors
  • Trunk ledges.

Paint Protection Film: it heals itself!

Paint Protection Film (PPF) aka Clear Bra — is a thick, super strong multi-layered film that is being applied over the original paint surface of the vehicle. The protection coatings produced by 3M and Xpel represent state-of-the-art technology and are made of a self healing material called elastomeric polyurethane. Having an impressive thickness of 8-12 mils, it is absolutely invisible on any car — and if you try to damage the paint with a, let’s say, quarter, the scratch from the surface of the PPF coat will simply disappear.

7 main characteristics of high quality paint protection films

  1. Quality PPFs are absolutely invisible, though much thicker than the usual car vinyl wraps
  2. Clear Bra from top manufacturers is anti-yellowing: it won’t change color after being exposed to the UV-rays
  3. PPF is self healing: any “usual” scratches or marks will disappear with or without heat application
  4. Protective layer is damage-resistant: the surface of your car becomes protected from all the main damages that it can have on the road — from scratches to UV rays, from chips to insect acids
  5. Good paint protection films use edge seal technology: the film cannot get unstuck or have rough edges
  6. The protective qualities of PPFs are guaranteed by the manufacturers: 3M and Xpel provide a 10-year warranty against fading
  7. Clear Bra absolutely has to be installed in a shop: the application of the film on the vehicle’s surface is a very delicate job. The coat, though strong, can break easily. That’s why we recommend taking your car to professionals.

Do I need paint protection for the whole vehicle?

Actually one of the most common vehicle protection services that we provide in Tinting Chicago — is the application of protective film only on the hood of a car. The hood is the most vulnerable part, it takes on a lot of the automotive damage — chips, debris, dirt, scratches etc. So an extra protective layer won’t hurt. Many drivers don’t see the reason for applying a Clear bra on any other exterior parts of their cars — and often it makes sense.

And what about the cost?

The average cost for car paint protection installation for the whole sedan starts from $4499, for an SUV — $4999. Installation of quality Clear bras only on the hood of the car — $550 and $600 accordingly, for the bumper — $400.

3 rules of paint protection application and care

  1. If your car is freshly painted, wait 60 days minimum before PPF application.
  2. To retain all protection qualities the manufacturers don’t recommend to wash or wax a car after 1 week of film installation.
  3. The usual care of the coating surface has to be done with chemical solutions without dyes or abrasives.

Protects for good and lasts forever?

Of course not. Though the manufacturers provide a 10-year guarantee for the quality of the films as well as we in Tinting Chicago provide an extra 10-year warranty for our work, the usual lifespan of car paint protection films is around 7 years. The exact time would depend on the driving style, weather conditions, exposure to UV and many other factors.

It is important to explore the market and find the most experienced shop not only for the paint protection film installation, but also its removal. It is a delicate job that needs time and attention. Give us a call on 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493 or drop by one of our locations — either 3621 N, Harlem Ave, 2720 W, Grand Ave, or 1402 N Rand Rd Palatine. Our specialists will inspect your vehicle and offer you the best protection solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best car paint protection?

The best car paint protection are the high quality state-of-the-art films by top manufacturers. Tinting Chicago works only with 2 films that proved their quality for almost a decade — 3M Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film Pro or Xpel ULTIMATE PLUS ™. Both are produced from self healing material called elastomeric polyurethane: minor scratches would simply disappear from these PPFs surfaces.

How much is paint protection film for a car?

It really depends on what kind of result you are looking for. If it is a full car paint protection — the price for a whole sedan is $1600, for an SUV $1700. The most popular options, though, are hood paint protection and bumper paint protection with prices $600 and $650 for a whole hood and $400 for a bumper and from just $130 for hood stripes. You can pop into our Chicago shops 3621 N Harlem Ave and 2720 Unit B, Grand Ave or give us a call on 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493 for a free estimate.

What is a clear bra?

Clear bra is the same thing as a Paint Protection Film (PPF). It is a strong transparent material designed to protect your vehicle’s original paint from damage — chemical (oils, insect acids, bird droppings), mechanical (chips, scratches, scuffs) and solar (UV-rays, color fading).

How to install clear bra?

Though car paint protection film, or clear bra, is a strong material, it can easily tear during installation. It is highly advisable not to experiment with your new, antique, rare — or just much loved car’s surface. Let the professionals do their work and get your car paint protection in just a couple of hours.

How to remove paint protection film from a car?

Top PPF manufacturers recommend doing it only with the help of certified installers. For example, if the film is old, we might need a blow dryer or a heat gun. Removal of a clear bra is a delicate process — and it takes a few specialists that will guarantee the quality of work and safety of the original paint.

Do you provide guarantees for clear bra installation?

Both 3M and Xpel provide a 10-year guarantee for the quality films. On top of that Tinting Chicago provides a 10-year warranty for our work.

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