If you want to add variety to the interior of your home, colored window tint is the best option. Your home will sparkle with new colors. At the same time, you do not need to spend money on new furniture or re-paint the walls — just choose colors and order a free estimate at Tinting Chicago, we have experience of the quality and fast installation of privacy window films. Our phone numbers are 773-455-0467, 312-212-0493, and 773-714-8100.

Let the colored window film brighten your life and increase privacy

If you would like to brighten up your home or workspace you can choose durable colored vibrant films. All shades of colors you can find in the Tinting Chicago portfolio.

Don’t worry about the series relationships with the colors — if you get tired of it, you can easily remove the film and apply another color, or leave the glass in its original condition.

Colored window film will not only decorate your home but also protect it from harmful ultraviolet radiation and add privacy to your home.

The most popular types of colored window film

In tinting Chicago the best selling colored window films are:

  • White window film — transmits natural light, provides effective heat control but makes the interior of the house completely invisible to outsiders. The matte white window tint — a very good option for the bathroom. One of the popular types is white frosted glass film.
  • Black — total blackout window film is completely opaque. It provides the possibility for day-sleeping, and can also be used for home cinema.
  • Bronze window tint film — fulfill the space with warm golden lights. It is very convenient for the bedroom as long as it creates a special cozy atmosphere but saves the interior from the bright light and annoying heat.

Much less often, customers order brighter colors of decorative window films such as:

  • Red-colored window film — a passionate and extraordinary choice, can be a very interesting stylish addition to the interior.
  • Blue window privacy film — fresh finishing for your home, always reminded about open water and sky.
  • Gold-colored window film — brings golden rays to your home, creates a warm, fabulous atmosphere, provides daytime privacy and glare control. Good for the home kitchen.
  • Orange — the choice of optimists, who are not afraid of the real sunny orange brightness. As with other colors films, protect the interior from UV rays.

Stained glass window film

Some of our client’s order colored films to create a stained glass effect. This is a very impressive architectural solution for home decor of the living room and glass door. But we advise you to consult a designer before ordering stained glass films.

Holiday patterns of colored window film

Before Christmas and Halloween colored window films with holiday patterns are becoming very popular. This kind of window decor provides anti-UV function and heat control. Tinting Chicago has a selection of such films and will help install them in Chicago. Call us now for a free estimate! Our phone numbers are 773-455-0467,  773-714-8100, and 312-212-0493.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand of Color films is better?

The SOLYX brand offers the widest range of colors and high-quality films. It is a subsidiary brand of the most famous and reliable American window films manufacturer, 3M company. The SOLYX brand's specialty is colored window films.

How long does the colored window film last?

Tinting Chicago provides a lifetime warranty for colored window film. All products would have a 5-7-10-year warranty depending on the brand.

How much colored window film is?

At Tinting Chicago the average price for the Colored window film starts from $7 per sq. ft. The final price depends on the shape and size of the windows, so it is better to get a free on-site estimate.

How to install colored window film?

The final result depends on the professionalism of the installer. That’s why manufacturers recommend contacting licensed services for the installation. Tinting Chicago provides high-quality installation and the widest choice of colored window films. We have experience and special equipment, which allows us to get a perfect result without dust and bubbles. Get a free estimate right now, just give us a call. Our phone numbers are 773-455-0467, 773-714-8100, and 312-212-0493, feel free to ask any questions.


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