Wrapping Your Interior Trim With Carbon Fiber Vinyl

Many people think that vinyl wraps are used only for the exterior metal parts of a vehicle. However, this is quite a delusive way of thinking. Vinyl technologies have advanced quite far from being just fancy stickers. Today, they are widely used both for the exteriors and the interiors of a vehicle. Not only does the outside parts of your car’s body tend to be exposed to excessive wear, plastics on the inside, as well as other materials, are exposed to regular daily challenges, causing them to lose their initial brightness and quality. That’s why many car owners tend to use vinyl wraps to protect their vehicles interiors as well.

One of the most popular vinyl wraps at our car interior vinyl wrap service in Chicago, IL are the carbon fiber vinyl wraps. They provide a vibrant and sporty dynamic look to your vehicle’s trim. This pattern is preferred not only by sports cars vehicle owners, but also people who want to show their individuality by adding style and a unique look to their cars. We offer carbon fiber films of various colors and effects. You can choose between matte as well as high or low gloss finishes. In each case you get a unique individuality and perfect performance.

Whenever you are bored with your car’s interior, or simply want to add new life and freshness to your daily routines, be sure to use our carbon fiber vinyl wrap! Many of our clients from Chicago, whose vehicles are more than 7-9 years old, said they had used the carbon fiber in order to make their interior look more up-to-date. If your old wood texture plastics have already become dull or are richly covered with scratches, use the carbon fiber vinyl to refresh your interior look.

Our professional Chicago team is well-experienced in car interiors wrapping. We can come up with an effective solution, no matter how bad your interiors may look like. The benefits of wrapping your interior trim are as follows:

  • You protect your interior surfaces from extensive use, thus preserving their initial condition.
  • You have the possibility to get a totally new look, even if your car is already well used.
  • You can create your own atmosphere inside your vehicle, making it fresh and comfortable.

Normally, our car interior vinyl wrap service offers a dual cast film, which is applied to the vehicle’s interior surfaces, providing brilliant durability as well as scratch-repellant protection. You receive an extra protection layer for your car trim, preventing damages from dust, UV rays, excessive sun, and many other factors which influence the original surfaces.

The citizens of Chicago can get premium vinyl films from top brands specially designed for all types of vehicle interiors. Renovating interior details has never been cheap. Quite often renovation is too expensive, so it is better to buy a new detail. Yet, this can be quite costly. Wrapping your old dashboard with a vinyl carbon fiber is definitely cheaper than buying a new one, or trying to renovate the old one. In addition, it is easy to maintain. All you need to do is use a fiber cloth to wipe away the dust.

From now on, you can protect your door handles from extensive wear as well. Quite often your driver’s door handle may show a great deal of wear while the rest of the handles look brand new. Forget about such a problem with our car interior vinyl car service in Chicago. We’ll provide reliable protection to any part of your interior. Moreover, most of the carbon fiber vinyl wrappings we deal with are DIY, so you can always perform the installations yourself.

How Long Will My Interior Vinyl Last?

Due to the natural characteristics of PVC which is used when producing interior car wraps, it is an impressively durable coating which is able to withstand a wide range of temperatures and tough wear conditions. Most of the modern vinyl wraps we offer for Chicago clients are equipped with a UV-reflection layer which filters out sun radiation and prevents the film’s colors from fading.

While the outdoor warranty ranges from 3 to 12 years of use, the indoor warranty is much longer. Some vinyl types have simply no limits for indoor use. A lot, of course, depends on how you treat the wrappings. Despite the fact that most of the vinyl films require hardly any maintenance, we still recommend following the basic instructions which you can find in the product’s manual.


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