Bird protection films are thin layers of material added to windows in order to prevent birds from hitting into them. There are multiple types of such films, but the main idea is to remove the illusion that a window is part of the environment, as this is the main reason why birds are hitting into them.

Having a window so clean that it seems invisible is great, but not when birds collide into it. This could lead to a lot of problems for both the people and the birds, so it’s better to avoid it altogether. That’s where a window film to prevent bird strikes comes in very useful. Keep on reading to learn more and get yours installed by a professional.

Birds hitting windows – a bigger problem than you taught

According to the results of profound research, in which a single building in Chicago was monitored for 26 years, more than 31,000 birds have died after colliding with it. These were birds from 141 species, and this was just a single building. Now imagine things across the entire city, not to mention the entire country — or the world in general.

After habitat loss, bird collisions with man-made structures are the second major cause of death for birds in North America. Some experts say that around 100 million birds die from window strikes and other collisions each year, while others are saying that the number is much higher.

So if you care about your windows and about our feathered friends, then you need to take some precaution measures.

Why do birds hit windows?

The former president of the American Bird Conservancy states that not just tall buildings and structures are dangerous, but regular homes too. Each home may kill 12 or more birds each year, without the owner being aware most of the time.

Birds hit glass windows for 3 main reasons:

  • The windows are reflecting the environment and birds can’t tell the difference
  • The windows are transparent and birds don’t notice them when trying to reach an item on the other side
  • The birds get confused and exhausted by the bright lights in the city, and collide with buildings, homes, and even each other

You may think that your home is not a problem if you never found broken windows or dead birds in your backyard, but that’s not always the case. Most of the time, the impact doesn’t kill the bird immediately but injures it. Then, the feathered creature will die from the injury or from being more vulnerable to predators.

4 other ways to prevent bird strikes

Some of the prevention methods that you can take are:

  • To close the curtains or blinds as often as possible
  • To move houseplants away from the windows so they don’t see them as refuges and try to reach them
  • To move the bird feeders closer to the windows. In this case, they won’t have enough space to gain speed and hurt themselves when they hit the window
  • To apply a window film to prevent bird strikes

Best window films to prevent bird accidents

These films have proven to be very effective. They are affordable, easy to apply or to remove by a professional, and will not interfere with your daily activities. The options include:

  • Bird screens. These are black fiberglass screens that hang loosely in front of the glass, providing a soft cushion for the birds that strike;
  • Bird netting. Made of durable polypropylene, they provide a reliable barrier that will keep the birds from hitting windows;
  • Anti-reflective films. As we learned earlier, reflection is one of the main causes of bird collisions. So by removing it, you can save the lives of our feathered friends, while still allowing light to pass through;
  • Window design films. We have a multitude of colored or patterned films that could make interesting designs, reduce glare and UV, and also keep the birds away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does tinting film prevent bird strikes?

Yes, even a regular tinting film can be useful. This is because it makes the windows less transparent and more visible to birds. But be aware of mirror films, as these can cause more damage. Twice the number of strikes took place at non-reflective sheet glass compared to conventional clear panes.

Can birds recover from hitting a window?

This depends on the severity of the impact, but unfortunately, most birds do not recover. Injuries and internal bleeding are eventually causing the bird to die or to become vulnerable to predators.

What does a bird hitting a window mean?

There are many superstitions out there related to birds hitting windows, but we are not here to discuss or to debunk them. We are here to protect your windows (as well as the birds) with our window films. So don’t hesitate and book your appointment now at 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493.


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