Car Paint Protection For Dealerships: Added Service For Your Customers

Paint protection film (PPF), or clear bra as it is also known, is a thin, yet durable PVC film that’s added to the bodywork of vehicles to shield the paintwork protect it from environmental damage. Many dealerships offer their customers a paint protection package before their drive their vehicle out of the garage.

Transparent PPF protects paintwork from scratches and swirl marks caused by flying rock chips, tree sap, bird droppings, and squashed bugs, among other things. It’s quickly and easily applied to paintwork, with the best brands offering a minimum 10-year warranty, with extended warranties also available.

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Why do dealerships offer paint protection packages

  • Added customer service
  • Protects paintwork of brand new cars
  • Prevents dulling of new paintwork
  • Maintains the resale value
  • Leaves no damage when removed

What does PPF protect against?

  • Light scratches
  • Swirl marks
  • Stone chips
  • Bug damage
  • Corrosion
  • Stains
  • Acid rain
  • UV exposure
  • Salt damage

Best brands of PPF

After more than 13 years of business, at Tinting Chicago, we only install what we consider to be the best brands of PPF, 3M, and XPEL. While it can be tempting to have cheaper brands installed, it’s a false economy as cheaper brands are never as durable or long-lasting.

Cost of Paint Protection Film

The exact cost of applying paint protection depends on the following variables:

  • Brand of PPF used
  • Area of vehicle covered
  • Intricacy of installation
  • Skill of installers

When do dealerships apply paint protection

When you purchase a new car, a dealership will ask whether you’d like to purchase a paint protection package as well. This is an extra that provides protection to your paintwork and helps you keep that just rolled out of the factory look. It’s applied to your vehicle before you drive it out of the showroom.

Dealership paint protection packages usually use high-quality products, such as 3M or XPEL. Trained professionals then apply the film with the application process only taking a matter of hours.

Caring for paint protection products

  • Avoid using an automatic car wash
  • Don’t use polishing equipment or buffers
  • Don’t wipe film when it’s been heated by the sun
  • Clean away dirt or grease as fast as possible
  • Use a microfiber towel to dry paintwork
  • Avoid using dyed paint sealants as they dull the finish

Frequently Asked Questions

Can ceramic coating be added over the top of PPF?

Ceramic coating can be safely added over the top of a paint protection product. While PPF protects the vehicle from damage, a ceramic coating gives an additional hydrophobic layer of protection.

Does car dealer paint protection shield against UV rays?

Good quality PPF, such as 3M and XPEL is resistant to UV rays and protects the paintwork beneath it from sun damage.

Is car paint protection for dealerships usually of high quality?

Paint protection used by car dealerships is usually of high quality. It's within their interests to only install the best quality brands, such as 3M and XPEL onto the cars they sell. To be sure, ask what brand is being installed and what kind of warranty it comes with.


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