The warm and sunny weather is nice, but it can also increase your bills because of the high consumption of air conditioning devices. A great way to reduce sunlight, heat and ultimately electricity bills all year round is getting sun blocking window film. From this article you will learn everything you need to know about sun blocking window film and get valuable tips for installing it here in Chicago.

The benefits of a sun blocking window film

The main problem with windows is that 83% of the sun’s energy is transmitted through glass, and out of this sunlight 86% becomes heat. Tinting films on your home or office will help you with:

  • Reduced heat
  • Reduced glare
  • Reduced UV rays that are harmful for your health and also damaging for the furniture
  • Increased privacy
  • Increased visual appeal
  • Reduced electricity bills

7 questions to ask yourself before choosing a sun blocking window film

Window films come in a variety of patterns and colors, so you will definitely find one that suits your needs. The final price depends on the size of your windows and how much material is needed to cover them completely. Before inviting a specialist over for the installation, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How much heat do you want to block depending on how hot the home interior gets?
  2. Do you want to block heat and light too, or just the heat? Depending on this, you will choose a lighter or a darker shade for the film;
  3. Do you also want more privacy? In this case you will choose a reflective film;
  4. Which areas of the building need the most protection? Do you need to install films on all of the windows of your home or office, or just on some that are the most exposed?
  5. Do not forget about the skylights, as they always have sunlight hitting them and may be the main cause of a warm interior;
  6. Are you able to apply the film perfectly or would you rather leave this to a professional?
  7. Look for films that have warranty against bubbling, peeling, cracking or fading. The ones that we use have lifetime warranty.

Install sun blocking window film in Chicago

If you experience discomfort caused by excessive heat or sunlight, Tinting Chicago is here to help. Our experts will come over and inspect your home or office, and then come up with a plan on how to protect it. The types of films we can provide are:

After inspecting your home and taking all of the needed measurements, we will pre-cut the films automatically, with the help of a computer. At Tinting Chicago, we will never cut the film with knives while it’s on the windows, and this way you will not be left with scratched or damaged windows.

Our company offers a variety of tints to choose from, different colors and shades, and we are the only company in the area that comes to your place to give you an estimate of the tinting costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does sun blocking window film reduce heat?

Yes, it does! A quality film such as those offered by our company can reduce heat by as much as 86%. This way you keep your apartment cooler and you save money otherwise spent on air conditioning.

Is 3M sun blocking window film worth it?

Yes, it is! 3M is one of the largest and best manufacturers of tinting films for both vehicles and buildings. Its products are of the highest quality and come with a lifetime warranty for fading, peeling or bubbling, so the 3M films are definitely worth it.

Does sun blocking window film provide privacy at night?

No. Many films provide a level of privacy during the day, but during the night this effect disappears, as the interior has more light than the exterior. If you are looking for an extra layer of privacy for your home, check out the Privacy window film section of our site.


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