RF comes from radio frequencies, which are a part of the EMF (the electromagnetic field). Unfortunately, we are bombarded by such frequencies all the time, from various devices inside the house such as routers, electronic devices, smartphones, smart meters, and more.

Their long-term effects on our health are not very well known, and some people have been found to feel negative side effects including nausea, insomnia, or hyperactivity.

In the past, the only places that needed to get protection against radio frequencies were government agencies or businesses working with classified materials. But as electronic devices and technology advance, we are nowadays bombarded with RF from many sources. One of the easiest ways to get protected is with the help of an RF blocking window film.

The benefits of an RF blocking window film

Such a film almost completely attenuates both radio frequencies and infrared ones. RF are made of radio waves, while IR are light waves. This way you are protected against electronic devices, but also against the hacking of your WiFi router or other wireless devices in the home.

Thanks to the RF film, you are also safe against eavesdropping made with IR microphones. And this is not all, because an RF blocking window film also includes the classic benefits of a tinting film. These include:

  • Reduced exposure to UV rays
  • Reduced heat
  • Reduced glare
  • Increased privacy

Frequently Asked Questions

Is EMF harmful to humans? Are RF films needed?

At this moment there is not enough evidence to conclude that exposure to EMF is dangerous, but many people do have insomnia, nausea, and hyperactivity when getting in touch with them. So if you have any of these symptoms, then an RF blocking window film might be just what you need.

How can I block all radio waves in my home?

RF blocking films will not block all of the waves, but will definitely help. Other measures you can take include using shielding paint, protective sleeping canopies, RF blocking wallpapers, and electric filters.

How can I get RF films application in Chicago?

Tinting Chicago is here to assist you with all of your tinting and wrapping needs. We have a multitude of films available, including RF blocking ones. You can find us at 3621 N Harlem Ave and 2720 W Grand Ave, or call us at 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493.


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