Vinyl Boat Wrap

Boat wrapping has become a smart way to provide extra protection and an advanced finish to your vessel. Vinyl boat wraps can be quickly applied as well as easily taken down. They look absolutely awesome and are incredibly affordable. We offer a dedicated team of professionals in marine vinyl boat wrapping.Whether you have a yacht, a motor boat or a commercial vessel, we are ready to supply top quality vinyl wraps as well as provide a quick installation service.

With our boat vinyl wrap service in Chicago, IL you can always bring your boat back to life. We provide miles of boat vinyl wrappings as well as many years of exceptional experience in wrapping marine transport. Whenever you want to add a comforting appeal to your boat, give us a call and you will get all the possible assistance including boat vinyl samples. We feature vinyl boat wrappings, custom decals, and graphics from the world’s renowned brands and manufacturers, so you can rest assured that you will get premium quality material at the best rate.

Why Vinyl Wrap Your Boat

The advantages of vinyl boat wrapping are as follows:

  • Low cost.
    Vinyl wrapping is 50% to 70% cheaper as compared to professional painting which makes it an absolutely cost-effective alternative.
  • Quick installation.
    While professional spraying may take more than a week, vinyl boat wraps are normally installed at our Chicago vinyl boat wrap service within a day or two. Again, by cutting down your installation time you reduce your cost even further.
  • No special treatment needed.
    No polishing or buffing anymore! Once you’ve got a vinyl boat wrap, you only need a mild cleaning agent to keep your vessel shining.
  • Easy to repair.
    Minor scratches or dents can be easily repaired by replacing the damaged part of the wrapping. There’s no need to treat the whole hull. Most of the repairs are DIY, which means you save your time and money once again!
  • Stylish appeal.
    Knock yourself out with any design and print graphic you want! Your boat is sure to become a head-turner.
  • Reversibility and protection.
    Whenever you decide to change your style, you can always take down the vinyl with no damage to your boat’s original paint or gel coat. Additionally, you preserve your resale value and prevent extensive wear and fading on your surfaces.
  • Eco-friendly.
    Unlike most chemical-based paint sprays, our vinyl wraps for boats are solvent-free and non-toxic.

If you couldn’t find the design you want on our website, you can always get help from our team of talented designers in Chicago, IL. Be sure to submit your inquiry to us so we can deliver a quote upon your request. Our custom graphic vinyl wrap service specialists will review your order and come back with a quote within one or two business days. After your quote is approved and the payment received, we will draft your design and send you a proof. After your final layout is approved, we start the shipping process which normally takes about one to two business days.

We offer a series of premium vinyl wrappings. An average warranty ranges from 3 to 7 years depending on the type of wrapping used. Note that the lifespan of an average marine paintwork is not much longer. In addition, vinyl is more fade-resistant than paint so your boat will look even brighter after years of use.

Vinyl Boat Wrap Installation

Due to their extremely curved forms, vinyl graphics installations for boats are much more complicated than installing vinyl wraps on cars, for example. While most minor repair jobs are DIY, the full installation process may be too difficult a task for a non-professional. For this reason, we strongly recommend a qualified application at our Chicago boat vinyl wrap service.


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