Stained Glass Window Film

Colored glass, also known as stained glass, has been produced since ancient times. Evidence of stained glass windows can be found in the architecture of old Egypt, Rome and Phoenicia. In most cases, these tinted flat panels were exclusively used for the windows of churches, mosques and other important buildings of their time.

Being capable of producing various light effects, stained glass not only enhances its design but also changes the atmosphere of the interior. You can use various designs, abstract or figurative, to make the room either more private or better decorated. Of course, not many can afford an original glass window in their office or house today. Luckily, the modern market offers the fairly priced option of stained glass window films. If you are looking to enrich your interiors by installing stained glass window films, you are always welcome to contact our company in Chicago, IL.

Manufacturing and the nature of stained glass windows: Though there are a number of techniques for producing stained glass, the basis of the process consists of adding metals or their salts to molten glass. While compounding with its main component, silica, they create various colors and shades. Previously, such crafting used to be quite a tricky and costly process, demanding both proficiency and patience. However, that hadn’t been the only difficulty.

A great engineering process was needed to install and arrange the stained glass, as well as to make sure that it complied with basic construction standards. The colored glass was attached to windows where its small pieces formed patterns or pictures, which was traditionally held together by strips of lead and supported by a rigid frame. At the same time, the window had to be waterproof and wind resistant.

Fortunately, today, with the help of affordable adhesive-free stained window films, you have the possibility of avoiding all of the complexities mentioned above. Modern films create the visual effect of textured glass. Due to their semitransparent nature, they will let enough light enter the room and yet provide privacy at the same time. They are easy to apply to the window surface and you can always take them down with little effort. They can be easily clipped or combined so that they can fit any window size. Our company in Chicago, IL, offers films with a UV protective option which are the perfect decorative solution for windows, especially those requiring some privacy.

Stained glass windows patterns: As a rule, the patterns applied for a window depend on the type of building they are used in. In places of worship, like churches or mosques, depictions of saints, religious episodes or symbols are employed. Meanwhile, a place like a parliament will most likely contain shields of constituencies on its stained glass windows. And within a college hall, you will probably encounter figures representing the arts and sciences.

The modern range of stained glass films is enormously wide. This ensures you can have multiple choices of patterns and dyes which add coloring and style to your glass panes. Normally, the stained glass film allows vision both ways, even as the endless designs richly refresh your interior. If you are looking to install stained glass window films in Chicago, IL, our qualified specialists are ready to guarantee the quality of the service you receive.

Applying modern art print technologies allows you to get rid of unwanted views and helps to turn any plain glass into a distinct feature of the décor of any building – be it a home, office or church.


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