Clear Bra Paint Protection Films

Clear Bra, also known as Invisible Bra, is a thin almost invisible polyurethane film that can effectively protect the paint on your vehicle. When installed by our highly-qualified technicians, the film will cover the surface perfectly, so you won’t be able to tell that it’s actually there. However, the effect from its protection will be quite noticeable after a while.

The main advantages of Invisible Bra for cars are:

  • It prevents the rusting caused by chipped paint because it doesn’t allow the paint to get chipped in the first place.
  • It protects your vehicle from the damage dealt by gravel and debris you will encounter on the road.
  • It can be replaced or removed easily.
  • It prevents some of the chemical reactions that “eat” car paint.
  • It increases the value of your car should you decide to sell it.

These are only some of the advantages offered by Clear Bra, but they are more than enough to see that installing this film is a great investment, especially if you have a vintage or otherwise special vehicle.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Clear Bra

Remember that you will be able to get all the benefits of Clear Bra paint protection only if the quality of the film is high and it is installed perfectly. The latter is especially important as one wrong move can make the film fold onto itself during installation, and the results of this won’t be pretty.

Our shop guarantees the quality of the services we provide. If you come to us, you can be sure that your Clear Bra protection film will be installed quickly and efficiently. There will be no bubbles, scratches, and uneven spots on any part of your vehicle due to careless film application. The technicians who work for us receive specialized training and are capable of applying a Clear Bra film perfectly on any kind of vehicle. If your car is special, we will gladly customize the film for you to ensure that it gets maximum paint protection.

You should also take into account that many of the film manufacturers do not provide a warranty for the products that haven’t been installed in a certified shop. We offer a guarantee for our services, and our technicians are not only qualified but also certified to perform this job.

Aside from the shop where you want to get your clear car bra installed, you will need to consider a few other important factors when looking for this kind of film:

  • How much of the vehicle do you want to cover?
    We can install Clear Bra on any part of your car, so this decision is totally up to you. If the film is of top quality, the paint on your vehicle will fade evenly regardless of which parts you decide to protect from physical damage.
  • Which brand should I choose?
    In this case, brand name and reputation are really important factors to consider. Only the best films will offer high-grade protection and perfect cover, so invest your money wisely. The brands we trust are:

    • 3M (Scotchgard & Venture Shield).
      Even a few minutes of research will show you that 3M is the leader as far as automotive protection films of any kind are concerned. This company deserved its reputation by the quality and variety of their products. It offers a wide range of specialized films, so you will definitely find the perfect one for you.
      Note that many of the renowned trademarks on this market actually belong to 3M, like Scotchgard.
    • Invisible Mask.
      This is another brand that has earned its good name. The number of choices offered by the company is huge and its film’s protection factor is very high.
    • Xpel.
      This is another market giant that every person seeking the best car paint protection should know. Xpel Ultimate is definitely one of the best products on the market. It grants you a higher level of protection against the kinds of damage that will usually yellow or ruin lesser films.


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