Install Motorcycle Paint Protection Fast to Keep that Showroom Look

Paint protection film is a urethane coating that can be applied to the smooth surfaces of any motorbike, to protect against damage caused by road debris, abrasive clothing, or the acid in splattered bugs. This protective film is affordable and virtually invisible to the naked eye meaning it won’t alter the appearance of your bike. With motorcycle paint protection film in place, your bike is more likely to retain maximum resale value.

Optically clear paint protection film can be applied to any part of a motorbike from the gas tank to the battery cover. The sooner you install it following the purchase of a new bike, the less likely you are to incur damage that will devalue the resale price.

For the best and longest-lasting outcomes, paint protection film should be applied to motorbikes by professionals, using a heat gun. Interested in learning more, call Tinting Chicago at t 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493 and speak to one of our specialists.

Benefits of paint protection film (PPF) for motorbikes

  • Protects paintwork
  • Invisible to the eye
  • Helps bike retain resale value
  • Affordable
  • Fast installation
  • Natural smoothness makes cleaning your bike easier

Can you install motorcycle PPF yourself?

It is possible to buy motorcycle paint protection kits to install the film yourself, however by employing a Tinting Chicago professional to install your film, you’re not only assured a perfect result, but you will also receive a two-year installation warranty. The installation process at Tinting Chicago takes only a couple of hours, with our dust-free workshops being the ideal environment for the job.

The appearance of motorcycle PPF

Paint protection film is transparent and invisible to the naked eye. For this reason, its application won’t change the look of your motorcycle in any way.

Tips for caring for motorcycle PPF

  • Don’t wash or touch paint protection film until it has cured (up to a week)
  • Gently hand wash your bike
  • Wipe with a soft microfiber cloth
  • Dry with a microfiber towel
  • Remove dirt, oil, grease as quickly as possible
  • Don’t use abrasive cloths or brushes
  • Only use quality cleaning products (no harsh chemicals)
  • Clean your bike at least once every two weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does motorbike paint protection film last?

Paint protection film on motorcycles lasts between 5 to 7 years, depending on how well it's looked after.

Which brand of paint protection film is best for motorbikes?

There are a variety of paint protection films on the market and whilst it may be tempting to opt for a relatively cheap brand, it's advisable to spend a little bit more to ensure a high-quality film. At Tinting Chicago we only install the top brands with the highest performance results.

Will motorcycle PPF damage my bike when it is removed?

No, good quality motorcycle PPF will not damage your bike in any way once it is removed, no matter how long it stays on your bike. It will have protected the paintwork on your bike from scratches and damage created by stone chips and other road debris on the open road.


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