Motorcycle Paint Protection Film

At our clear paint protection film installation, we offer Chicago customers a fast and affordable way of keeping their bikes in showroom conditions. This thin clear coating protects your paint finish from all types of accidental damages and road debris. It was designed to reduce the wear of your motorcycle and to prolong the life of its painted surfaces. With this invisible armor, you do not have to worry about scratches spoiling the look of your bike.

The paint protection film requires no special treatment. In fact, washing your bike becomes much easier due to the film’s natural smoothness. You won’t have to scrub the surfaces to get rid of road grime or bugs anymore. A mild washing agent or a water and soap solution can easily cope with them. Besides, it can be quickly removed if you desire. Due to the self-activated adhesives, it is easily applied to your bike’s surfaces and can be repositioned if needed. The air discharge technology allows seamless and durable application, making the installation process comfortable even for beginners.
The paint protection film for your bike features a clear urethane coating which is normally applied over any smooth surface. It performs perfectly against scratches caused by road debris as well as by harsh parts of a biker’s clothing. In addition, it shields against bug splatter which may contain acids that will ruin the painted surfaces. The films work on any part of your bike, no matter if it’s the side of the battery cover or the top of the fuel tank. You can apply it to any part which needs protection.

Another reason why many of our Chicago clients preferred clear paint protection films is that they do not alter their bike’s appearance. Their style and look are more than important for most bike owners. Not many would agree to change their appearances even for protection reasons. Yet, the films we offer are absolutely transparent and invisible. Your friends and acquaintances won’t simply notice it.

Installation of Paint Protection Films for Motorcycles

Most of the clear films we offer are user-friendly and you can always try and install them yourself. However, if you want to provide a professional finish, we recommend our professional installation service in Chicago, IL. Some of your bike’s parts may require an experienced touch as well as pre-cut sheets. With a professional installation, you retain your warranty which normally ranges from 3 to 7 years of outdoor use.

The surfaces have to be cleaned, degreased and dried out thoroughly before applying the film. You should also provide the necessary temperature conditions as well as a non-dusty area. For curved areas, the usage of a heat gun is absolutely necessary. It provides an easy stretch and helps to adjust the film correctly.

The paint protection film for motorcycles offers an exceptional safety to all of its body parts. Your resale cost is not reduced and your bike looks brand new even after years of use. Corrosion causing factors, such as water and dirt, won’t influence your surfaces. It is a good idea to wrap your bike right after you’ve purchased it. The faster you do it the better. Use it on every part which can be exposed to damage and you will surely be pleased with the results.

Note: The quality of the film is vital. Quite often you can encounter cheap clear protection films which look promising at first sight. However, you may end up with a low-quality product which is not always suitable for outdoor use. We are dedicated to our clients. That’s why we offer only the world’s top quality brands which can really provide you with the highest-performance products in the present-day market.


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