Gloss Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap

Check out our luxurious gloss vinyl wrap, which will make your ride look exceptional and unique. It offers the perfect combination of shining sporty finish and style. Your car has never been this attractive before. You can add an exceptional dynamic look to your car with our gloss carbon fiber vinyl wrap that we sell in Chicago, IL. The gloss effect offers a subtle carbon appearance. The film is easily applied to any body part of your car, providing it with the perfect finish.

We offer a newly designed and extremely durable vinyl car wrap. It doesn’t need water for application and can be easily repositioned or removed due to its pressure-activated technology. Another innovative feature is the use of micro air channels with centerpoint technology, allowing the removal of air bubbles faster. The centerpoint provides a temporary limited contact between the adhesive and the surface. This enables easy installation. After application the small centerpoint beads leak, thus providing full contact between the film and the car surface. You get an absolutely exotic finish with this durable dual cast vinyl wrap. Furthermore, if you suddenly decide to change your style or simply go back to your original paint, the removal won’t take long and won’t spoil your paint.

The gloss carbon fiber vinyl material is easy to stretch when heated, which enables it to go around tight corners. It is resistant to water, dirt, grease, and high temperatures. It doesn’t require special treatment and can be cleaned with conventional washing agents. The UV-protection layer provides this series with long-term durability and protection from fading.

Our Chicago, IL clients may choose between two main types of the carbon fiber vinyl: the high gloss or the low gloss vinyl wraps. Basically, the main physical characteristics of the films are identical. They come in rolls of the same sizes and are installed under similar conditions. The only difference is in the color hue. While the high gloss effect may impress with its shiny finish, the low gloss is more discreet and reserved. Yet, it is far from being pale or boring. On the contrary, many of our clients prefer this type due to its smooth and muted finish. Its temperate nature fits customers who prefer a restrained style and do not like showing off.

The basic installation demands are not too complicated. First of all, you need to provide a dust-proof area in order to prevent small particles from getting in-between the film and the surface, as this may cause serious damage to both the wrapping and the car surface. Be sure to wash the surface with a soap and water solution thoroughly. Stick to the temperature limits, ranging from +16C up to +32C.  After the surface has been dried out and degreased, you may start applying the wrapping. Be sure to read all the instructions before you start. However, if you are still uncertain about the installation, feel free to contact our Chicago, IL maintenance line for additional support.

With carbon fiber vinyl car wrap you get the following benefits:

  • A high-quality product from a renowned brand.
  • Long-term warranty for outdoor and indoor uses.
  • Protection against road debris and corrosion for the metal parts of your vehicle’s body
  • Securing your original paint from destructive UV rays.
  • Exceptional design for your vehicle’s customizing.
  • An easily applied wrapping with a true carbon fiber effect.
  • Innovative technologies providing quick installation and removal processes.
  • A choice between high and low gloss carbon fiber finishes.

The gloss carbon fiber vinyl wrap is probably one of the most popular types you can get today. Its effect provides a genuine carbon look which adds the perfect texture to your vehicle. In fact, the carbon vinyl wrap can hardly be distinguished from real carbon. That’s what many customers adore. Previously, the manufacturers used to replicate the carbon effect by printing but that was rather a cheap copy of the original material. Now, we offer high and low gloss carbon fiber vinyl wraps for your cars which perfectly resemble the carbon structure.

A car, treated with the gloss carbon fiber vinyl wrap, produces an unforgettable impression. This soft and flexible material provides an outstanding customized look to any vehicle, adding a sporty and aggressive look to it. Some of our clients prefer combining the carbon fiber effect with other colors, creating amazing contrasts and unbelievable color combinations. If you feel apt for a unique vehicle design project, be sure to use our gloss carbon wraps.


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