Our Wrap by Vehicle Type Service Transforms Your Vehicle in a Day!

Any type of vehicle can be vinyl wrapped to create a mobile advertising billboard. Whether you’re the proud owner of a car, van, pickup truck, or semi-trailer, car wraps can help promote your business, or simply elevate the look of your vehicle. At Tinting Chicago custom designed graphics are printed and installed onto all kinds of vehicles within a day.

At Tinting Chicago, vinyl film can quickly and easily be printed with lettering, logos, and brand colors. Our talented team of in-house graphic designers works effortlessly with customers to produce eye-catching designs that make your business stand out from the crowd. Alternatively, some customers choose to simply change the color or finish of their vehicle by wrapping it in a solid color. Why go to the expense of buying a new car when you can transform the color of your car with an affordable vinyl wrap?

Intrigued to learn more about vehicle wrapping? Call Tinting Chicago today at 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493 for a quote to wrap by vehicle type.

Why wrap your vehicle?

  • Change the color
  • Change the finish
  • Upgrade the look
  • Promote your business
  • Hide ugly paintwork
  • Individualize your vehicle
  • More affordable than a custom paint job

Types of vehicles that can be wrapped

Cost to wrap by vehicle type

Different vehicle types cost different amounts to wrap. Generally the bigger the vehicle and the more intricate the job, the more expensive the wrap. The following factors dictate the cost of a vehicle wrap:

  • Vehicle size and type
  • Brand of vinyl wrap
  • Intricacy of design
  • Amount of vinyl used

Different vinyl wrap finishes

There’s a huge range of finishes and textures on the market for vinyl vehicle wraps.  The most popular of which include:

Should I install vinyl wrap to a vehicle myself?

The installation of vinyl wraps to vehicles is a skilled and fiddly business. It takes professional installers years to develop the skills to achieve a crease-free and bubble-free finish. In addition, some vinyl wraps are easier to apply to vehicles than others, depending on the material used. 

You may save money applying vinyl wrap yourself but if it isn’t installed in a well-lit, completely dust-free environment, the result could be compromised leading to bubbling and peeling later on.

Full wraps versus partial wraps

Car owners can choose to either wrap their vehicles in a full wrap or a partial wrap. What is the difference you may ask? A full wrap means that vinyl wrap is applied to the entire car, including the wing mirrors, roof, and bumpers. A partial wrap is only installed on selective parts of the car, usually the most prominent areas, such as the doors, hood, and rear windshield.

As vinyl car wraps are priced according to the amount of vinyl material used, it’s cheaper to have a partial vehicle wrap than a full vehicle wrap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do vinyl car wraps protect a car's paint?

Yes, vinyl wrap is a kind of protective wrap that will prevent your vehicle from incurring scratches and swirl marks. Car wraps act as a second skin shielding the paintwork on vehicles from light environmental and external damage.

Why is carbon fiber wrap more expensive?

Carbon fiber wrap is often more expensive than other vinyl wrap finishes because it adds an aesthetic distinction that can't be achieved any other way. For this reason, many customers choose to only wrap select parts of their vehicles, such as the hood, fenders, or front bumper with carbon fiber film.

Can vehicle wraps be applied to any type of paint job?

Vehicle wraps can be applied to any type of paint finish, be it a matte finish, gloss finish, satin finish. Adhesive-backed vinyl film is an affordable option to change a vehicle's finish without paying for a brand new paint job.


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