Keep Your Family Safe with our Quality Mirror Safety Film

This is a thick film that is applied to the back of a mirror for increased protection. It will not make the mirror unbreakable, but in case it does get broken, the film will prevent shards from forming and falling down. The mirror fragments will be kept in place, thus no one will get hurt.

Large mirrors are beautiful and can become a very special element of home design, but at the same time… they break. To avoid the danger of small sharp shards scattered around and protect the peace and safety of your family, think about applying mirror safety film. Here at Tinting Chicago, we work only with high-quality films that serve their purpose. And the installation is super fast and cost-effective.

The benefits of a mirror security film

The first and most important benefit is the prevention of mirror shards hurting people and making a lot of mess. But the film also protects the mirror long-term. The paint layer applied to the back of the mirror can easily get scratched or damaged, thus damaging the glass too.

The mirror safety film also prevents moisture from penetrating the back surface and detaching the protective paint. So these films can be very useful for those living in damp environments.

Where to use a mirror safety film?

As long as you have large mirrors and lots of people nearby, there is always the risk of an accident. So there are multiple places where such a film can be life-saving — gyms, dance studios, canteens — well, pretty much every public space that you can think of. As for the homes, you can apply mirror safety film to:

  • Mirrors and mirror walls inside of the home
  • Mirrors and mirror walls of your home office
  • Mirror walls of your home gym
  • On doors with mirror surface

Frequently Asked Questions

Does taping a mirror help?

Just partially. If you really are on a tight budget and can’t afford to get a mirror safety film, then you can also use some strips of duct tape on the back of the mirror. But this will make it look really unprofessional, and will also not offer the same protection in case the mirror breaks.

Can I apply the film to the front of the mirror too?

Yes, you can, just make sure that it’s the right film. For the front of the mirror, you obviously need a transparent film, and here at Tinting Chicago we have a multitude of films of various tints, colors, and transparency levels.

Can I apply the mirror safety film myself?

This is not recommended, because the film is quite thick and needs to be cut perfectly to fit the mirror. The application process is also a bit more difficult compared to other types of films, so it’s better to get the help of a professional. We are here to assist you, so don’t hesitate and call us now!


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