Personal Safety Using Mirrored And One Way Privacy Window Films

Mirror Safety Film

Mirror safety films are designed to provide additional protection against impact or accidental damage. Normally, a thin layer, applied to the back of mirrors, prevents the glass from shattering into large pieces which can be potentially dangerous for people in case of an accident.

Using safety mirrors provides plenty of opportunities in various spheres of our life. Since it is possible to avoid the risk of it breaking into sharp pieces, safety mirrors can be used in both outdoor and indoor public places. Convex wide angle traffic mirrors, made of a shatterproof lightweight material, are widely used in Chicago, IL, providing extra visibility for driveways, roads, and parking lots. The coating, when applied to the surface, makes sure the glass chips stay firmly attached to it if it gets broken.

The easiest and cheapest way to get a safety mirror is to apply safety film on both sides of the mirror. As a rule, such a procedure will not influence visibility much. However, the mirror will become much stronger and more reliable. Tinted or transparent films of various types and thickness are available at our Chicago, IL-based company. Normally, they are easily applied to the front surface, while a polypropylene shatterproof film is applied from behind.

Mirrored Window Film

Tinting pros install one-way mirrored films, also called one way safety privacy home window films, in order to provide some privacy to the occupants of the building as well as to add a more expensive look to its exterior. Quite often, mirrored windows can also help to split up adjacent areas in offices, providing more flexibility for its usage.

Available in multiple colors, one way mirror film is able to meet any customers’ demands in terms of design, privacy, and safety. Normally, a thin layer of metal, mainly aluminum, is used as a coating which provides a mirror effect on one side of the glass. Such a feature has recently become quite popular among Chicago, IL customers.

The one way mirror safety privacy home window film is comparatively easy to install, however, if you feel you may face troubles, feel free to contact our Chicago, IL company professionals to get some assistance.

One Way Privacy Window Film

A reflective one way privacy window film provides both solar control and privacy. The reflective surface prevents solar heat and glare as well as stops UV rays. The privacy mirror safety home window film also provides a one way mirror effect which allows seeing out while being invisible from the other side. The film reflects the brighter side, so it can be used for continued brighter external glazing. However, if light conditions change, the film may work the opposite way.

To install the film you will need a solution of water mixed with some washing liquid, a glass scraper, a squeegee, and some cloth, preferably lint-free. Normally, the privacy home window films are self-adhesive and sealed with a protective back layer. The process of installation is relatively quick and non-messy. Still, if you are not sure you can choose the right film, or you doubt you can apply it yourself; preliminary expert advice from our Chicago, IL one way safety window film specialists can be useful. We will ensure you get all the necessary guidance every step of the way.


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