Black Car Vinyl Wrapping

How to make a car look like a $million? Wrap it to Black Carbon Film

Black carbon fiber vinyl car wrap is a special kind of high-quality film that imitates carbon fiber. We are offering a newly designed and extremely durable PVC. You get an absolutely cosmic look with this cool finishing.

Why is black carbon so impressive?

Carbon is a polymer composite material consisting of black carbon fiber strands intertwined at a specific angle like wool in a sweater. Only very strong, with high tension, low weight, and low thermal expansion. Due to its high cost, the composite can be used as a reinforcing addition, for example, to steel then the material will be labeled “reinforced with carbon fiber”, CFRP.

Carbon begins his brilliant career with rocket engines, which is probably why it is associated with the highest technologies. Now it is used in the automotive industry for the most luxurious cars, primarily in the body structure, as well as elementary finishes for the exterior and interior. Therefore, black carbon has an aura of discreet luxury.

Nowadays, if manufacturers want to make their product truly luxurious, lightweight, and durable from fishing rods to luxury yachts and sports cars they use carbon fiber.

Black carbon car wrap film is imitation, not real black carbon fiber, but no matter if it is matte or gloss black car wrap you cannot see the difference looking at the car after installation.

Wrapping or painting?

Wrapping to the black carbon vehicle wrap is an absolutely perfect alternative to painting in terms of price and time-saving. Additionally, you receive scratch-proof and corrosion-repellant protection, which is never an option for typical paint. And of course, you get an unforgettable impression when your car’s exterior or interior are treated with a black carbon fiber vinyl wrap.

For Tinting Chicago clients, we offer specifically designed exterior and interior black wrap film at a reasonable price. A full painting procedure for a conventional sedan may cost up to $4,000 and take approximately 2-4 days. While painting can take $5000 and 1-2 weeks.

You can save some money getting part wrapping. These black carbon stickers look fantastic and cool. Conformability of the vehicle wrap with curved surfaces allows to install it to parts of the interior, such as the center console.

Black Carbon Fiber Vinyl Film is a truly good solution

  • The use of bubble-free air release technology allows the air bubbles to be removed, therefore, to prevent the wrinkle effect.
  • Black wrap film installation provides the perfect ability to temporarily change the look of the car. It is easily removable and the paintwork does not deteriorate, so the car simply comes back to its original appearance.
  • The ability to hide defects in the surface of the body. If there are scratches on the surface of the body or any minor defects that spoil its appearance, wrapping the car with black carbon vehicle wraps, you can solve two problems at once — hide the defects and update the appearance of the car.
  • Durability of carbon fiber wrap provides protection from scratches and little rocks. The carbon film is not only beauty but also strength and reliability.

7 benefits of Black Carbon fiber vinyl wrap:

  1. Black carbon fiber car film has good elasticity, which allows it to be used for pasting not only flat surfaces but also parts of complex geometry, including those with a spherical surface.
  2. High-quality carbon vinyl wrap sticker that does not deform or crack. It is almost impossible to damage it. 
  3. The black carbon film is not afraid of temperature extremes, therefore it is welcome in harsh climates.
  4. The adhesive layer of auto vinyl carbon is developed according to the special patented Easy Apply System, it is easily glued to the surface, a special air release channels system allows to remove air bubbles.
  5. Additives in the composition protect the edges from scuffing and the appearance of air bubbles under the already glued black carbon fiber wrap.
  6. The high-quality vehicle carbon PVC we offer in Tinting Chicago provides a UV-protection, it doesn’t fade at all.
  7. 2-year warranty from the manufacturer of black carbon vinyl wrap!

Styles of black carbon fiber wrap for cars

The line of carbon tint for the car allows you to choose:

  • Glossy black carbon fiber vinyl wrap
  • Matte black carbon fiber wrap 
  • Brushed black vinyl wrap
  • Sputtering of diamond grit, which creates an original high gloss effect
  • Possible to make a chameleon effect

If you have decided to cover your car with black carbon vinyl wrap, you have made the right choice. It is a really great product and there are practically no drawbacks. Without making any special efforts and without carrying out large expenses, you can significantly transform your car, making it look high-tech and expensive.

If you looking for another style for your car, check out satin black wrap, gloss black metallic vinyl wrap, or brushed black vinyl wrap, it also looks amasing.

Are you ready to turn your car into a Batmobile with high gloss black carbon fiber?

Robin from the Tinting Chicago service will do this magic high-tech trick for you.


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