Black Car Vinyl Wrapping

Matte Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap

How much do you think it would cost to paint an average car? Have you ever tried to calculate it? The procedure is surely far from being inexpensive. And it is rarely paid out, as a re-painted vehicle automatically becomes cheaper. So, what are the options? Fortunately, the modern market is abound in a variety of vinyl wraps, offering a cheaper and faster solution than painting.

The matte carbon fiber vinyl wrap we offer provides you with an excellent chance to change your vehicle’s style. The pressure-activated adhesives allow the re-using or re-positioning of the film, which makes the installation process quick and effortless. Our Chicago, IL-based company offers renowned brands and top manufacturers of this popular vinyl wrap in rolls of various sizes and thicknesses. We can always help you with finding the right amount of film, no matter what car you have, while our vinyl wrapping service is available for you 24/7.

The matte carbon fiber wrap has been originally designed to provide opportunities for your vehicle’s style enhancement. It is possible to apply this film to any part of your car’s surface, both interior and exterior. This makes a wide range of designs available for your choice. So, whenever you want to alter your ride’s appearance, you can be sure the matte carbon fiber vinyl wrap is a perfect choice. The materials are soft and flexible, ensuring easy installation and high performance.

The texture of the carbon fiber wrap is more than fascinating. It feels like real carbon, replicating the natural structure of this material to a great extent. With the help of our matte carbon fiber vinyl series, you are open to all kinds of vehicle customizing and personalization. These modern films, with the new 3D effect, are absolutely different from previous versions of printed carbon fiber. The latter looked artificial and non-natural. It looked like a cheap patterned replica, rather than true carbon. Nowadays, this situation has altered dramatically. Many of our clients at our Chicago, IL vinyl wrapping service have said they could not differentiate between the real and the wrapped carbon, and that it was by far more than they had expected.

The installation of the matte carbon fiber vinyl wrap doesn’t differ much from the rest of the vinyl wrappings we offer. The basic requirements are: Keep the installation area clean and dust-proof. Try to make it as air-tight as possible to protect the surfaces from accidental dust particles, which can potentially ruin the wrap, thus decreasing its durability and longevity. You should apply the film only after the surface has been washed, dried out, and degreased. Be sure to check whether the cleaning agents you use contain ammonia. This substance works as a dissolvent, which will harm the vinyl wrap. Be sure to use a special primer for extremely curved areas, and stick to the temperature range. Check the instructions for more details, otherwise you are always welcome to contact us for useful tips, in Chicago, IL.

The benefits of wrapping your car are as follows:

  • You can quickly change your vehicle’s color at a comparatively reasonable price.
  • You save your money by avoiding professional painting.
  • You provide a better resale value to your car by adding additional protection to its body parts.
  • You get a choice of colors and effects, which cannot be replicated by conventional paint.
  • You add exceptional style, luxury and individuality to your ride.
  • You can always go back to your permanent color by removing the film.

Why A Matte Black Wrap?

Black color has always been a sign of luxury and exceptional style. It is elegant, eye-catching, luxurious, and enjoyable, while the matte effect adds a refined tone and a subtle accent. In addition, the matte effect is partially able to conceal minor marks and dust, which makes it much easier to keep clean. This is probably why this hue is very popular at our Chicago, IL vinyl wrapping service.

Satin black vinyl wrap

The satin black series offers an outstanding surface-protecting dual cast film, providing luxurious appeal to your car. This high-performance film is resistant to rocks, dirt, scratches, and many other paint-destroying factors. For this reason, is widely used by racers and hotrodders, who want their vehicles to be safely protected from road debris, as well as look shiny and attractive.

Our satin black vinyl wrap we offer at our vinyl wrapping service in Chicago, IL, is quite easy to install. It holds a variety of innovative technologies which improves the installation process, making it feasible even for amateurs. Any part of your car can be coated with the film with little trouble due to micro air drain technology reducing the risk of wrinkles or bubbles. However, if this is your first installation, we strongly recommend contacting our maintenance team. They will come up with useful tips for beginners and do their best to explain all the minor details to you.

Normally, this material is used for the car’s exterior. However, it is also possible to find plenty of applications inside your vehicle. Be sure to use the satin black vinyl wrapping service to decorate your car’s dashboard and other interior details. It will add a subtle individual professional finish to your interiors.

Brushed Black Vinyl Wrap

Many of our clients prefer this type of vinyl wrap for its distinctive look and perfect durability. This dual cast film, replicating the brushed metal effect, provides the perfect concealment for small scratches. That is probably why most of our Chicago, IL customers prefer to use it for their interior dashboards. It looks fresh and new even after years of active use, many say. In addition, it provides the perfect shine of real metal, adding a unique modern atmosphere to the car’s interior. The film comes in a variety of sizes with a warranty of up to 5 years for outdoor use. The most common thickness is 3.5mil. The self-adhesive layer is paint-friendly, and is easily repositioned or removed.

High Gloss Black Vinyl Wrap

The high gloss black vinyl wrap series offers the maximum gloss effect to its owners. The surface of the film is smooth and shiny, providing extra brilliance to the vehicle. Many vinyl wrapping service customers in Chicago, IL have said that it looked very thin while sitting on their car’s surface. However, this doesn’t mean the film cannot provide high level of protection. Once applied correctly, it is very durable and damage-resistant. Like the rest of the vinyl series, this film offers the perfect protection with a very high gloss effect. It can be applied to any hard non-porous surface such as the hood, spoilers, trunk, roof door handles, side mirrors, etc.

The installation process involves creating suitable conditions, which basically are as follows:

  • Air-tight and dust-protected area.
  • The temperature range between +16C and +32C.
  • Washed, dried out and degreased surfaces.
  • No ammonia substances for washing is to be used.
  • Usage of special primers for extremely curved areas.

To achieve the maximum effect, be sure to get all the necessary advice from our Chicago, IL expert vinyl wrapping service team. We offer 24 hours assistance for our clients and try our best to meet your demands, providing renowned brands as well as top-quality products, service, and maintenance. We will always come up with the best vinyl wrapping solution for your vehicle.


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