Heat Reflective And Heat Control Window Films

Heat Reflective Window Film

Recent researches have shown that most of the household heat is lost or gained through windows. It has been estimated that a glass surface may lose or gain almost ten times as much heat as an insulated wall surface. Yet, this problem is not new. 25 years ago, scientists have already calculated the annual cost of unwanted energy loss in the United States. The result was stunning! One-fourth of all the energy was wasted, amounting to more than $20 billion per year.

Of course, within the last decade windows have experienced technological revolution and energy costs have been reduced dramatically. However, it doesn’t mean the competition is over. There’s still plenty of room for perfection. Fortunately, the present-day market offers a wide range of energy efficient solutions. One of them is a heat reflective and heat control window film.

Most of the citizens of Chicago, IL prefer homes or offices with natural light. It adds more life to the surroundings and creates a natural atmosphere. However, there’s still a risk of having too much of a good thing. Unwanted natural sunlight and heat can seriously affect you and your interiors, ruining the harmony and comfort of your life. Installing heat reflective window films may be a way to avoid that. We make it possible with a wide range of high-quality materials and professional assistance in Chicago, IL.

Think of the benefits you will get by applying solar control window films. First of all, your cooling cost will go down dramatically. The most efficient types of heat control films are able to reduce heat gain by as much as 75 percent. In addition, the films are able to reflect glare, increase daytime privacy, and reduce UV by up to 99 percent. As a result, you will get a much more comfortable atmosphere at your home with thorough climate control. Finally, you will have a chance to improve your home safety and security, as most of the modern heat-reflective films are shatter-resistant.

The heat control reflective residential films we offer for Chicago IL customers are made of polyester and consist of multiple layers. These films can be applied to all types of plain glass and are easy to take down. Our clients can choose between a wide variety of different thicknesses, colors, and safety levels. Generally, two main types of heat and solar control window films are available: standard and spectrally selective.

Standard Film: Customers find this type the most popular due to its reasonable price and relatively high heat control features. It is also quite good in reducing glare and UV radiation. In other words, it’s not expensive, it’s easy to install, it works, and it’s nice looking.

Spectrally Selective Film: This is a more advanced type of a heat blocking window film for those who want to get the most out of the modern heat reflective technologies. Spectrally selective films filter out the infrared spectrum of the sunlight while still allowing visible sunlight to enter a building. To put it straight, the heat stays outside, while the light enters the inside. However, such an advanced possibility is not cheap. Normally, spectrally selective films are worth double the cost of a standard heat control residential window film.

If you are interested in reducing cooling expenses, heat reflective and solar control window films can help a lot. They have proved to be an effective method of keeping the heat out of your home. In spite of the cost of installing the film, you will immediately start saving on cooling expenses. In addition, you get a better microclimate, a more comfortable environment, and better UV protection for your home.

For your convenience, we offer fast and professional installations of heat control reflective residential home window films, along with skilled technical assistance throughout Chicago, IL.


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