Install Heat Reflective Window Tint & Make Your Home Really Cool

The heat reflective film offers the most effective level of heat reduction on the market. It blocks all the unwanted effects of solar energy, including harmful UV rays, radiation, and glare. The result? Your level of comfort increases drastically all year round because you get a significantly cooler interior, especially during the warm summer months. Your kids can play right by the windows, you can watch the telly or play computer games, work, chill — enjoy your home to the fullest!

What is a heat reflective window tint?

A heat reflective window tint is a special kind of film that provides the optimal level of the sun’s heat blockage, protecting the interior from harmful UV rays, radiation, and glare. Its mirror-like coating prevents unwanted attention from the outside, giving your home a sufficient level of privacy. These tints can be installed on your windows, doors, or any other glass surfaces.

Like any other window film, a heat reduction one has to be produced by reliable manufacturers. Only in this case, it retains its protective properties that always have solid warranties from the brands. An unknown product definitely wouldn’t have up to 99% UV rays blockage, up to 79% protection from the sun’s heat, up to 80% of glare as reputable brands do.

Where to apply a heat control window film to?

  • Any space with large or panoramic windows
  • Well insulated house with normal (or even smaller) windows
  • Kitchen, living room, bedrooms, children’s rooms, bathrooms
  • Exterior doors (the front door)
  • Patio walls
  • Gazebo walls
  • Attic windows
  • Garage windows

Why install a heat control window film?

Because it is affordable, easy to install and remove, and very effective. And, it is a good compromise to expensive shutters or real heat reduction glass (aka solar control glass)!

Here at Tinting Chicago, we offer our clients only the best heat blocking window films by top manufacturers. By installing them, you literally make your home cool, increase its energy efficiency (lower AC and heating costs).

At the same time, the natural light comes in without obstacles, creating a lovely atmosphere inside. The one way window film creates a sufficient level of daytime privacy thanks to its mirror-like outside surface. It is impossible to sneak peek at your house during the day! The level of nighttime privacy, unfortunately, is not so high: during the dark part of the day, the film becomes transparent.

Sounds appealing? Give us a call at 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493 and book your installation session!

5 benefits of a heat control window film installation

  • Conquering the harmful effects of the solar energy

The right window film will provide a good level of heat rejection, glare reduction, and solar radiation blockage. You don’t need a double pane glass of a triple pane windows — just add this tint to the glass surfaces of the main spaces in your house!

  • Home improvement

Installation of a heat control film plays a great role in the creation of the energy efficient homes. By controlling, how much heat is entering your premises, you stay cooler even when the summer sun is at its peak. If your house is properly insulated and is built from good materials, a film backing is super smart: you will be surprised seeing your energy bill after you’ve done it!

  • Windows and glass surfaces protection

Installation of a window film adds a protective layer to any glass surface. These tints aren’t only blocking heat: they prevent the damage to your windows and keep them from shattering, holding the glass together in case of breakage. This film has a scratch resistant coating that prolongs the lifespan of your windows.

  • Creation of a daytime privacy

As we have already mentioned, when the sun’s rays shine into your windows, the heat control window film acts as a mirror, reflecting them from its surface. No one can sneak peek inside of your house! At the same time, it doesn’t prevent the natural light from entering your house. So, the satisfying results are not only in the heat protection itself but in addition to a great level of comfort to your property.

  • Much cheaper than a solar control glass

Maybe, this is one of the main benefits of heat control window film installation. Window films are adhesive, easy to install, and easy to remove — and in case you feel that you need this upgrade, it can be done in a matter of one working day. Installation of the solar control glasses costs times and times more — and requires serious planning, and even remodeling your house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does window tint reflect heat?

Yes, it does. A high-quality heat reflective film blocks up to 78% of solar heat entering through the windows. This is the number, guaranteed by the top manufacturer that we work with — a reliable 3M brand. At the same time, up to 99% of harmful UV rays are going to be blocked, and up to 80% of glare.

Does heat reflective film work?

Yes, it does! It created a protective shield on the top of any glass surface that it's applied to. It effectively blocks UV rays, heat, radiation, and reduces glare. By this simple act of tint application, you get a significantly cooler space, reduce your energy bills and significantly increase the level of your home comfort.

How to install a heat reduction tint?

Even the best window film has to be installed by the professionals. It doesn't matter if it is adhesive, non-adhesive, or a stating cling: the tint has to be applied impeccably, without wrinkles, bubbles, and any dirt, dust, and moisture caught between its surface and the glass. Only in this case a window film can retain its protective properties and serve its warranty period.
Here at Tinting Chicago, we have all the required equipment for a professional film installation. We make sure that the space is spotless clean during the process of application: we use special chemical solutions for that. After the film is installed, the maintenance is super easy, you just have to wash them without any abrasives, using soapy water. Give us a call today for a free on-site estimate at 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493.


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