Get a Smart Tint to Turn Your Chicago Windows from Clear into Frosted

The smart tint is a special kind of switchable film that can be applied to any existing glass, indoors or outdoors. The technology used in its creation allows the user to change the surface of this electric window tint from clear to frosted — with the help of pressing a button on the remote control or in the app on your smartphone. Therefore, you can make any space private literally with one switch flick!

Smart tint film comes in seven colors, providing you with the possibility to customize any interior the way you like. Besides that, it blocks up to 98% of harmful UV rays and protects your property from heat and glare. It doesn’t interfere with the natural light transmission and helps to create a cozy atmosphere.

Sounds intriguing? Give us a call at Tinting Chicago today at 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493 and our specialists will provide you with all information you need on smart tint film installation.

The technology behind the switchable film

The smart tint is manufactured from the material called polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) that consists of thousands of tiny crystal droplets. Without the electrical charge, they are dispersed across the film, making the surface look opaque, with it — form regimented patterns along parallel axes, making the glass surface totally transparent. That’s why this film is called dimmable… and, yes, smart.

The “state” of the PDLC film is being controlled by a special remote control, through WiFi or with the help of an app on your phone. Need to turn a regular surface into a smart glass? Install the switchable film!

Properties of a smart window tint

Smart Tint is available in two installations types: self adhesive (have a peel and stick surface) and non-adhesive. Both of them meet robust customers’ demand, offering one of the most convenient solutions on the market. This little technology is a true extension of the whole smart home idea. Smart films:

  • Blocks 98% of UV harmful rays
  • Increases the level of privacy (that can be controlled)
  • The energy used per inch is 0.8 – 0.29 Watts
  • Temperature tolerances between -13 F and 186 F
  • Is a green product that doesn’t harm the environment
  • Can be both self adhesive or non-adhesive
  • Can contour the complex curves of different types of glass, taking almost any shape
  • Protects the property from heat, glare, and radiation
  • Helps to save energy consumption (AC power) and, therefore, to reduce the bills
  • Can be integrated with touchscreen computers and walls
  • Can become a projection film when dimmed
  • Can be controlled with a remote, by WiFi, or with the help of an app
  • Comes in seven colors: white, black, red, grey, blue, green, and yellow

Where to install the smart film

Basically, anywhere. The benefits of smart glass are immense and can turn any of the existing windows into a technological marvel. So, the choice is yours — smart windows will only make the space better and energy efficient!

A lot of our customers install the smart film in their modern properties with large open windows and glass fronts to let more sunshine in — and to let less privacy out. These rooms could also get a little hot during the summer, and this can be controlled just with a switch of a button. A smart tint project has become a real trend in both residential and commercial sectors and we at Tinting Chicago get more and more orders for its installation.

Besides the housing, the smart film can be a real lifesaver for corporate offices or any large public places that can change their configuration just with one click on the smart phone. So far, we have been installing smart tint into a variety of properties:

  • Residential properties with large windows
  • Outdoor residential and commercial buildings (gazebos, patios, shop windows and walls, etc.)
  • Spaces with the need to control the natural light transmission
  • Properties where the modern technology “Smart home” has been used
  • Large office spaces and conference halls
  • Offices with the need of smart spacing possibilities
  • Properties with the need of the projection film walls
  • Any properties with the need of maximum efficiency

Are smart films better than smart windows?

In a way, they are — because they are much cheaper, easier to install and to remove. Electric window tint can be added to any of the existing windows without the need to install special smart glass. But if you are aiming for a relevantly small project, for example, a bath remodel, getting smart windows would be reasonable. In many other cases, laminated glass is a more convenient and cost-effective solution.

How to install the smart tint

The smart film has to be only installed by professionals. Most of them carry a wire which connects the windows to the transformer, therefore, the application requires knowledge of electric systems.  Both self adhesive and non-adhesive smart films have to be installed without wrinkles, bubbles, or folds, which can be done only with the use of special equipment. And don’t forget that it has to be energy efficient, too! If applied improperly, it can be dangerous to use. Tinting professionals have an install kit which makes their job much, much easier. Smart tints have to be removed by the professionals too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is smart tint real?

Absolutely! The modern technology of smart tint is patented and is currently produced by a few manufacturers. If you live or work in the Chicago, IL area, you can give us a call at 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493 and book your session to turn glass surfaces into smart windows.

Is smart tint expensive?

Smart film is priced from $30-45 per square foot. But the final cost and the job pricing will totally depend on the material sizes that need to be used, the construction required and, of course, the area to be covered. These factors make a difference in the quote: don't hesitate to give us a call and get yours!

How long does smart tint last?

If it has been properly installed by the professionals, it will last you for about 15 to 20 years. This is the average guarantee that smart tint manufacturers provide.


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