Invisible Paint Protection Film

If you want to prevent your car’s surfaces from scratches and minor damages as well as provide a brand new look to it, use invisible paint protection films. Even now, some car manufacturers have started to install clear films as a basic feature to some of their models due to their natural durability and longevity. The clear invisible paint protection service has become quite popular among Chicago drivers for many reasons. The main argument is that the film shields the surfaces from most road challenges, such as dirt, sand, salt, insect acids, and road pebbles.

Unfortunately, paint technologies have not yet developed well enough to stand against the majority of road challenges. That’s why an average paintjob is quickly damaged by destructive factors. As a result, your car loses its natural appeal as well as its value. Additionally, paint repair jobs are quite expensive as well as long lasting, which is neither budget-efficient nor convenient. In the end, repainting your car is not a solution. As soon as you leave the paint workshop, the whole story starts over. There’s no final resolution in repainting.

The innovative technologies offering invisible protection films may be the answer to this challenge. By adding them to your vehicle’s surfaces, you get the chance to install a permanent protection on the original paint without the need to replace or renew it with time. Once it is done, the paint is out of the game and the film takes over all the difficulties. From this moment, whatever is covered with the paint protection film has no direct contact with the harmful factors. And this changes the situation dramatically. You don’t have to worry about your paint anymore. It doesn’t matter if it repels most road debris or not, simply because there’s no interaction between them.

We offer the best auto clear invisible paint protection film installation in Chicago, IL. By adding our products to your vehicle, you shield the external areas that are most often exposed to road damages. Those are mainly the hood, bumpers, side doors, handles, side mirrors, and fenders.

Invisible Auto Bra Paint Protection Film

Most of our clients tend to use this type of protection film due to its invisibility. It may seem strange, but not many people would like to change their vehicle’s appearance. And this can be understood. Not many of us would buy a car we don’t like. You definitely won’t buy an orange convertible coupe if you’re a fan of conventional station wagons in reserved colors. So if you’ve got your car style and fashion, you’d probably like to stick to it. In this respect, the invisible paint protection film is a perfect choice. You won’t destroy your vehicle’s appearance by applying something which can’t simply be seen. Your car’s appearance stays the same while its surfaces are safely protected. As opposed to other types of protection, bug guards let’s say, the film installation requires no intrusion into your vehicle’s surface. You don’t need to drill additional holes or make other physical adjustments to fasten this type of protection. The whole job is done by self-adhesives which are absolutely friendly to your surfaces.

In addition, the price for most mechanical protections is comparatively high while the effect they provide is rather low. The auto clear invisible paint protection film installation offers one of the fastest and cheapest ways to provide a full area transparent protection to your vehicle. In the end, whenever you decide to take the clear film down or replace it with another one, there are no limitations. All you need to do is to visit our clear invisible paint protection film installation service in Chicago, IL.

Stone Chip Coverage Areas

Every car is exposed to challenging factors on the road. As a rule, the front parts, such as the hood, side mirrors, the front bumper and the fenders are the first to be exposed. These are the most vulnerable areas which should be treated first of all. This is the initial step to a successful protection of any vehicle. Our experience shows that front protection kits are the most wanted among Chicago drivers. Besides, the front parts of a car are the most visible parts, which may be quite important while reselling your vehicle. And scratches and chips from stones are definitely not the things you’d like to be displaying to the new owner.


Bumpers run the highest risks of damages and distortions due to road debris and small accidents. In fact, they are designed to provide the initial protection to your vehicle’s main body parts. The statistics show that up to 80% of bumper damage is done while parking. Curbs and bollards, as well as other cars, are the main reasons of bumper damage.


The automobile optics, especially the headlights and the anti-fog lighting are constantly exposed to extensive wear. On the other hand, these parts are quite expensive and cannot be treated as frequently replaceable items. For this reason, the usage of the invisible protection films cannot be overestimated. Many of our Chicago clients often use this type of car protection.

Invisible Paint Protection

Get the highest quality and top level performance films from our best clear invisible paint protection film installation, in Chicago, IL. We offer a wide selection of popular brands which can be used for any type of a vehicle. Our experienced teams of trained professionals will help to choose the appropriate clear film kits for your car as well as assist with useful installation tips. We strongly recommend applying the film to your hood, side mirrors, front and rear bumper and fenders. These surfaces, as a rule, are the most vulnerable to harmful impacts.

We stand behind our products offering an impressive warranty covering 3 to 7 years of outdoor use. Provided the film has been installed professionally, you receive a reliable, long-lasting protection coating which is able to reject the majority of the road debris. The film is easily installed and repositioned due to the innovative self-adhesive layer and air discharge technology.

We can also offer defender sprays which can protect your vehicle paint for up to a year by means of a liquid spray applied to your car’s surface. It dries to an invisible film once applied to your car’s surface, providing a tight coating resistant to dust, dirt, etc. It can be easily removed if needed. For more details, feel free to contact our clear paint protection installation service in Chicago, IL.

The modern market is abound in a wide variety of films offering auto paint protection and high performance. However, people should be careful while choosing an invisible clear paint protection for cars. Some manufacturers lower the price by reducing the quality. At first sight, you think you’ve found the best offer ever but that may do an ill service to your car later. In the best case scenario, the low-quality clear film will start to turn yellowish in a year or two. However, quite often such films tend to peel off or start bubbling within a short period of time.

We install only the best clear invisible paint protection films from outstanding world manufacturers. It is our commitment to provide top level quality products and brands. We never work with suppliers with a bad or unapproved reputation.

Paint Protection Film Installation

To install the invisible paint protection film you need to follow some basic rules and instructions. If this is your first installation, be sure to contact our Chicago office and get some useful advice before you start. You may also need the help of our professionals, who are always available at your request. Despite the fact that most of the films we offer are DIY, there still may be some important details an inexperienced person may not pay attention to. If you feel uncertain about the installation process, feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. Note: An incorrect installation may result in a voided warranty as well as unwanted installation drawbacks.

The invisible paint protection films we offer are normally supplied with self-adhesive layer technology allowing fast installation. The air discharge system prevents bubble effect and helps to reposition the film on the car’s surface. The adhesives do no harm to your vehicle’s paint even when removed after years of use. Your original color and paint retain their shine and brightness and look brand new.

Before you start installing, provide the appropriate tools and conditions. First of all, you need to secure the area from dust and droughts. No direct sunlight is allowed. These factors may cause a harmful effect by letting small dust particles in-between the films and your car’s surfaces. This should be avoided, otherwise you risk spoiling the whole installation process. Once the area is air-tight, you may start the procedure.

First, check the film package for possible shipping damages. If you notice any visible damage to the product, be sure to inform our Chicago clear invisible paint protection film installation service immediately. Do not start applying the damaged film, otherwise your warranty may be voided.

Prepare the surfaces by washing them with a mild cleaning agent. A water and soap solution is probably the easiest and the most convenient option. Afterward, dry out the surfaces and treat them with a degreasing liquid. Remember to stick to the correct installation temperature. Normally, for a successful application we recommend a temperature ranging from +16C to +32C. However, be sure to check the manual’s instructions as it may vary depending on the type of the film you use.

The average tool kit for installation should contain a heat gun, a razor knife, some duct tape and magnets for temporarily fastening, working gloves, a squeegee, and a measuring tape. Be sure to use the heat gun for extremely curved areas to provide a firm grip.

If you aren’t using a pre-cut kit be sure to adjust and measure the film sheet for every particular surface correctly. Remember to cut a size which is slightly bigger than the actual size of the surface. Use magnets and duct tape to fasten the film to the surface while measuring. Later, when the film is sitting on the surface firmly, use the razor knife to cut off the leftovers.

You can always contact us in Chicago, IL and get more detailed installation guidance in case you need it. For your convenience, we also provide a 24/7 assistance line as well as an installation crew. We’ll do our best to guide you through the entire application process.

Benefits of Invisible Paint Protection Film Installation

  • Your original paint is safely protected from all types of minor road damages.
  • You get a transparent protection layer, which doesn’t change your original color and style.
  • With a professional installation, you run no risk of losing your warranty.
  • A cheap and fast alternative to traditional painting.
  • You secure the high resale value of your car.
  • The surface of your car is not affected by the invisible paint protection film and it can be easily removed within a few hours.

How to Take Care of Your Paint Protection Film

The main tips for maintaining your invisible paint protection film are as follows:

  • Provide constant cleaning.
    Try to wash and wipe it as often as possible. It’s better you clean off even small amounts of dust and dirt with a microfiber rather than just allow them to pile up on the surface.
  • Wash it at least once a week.
    We recommend a hand wash using mild detergents, though most of our films are high-pressure resistant, provided the pressure gun is not used closer than half a meter from the treated surfaces. Avoid automatic car washes which normally deploy bristles and high-pressure water sprinkles.
  • Test any new cleaner you start using.
    While switching to another cleaning agent, be sure to test it on a small part of your car’s surface first. If no film distortions occur, use it for the larger areas.
  • Don’t use air blowers.
    Dry out the surface with a microfiber rather than expose it to powerful air blowers.
  • Remove active substances as quick as possible.
    Do not let oil stains or other active agents stay long on your surfaces.

The removal is done by using a heat gun and pulling the film off at approx. 90° angle. Before removal, be sure to provide a full heating of the surface. Peel it off slowly while continuously warming the coating at the peel point.

Abrasion Resistant and Chemical Resistant Coatings

Abrasion and chemical resistant coatings are generally used in industries where protection against slips, scratches or mars is required. They add protection to metal surfaces and act as a barrier disallowing direct contact between different metals and chemicals. The automotive production has never been an exception. Abrasion resistant films provide a perfect protection for a car’s surfaces against corrosion, chemicals, and other physical damages.

The ability of the adhesive to stand against wear due to contacts between surfaces is normally called abrasion. It happens when surfaces, no matter rough or smooth, keep sliding across each other causing the weakening of the surfaces’ structures resulting in malfunctions. As a rule, we differentiate between three main types of surface abrasion processes: wear, scuffing, and fatigue. The adhesive protection films work as a barrier between contacting surfaces reducing the ruining friction effect. It has been designed to provide an extended life to metal details and to prevent unnecessary downtimes and expensive repair costs.

The films we offer feature original weather-resistant non-stick coatings for steel surfaces of your car. The materials they are made of meet all the necessary health and environmental standards. Contact us at Chicago clear invisible paint protection film installation and we will be glad to help you with choosing the film matching your project requirements.

Many business transports deal with chemically active substances every day. Some of the chemical combinations can potentially ruin your vehicle’s surfaces, especially painted ones, which will lead to expensive repair jobs. In addition, they raise the risk of corrosion and metal distortions – other quite expensive damaging factors. All of them can be avoided by treating your surfaces with abrasion and chemical repellent films. Generally, most of the films we offer provide chemical, corrosion, and abrasion protection. In addition, some of them offer a lubricating effect and excessive durability.

Why Choose Chicago Auto Clear Invisible Paint Protection Film Installation

We are experts in providing top quality durable protection films for your vehicle’s surfaces. The products we have offer a permanent and reliable shield against most frontal rock attacks, insect acids, bird droppings, surface abrasions, and weather conditions. The protection can be done to virtually any detail of your car, including its interiors.

The technologies we offer are the most progressive and innovative in the modern industry. This means you will get a perfect chance to increase your vehicle’s value with the utmost protection without interfering with the aerodynamics and the appearance of your car. The films are absolutely invisible and require little treatment. They are easily washed and maintained.

Think twice before you start driving your brand new car. No matter what vehicle you have we can protect its painted surfaces so you won’t need to repaint them later. We offer experienced workers who have already performed hundreds of custom applications. Call us now and get a free quote for your invisible paint protection film!

We offer rolls of various sizes and thicknesses for your convenience. Our managers will help you to calculate the amount of the film you need so you don’t have to pay for excessive leftovers. Additionally, we provide pre-cut skins for a wide range of car models. The films eliminate paint damages done by stones. Their adhesives do not harm your original paint which means you can always be sure of your vehicle’s resale value. Due to its natural flexibility, the film can be applied to any curved surface of your car. It can be waxed and polished if needed, which makes the maintenance easy and comfortable.

The manufacturers we offer back up their products with impressive warranty. Normally, those range from 3 to 10 years of outdoor use. Such longevity makes the invisible paint protection films the perfect alternative to repainting jobs. In addition, the film, as well as its application, is much faster and considerably cheaper than traditional painting.

Many of our Chicago clients prefer clear film paint protection to painting for environmental reasons too. While average paint contains toxic elements, the clear film is absolutely green and does no harm to the environment. This is an important factor in the age of green and resource-efficient technologies.

We offer the perfect chance for you to protect your investment as well as reduce your maintenance costs. We strongly recommend clear invisible paint protection film installation for most drivers. Unless your car is sitting in the garage 24/7, it is constantly exposed to a series of wear factors. Every time you drive to your work, park near a supermarket, or simply have a weekend picnic trip, you always run the risk of getting a new scratch or a paint chip caused by multiple factors.

The films we offer provide protection against chemical and solar impacts too. Oil stains and asphalt particles are serious problems to a painted surface. As a rule, they result in paint layer distortion and provoke metal corrosion. On the other hand, the harmful sun radiation constantly adds to your color fading. An untreated car may start showing considerable wear even after just 3-5 years of use. While most of your car’s electronic and mechanic systems run absolutely impeccably, its surface may already be quite shabby.

Don’t wait till it’s too late! Prevent your car from ageing and fading right after you’ve purchased it. Our experience shows that drivers who treat their car’s surfaces at the early stages of their car’s use tend to preserve their resale values at the highest rates. In addition, they spent less time and money for regular repair jobs as well as retain the appealing look of their vehicles.


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