Get Paint Protection Film Installed and Never Worry About Damage Again

Paint protection film (PPF), or clear bra, as it is otherwise known, is a transparent, liner-backed polyurethane film that is applied to the bodywork of vehicles to protect them from damage caused by flying debris and other environmental impacts. PPF is a super stretchy, durable film that can be seamlessly applied to almost any painted surface on a vehicle. It’s designed to be a sacrificial layer that adheres to gloss paints and most factory matte paints. It offers stain resistance as well as UV resistance.

Car paint protection film is typically installed by car owners with new cars, vintage cars, sports cars, or any other form of luxury, high-end car to shield against minor scratches caused by rock chips. By covering the exterior of the car, or just the most vulnerable parts in PPF they are maintaining pristine paintwork while maximizing the resale value of their investment.

Paint protection films can also turn a gloss-finished car into a more unique-looking matte-finished car. Transform the look of your car in the knowledge that you are also installing a layer of superior paint protection. Give us a call today at 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493 to make your installation appointment!

What does PPF protect against?

  • Rock chips
  • Swirl marks
  • Light scratches
  • Bird droppings
  • Acid rain
  • Stains
  • UV exposure
  • Bug splatter
  • Tree sap

Protective benefits of clear bra

  • Protects paintwork from flying debris, such as stone chips
  • Shields from environmental damage
  • Can change the look of your vehicle from a gloss finish to a matte finish
  • Maximizes resale value
  • No maintenance
  • No damage to the paintwork when removed

How much does PPF cost?

The cost of a clear bra is dependent on the following variable factors:

  • Brand of PPF used
  • Whether you cover the whole vehicle, only the front end, or just selected parts
  • Intricacy of installation
  • Skill of installers

How long does PPF installation take?

If you are looking to just cover a few selected parts of a vehicle, such as the front bumper, the side mirrors, the hood, or the rocker panels, PPF installation can just take a couple of hours. If you are looking to cover your entire vehicle in a clear bra, it usually takes 1-2 days.

Where to install clear paint protection film on your vehicle?

If you are looking to keep the paintwork on your new car in pristine condition, then it makes sense to apply PPF to the whole car. If on the other hand, you are on a restricted budget you may well decide to just cover certain vulnerable parts of the car. Here are your options:

  • Whole car (all exposed exterior paintwork)
  • Full front (hood + front bumper + fenders + side view mirrors)
  • High impact area (full front + rocker panels + door edges +wheel arches)
  • Selected individual parts (any vulnerable part of the car)

PPF for gloss and matte finishes

Clear bra material can be applied to either a matte or a gloss paint car to maintain the look of either painted finish. However clear bra also has the added advantage of enabling you to change the paint finish on your vehicle and create a whole new look. If you have a gloss car but prefer a matte look, apply a matte finish clear bra and get the sleek paint finish you have always wanted!

Best brands of clear bra

Through the years at Tinting Chicago, we have tested all of the leading PPF brands and concluded that 3M and XPEL are the highest-quality brands offering the best value for money. Paint protection films do varying in quality and durability. It might cost more in the short term to opt for a quality, recognized brand but it’s certain to save you money in the long run.

How long do paint protection films last?

Paint protection films are the longest-lasting form of paint protection on the market. The best quality brands of PPF last for up to 7 years and offer warranties of up to 10 years.

‘Self-healing’ properties explained

The best brands of PPF contain ‘self-healing’ technology which means that scratch marks and other light PPF damage can self-heal through the application of heat. If you sustain a mark or scratch to the top layer of your film, take one of the two following actions to fully repair the film in the affected area:

  • Pour hot water over the film
  • Apply heat from a heat gun

How to install a clear bra

A clear bra is best applied by professional installers who have hours of training and experience to seamlessly apply PPF onto a vehicle’s paint. Protection film needs to be applied in a dust-free, light-filled workshop and preferably by a team of installers. If any dust, grit, or dirt gets lodged between the painted surfaces of the vehicle and the clear bra, the film won’t adhere as well as it should. This could result eventually in the clear coat lifting or peeling and effectively void any warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you apply a ceramic coating over the top of the clear bra?

Yes, it's not a problem to apply a ceramic coating to your clear bra to give it hydrophobic qualities. While PPF protects car paint from damage, a ceramic coating repels water and makes it faster and easier to wash. A ceramic coating will not damage the clear bra in any way.

Will PPF damage the paintwork on my vehicle once it's removed?

No, PPF won't damage your paintwork at all when it's removed it will have protected the paintwork beneath it helping your vehicle maintain its resale value. For the best results, it's best to leave the removal of the clear bra to professionals.

Does PPF turn yellow in the sun?

PPF does not turn yellow in the sun because it contains technology that helps it repel the sun's UV rays. Good quality PPF brands offer 10-year warranties for their films that cover peeling, cracking, and yellowing.


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