Get Invisible Protection for your Home with Clear Window Film

During the hotter months, we have to avoid the heavily lit areas of our dwellings or cover the windows with curtains. They protect you from ultraviolet rays and heat but hide natural light. And if people are ready to put up with this, then houseplants are not. The main advantage of clear window film — it provides UV protection, reduces heat, and doesn’t darken interiors. Keep reading to learn more about this type of window film and call Tinting Chicago for the fast and cost-effective installation with a solid warranty.

5 reasons to install clear home window film

Protection of your house interior from fading

Wallpaper, carpets, furniture, and fabrics fade due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation. In addition, excessive heat and ultraviolet radiation can spoil musical instruments and paintings. Clear window film with UV protection prolongs the life of the interior details and doesn’t block visible light.

Protection of people from ultraviolet radiation

Everyone knows that the sun not only brings joy and vitamin D but can also cause skin diseases, even cancer. Clear sun control window film will make your home more safe for your family protecting space from harmful UV rays.

Safety during damaging of the window

The film protects the glass from scratches, and if the glass window is broken, the film holds the pieces together – we must admit, this is much better than the fragments of glass flying around the house.

Energy efficiency and lower energy bills

Clear window film can provide heat control during the summer. You can reduce the energy costs of the air conditioner by protecting your windows with clear films with UV stabilizers.

Affordable price

Safety doesn’t always mean high costs for the homeowners. Prices on clear residential window film in Tinting Chicago start from $5 for the sq. f. This kind of home improvement you can afford!

Cons of the clear window film

The only disadvantages of clear window films are it won’t provide daytime privacy inside the house. If you are interested in both options, it is better to think about privacy window film or decorative window film, which makes it impossible for strangers to look inside your house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does clear UV blocking film work?

Yes. A clear window film protects the interior from UV rays and heat while allowing natural light to pass through. In addition, they protect the glass from scratches, and in case of severe damage, hold the fragment together, saving people from flying glass.

Can plants get light through clear window film?

Indeed, plants need ultraviolet light, but most houseplants consume a moderate amount of it, which comes through the films. And definitely, clear window film is much better for plants than curtains.

Who installs clear window tint?

It is better to trust this work to professional service as Tinting Chicago. Quality installation of clear window film requires special equipment which allows it to do the perfect job without bubbles, wrinkles, and dust. The quality of the window film installation is very important — this guarantees the film’s long lifetime.
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