Clear Window Tinting in Chicago: Get the Invisible Protection

Clear window tint — one of the most commonly used car window tinting services. It doesn’t darken car interiors, but provides effective UV-blockage, as well as protection from scratches and other damages. From this article you will find everything that you need to know about clear window tint and choose the right options for you here in Chicago.

4 reasons to install clear window tint

   1. Protection of your health

Clear window tint protects the driver and the passengers from harmful ultraviolet rays and infrared radiation. UV-rays can cause skin cancer, and if you spend a lot of time in the car and drive kids, the auto tint — is the first thing you have to think about.

   2. Extra safety for the ride

You never know what exactly can happen on the road: even if you drive very carefully, a small road chip can cause your window to crash. Better to add a layer of extra safety to your ride and get clear window tint installed. Not only does it protect you and your passengers from the sun rays, but also gives window glass the extra strength. 

And for even more protection, install a windshield tint strip and be free from glare and the direct sun. 

   3. Extended lifespan of the upholstery

Over time the damaging UV rays and the heat can damage your car upholstery — colors fade, and the expensive materials such as leather and wood deteriorate. Window tinting helps to prevent this degradation. Moreover, expensive equipment inside a car doesn’t appreciate being baked in the sun. Tinting your windows also helps to prevent electronic devices from overheating, extending their lifespan too.

   4. Perfect condition of the windows

The clear window tint protects windows of your car from scratches, road chips, wear, exposure to UV-rays, chemicals on the road etc. And the good thing is that you can install or take it off any time you want. By installing this high tech transparent film to your car windows, you are basically buying yourself insurance from damage, but for much, much cheaper.

Ceramic clear window tint

Ceramic window tint is the best type of clear window film made from a special material that contains nano-ceramic particles. 

The main advantage of this material is that it is better at UV blocking. They can block up to 99% of UV radiation! Also, these tiny particles make automotive window film incredibly durable. At the same time, this type of window tint film provides full visible light transmission and doesn’t affect visibility.

These automotive window tints are more expensive than regular dyed films. They are super durable, strong, and don’t fade or get yellow with time. Our team has tested a lot of different films and has chosen only the best ones from top manufacturers, so we strongly recommend using this type of tint for cars. And both we and the manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty for this work.

Why does clear window tint have to be installed professionally?

Quality installation of car window tint requires special equipment which allows it to do the perfect job without bubbles, wrinkles, and dust. The quality of the application is important — this guarantees the film’s long lifespan.

Tinting Chicago offers a variety of choices for window tinting — high-quality films from the industry leaders. Come to our service for a free estimate and very fast professional installation, which will take only 1,5 hours.

Cons of the clear window tint

The only disadvantages of clear window tinting are it won’t do much to block heat or create a private atmosphere inside the vehicle. If you are interested in both options, it is better to think about darker heat control window film, such as carbon — the top automotive window film used for heat rejection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is clear window tinting legal?

Yes, clear window tinting is legal — states’ legal regulations mostly control the installation of dark or very dark films that can compromise the visibility to and from the car interior.

How long does it take to tint windows?

At Tinting Chicago installation of clear window tint takes about 1,5-2 hrs.

What is the cost of tinting windows with clear window film?

The starting price to tint a full car with 70-90% VLT at Tinting Chicago is $369 (excluding the windshield). Get the free estimation at 3621 N Harlem Ave and 2720 W Grand Ave or at 1402 N Rand Rd in Palatine, IL. Our phone numbers are 773-455-0467 and 312-212-0493, feel free to ask any questions.

Where can I install clear window film?

Find a good shop near you! For example, here at Tinting Chicago we have more than 8 years of window tinting experience and work only with the top clear window tint manufacturers. We guarantee professional window tint installation and provide a lifetime warranty for this service.

To learn more about the assortment of films and colors available, feel free to contact our support team, and choose the best options for affordable prices. Upgrade your car at Tinting Chicago!


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