Clear Window Tint Installation

Many people are surprised to find out that car tint doesn’t have to be dark. In fact, it can be completely invisible and still grant you a high level of protection from UV radiation. Clear window tint is produced by the most renowned manufacturers on the market, so you can be perfectly sure in its quality.

Experienced certified technicians who work in our shop are authorized to install various kinds of film. Therefore, employing their services will ensure that you get the warranty offered by the manufacturer as well as our service warranty. Don’t forget that premium-grade auto tints can get the manufacturer’s warranty only when they are installed by a certified professional.

Why Do I Need Clear Window Tint?

There are a great number of reasons for you to get your car tinted, especially with this particular kind of film. Each of them is important, but the most notable are:

  • It provides the best light transmission (LT).
    Premium-quality clear car tint has about 72-80 LT rating. Therefore, it’s perfect for those who don’t like the insides of their car to be dark or the colors changed due to color films. This particular feature ensures the best visibility during the evening hours and night.
  • It doesn’t affect the look of your car.
    If you choose a non-reflective film, your car will look the same with tinting as it did without it. If you think that your precious vehicle is perfect exactly as it is, this is the perfect UV protection for you.
  • It blocks heat and UV radiation.
    This is always the main reason for tinting as UV rays are dangerous for your health, and heat makes driving extremely uncomfortable. If you have a high-quality clear film installed, even being stuck in a traffic jam on a summer afternoon won’t feel as hot.
  • It increases the security of the vehicle.
    Even if you don’t install a specialized fortified film, breaking a tinted window will be more difficult, so you will gain some measure of security.
  • It protects your upholstery from fading.
    Sunlight is merciless to the upholstery. Tinting will ensure your car is protected from it.


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