Carbon Fiber Hood Wrap Installation To Make Your Ride Stand Out

A carbon fiber hood wrap is a textured film or sticker that imitates the look of real carbon fiber. Some drivers prefer the real thing in order to reduce the weight of their car. While the carbon fiber wrap doesn’t reduce the weight of the vehicle, it looks just as good as the real thing and offers many advantages. The material may also be used to create a race car-themed look.

What is carbon fiber wrap used for?

Aside from looking great, vinyl wrap is also a great way to protect the hood of your car. It provides a great surface area for creating a unique and appealing design. Another reason why people in Chicago prefer to wrap their hoods in vinyl is that it makes a great addition to their vehicle. This is because it’s wide enough to allow for a variety of designs and textures. It can accommodate a variety of decals, and it is the ideal place to apply vinyl. Also, it is very visible to everyone and protects the original paint.

Modify the look of your car

Carbon fiber vinyl can be easily removed and changed. This means there is more room available if someone has become tired of the look of the wrap or even worse — the carbon fiber look has gone out of style. With a vinyl wrap, you can easily go from carbon fiber to matte black to chrome to tiger printing to whatever you can imagine. If you wish to give your car the look and feel of carbon fiber, visit Tinting Chicago today. Our carbon fiber wrap will give your ride the sleek, athletic appearance you desire. Come visit us at 3621 N Harlem Ave and 2720 W Grand Ave, or call us at 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493.

Benefits of Wrapping Your Vehicle’s Hood

Car wraps are a common way to make a car look good or protect the paint from minor imperfections. Once applied, the wrap can also be easily removed without damaging the paint. Wraps also make an awesome choice if you want visual interest instead of text or a solid color. You can even use car wraps for advertising your company/services. To sum things up, the benefits for a hood car wrap are:

  • Add sportiness and visual impact to your vehicle
  • Create a unique style and can also use it for advertising
  • Protect your hood from scratches and rock chips
  • Maintain a good resale price for the car
  • Easy to apply and to remove at any time

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of professional hood wrapping?

It costs up to 300 dollars for a carbon fiber hood wrap ($250 for a sedan or coupe and $280 for an SUV, wagon, or pickup). The cost of installing hood wraps includes the labor as well as the materials. The base cost can increase if you select special designs, icons, and photographs for your vehicle hood.

How much does carbon fiber vinyl wrap last for?

One solid vinyl color will last between 7 and 12 years, whereas the printed wrap will last for about 5-7 years in some cases. You may also want to consider removing and replacing the wrap sooner as it doesn't stay perfectly applied throughout its entire lifespan.

Is Carbon Fiber Wrap Real Carbon Fiber?

No, it's not. The wrap is just a textured film or a sticker added on top of the original paint in order to simulate real carbon fiber parts. Changing the entire hood to true carbon fiber would be a more difficult and more expensive process than wrapping.


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