Here at Tinting Chicago we’ve been testing different window films for more than 12 years and now know exactly what to recommend to you. Read more to know expert’s choice of the best window films brands and call us for a free on-site estimate!

Top 3 residential window film brands

Right now they are the only ones that we work with — and we give solid guarantees for installation and quality. Here are top-3 film manufacturers recommended by Tinting Chicago experts: SunTek, 3M and SOLYX.


SunTek is the most popular brand among Tinting Chicago clients. It belongs to Eastman Performance Films, LLC, one of the leading manufacturers of glued films.

We recommend SunTek as a perfect correlation between price and quality. 90% of our customers choose this brand for their houses.

SunTek offers a full range of innovative solar, security, and specialty film solutions to improve windows characteristics.

  • Solar products are modern, high-quality films for climate control, they protect from solar heat, bright natural light, and harmful UV rays. This type of window tint also helps to reduce harsh glare and hot spots, create a nice comfy atmosphere, and increases energy efficiency. It can be reflective, dual-reflective, sputtered, or neutral.
  • Security window films help to reinforce the glass to resist burglaries and increase accidents. There are also anti-graffiti films that serve as protection from unwanted art on your windows.
  • Specialty films are made for decoration, and also help to create a cozy private atmosphere. These films can be white matte, blackout, white-out, and crystal. Choose one of the decorative window films and your house will appear with a unique, stylish look — both indoors and outdoors.

You can choose the percentage of VLT (visual light transmission): from VLT 35%, which is the minimal level of privacy when the shapes of the objects could still be seen, to 15% — the medium level, or even 5%, which will make you almost invisible from the outside.


Classic American brand of tinting with a respectable reputation. One of the most expensive we are working with. The 3M company is actually considered as the inventor of the glue film and it produced literally any kind of existing film including automotive, residential and commercial building tinting.

All of the 3M window films were tested in different weather conditions even in extreme ones. You can watch an amazing video to know how the company is working on the durability of high-performance window films.

3M™ Window Film — Window Film Weather Testing

To learn how to work with these films, Chicago Tinting installers went to a professional school and got the certificates from 3M. So if you are choosing the 3M brand for your house and looking for the best window tinting near you, call Tinting Chicago, we have all the needed knowledge and experience for the film’s installation.


SOLYX is a subsidiary brand of 3M company. The price for its products is cheaper than 3M, that is why this brand is also popular among homeowners. The brand manufactures mostly decorative film. These films are designed with a variety of transparencies and visible light transmissions providing different degrees of privacy.

Moreover, the brand has a wide range of colors, shades, patterns, and effects you can choose for your house to turn it into an art space. There are few categories of window tinting:

All the SOLYX home window films are high-quality products and have a guarantee for long time use. Get the free estimation right now and we can start changing your house shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which of the window film brands are the best?

The Tinting Chicago experts' choice is SunTek, 3M, and SOLYX window film brands.

How long does tinting by the best window film brands last?

Recommended by Tinting Chicago brands (SunTek, 3M, and SOLYX ) provide a lifetime warranty for most residential window films. These films are super durable, UV, temperature resistant. Decorative films would have a 5-7-10-year warranty depending on the type, but still, be very strong and long-lasting. That is why we choose to work with these window film brands.

How much home window tinting is?

At Tinting Chicago the average price for the regular kinds of window tint is $6-7 per sq. ft. For UV protection and heat rejection films — $8 / 1 sq. ft, for security types — $9 per sq. ft. The most expensive brand we offer is 3M, SOLYX is cheaper. The most cost-effective brand is SunTek, that is why 90% of our clients choose it.

The final price depends on the shape and size of the windows, but you can get a free estimate right now, just give us a call. Our phone numbers are 773-455-0467 and 312-212-0493, feel free to ask any questions.


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