Frosted Window Film

Frosted window films have recently become quite a popular interior and exterior design solution. This thin material provides privacy and stops vision whilst letting enough natural light to pass through. It is also widely used to shield an unsightly view and create a more comfortable atmosphere inside the building. However, a low level of vision is still possible through the patterned parts of the film, which can be an advantage as well.

As a rule, most of the frosted window films we offer for Chicago customers come with adhesive on their back which makes them quite comfortable for DIY home installation, provided you follow the instructions. It means you do not have to use any adhesives yourself. Besides, the films are easily reused leaving no trace on your window. This is a good thing when you need temporary privacy. Another advantage is that these films are water-proof and can be used in bathrooms. Finally, like the rest of the window films, frosted window films offer protection from solar radiation, prevents indoor furniture fading, and filters out UV rays.

Besides being practical, the frosted glass window films are pretty handy when you want to make changes to your interior design. Strange as it may seem, but applying patterned films may affect the style of your room dramatically whilst the influence on your budget will stay relatively minimal. The decorative effect is reached due to a wide variety of patterns and colors available at the modern market. An installation of frosted glass window film is definitely a quick and affordable way to add a more authentic look to your home or office.

The material used for frosted window film manufacturing suits both internal and external use. This broadens the fields of application. Chicago IL business owners use the frosted window films to enhance the advertisements applied to their shop windows on the outside, and to attract more customers. Others use its privacy features when some parts of the shop need to be obscured from passers-by whilst still allowing enough light get inside.

The installation of frosted glass window film demands minimum tools. A plastic squeeze, a utility knife, and some water – that’s all you need. First you cut a piece which should be at least half an inch bigger in size than the window pane area. Afterwards, you remove the dirt from the window and spray it with clear water. This will help to position the film. Then you take off the backing from the film and attach it to the window surface. After you have pushed away all the bubbles with the plastic squeeze, you cut the edges of the film along the window frame. Be sure the film is sitting firmly on the glass before you do the cutting.

These are the basic steps which may slightly differ depending on the type of the window film used. That’s why reading the manufacturer’s instructions is vital. Remember, an incorrect installation is normally considered to be a non-warranty case. So, if you feel you cannot cope with the installation task, you always have the opportunity to contact our Chicago IL assistance line and get all the necessary instructions from our trained professionals.


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