Limousine Window Tinting — What Happens in Limo, Stays in Limo

Have you ever seen a limousine without tinted glass? We do not think so. This is the only type of vehicle for which window tint — it is a “should be” sort of thing. Usually installing a limousine window film is not cheap at all. After all, this vehicle must look perfect. But can you get a limousine tint and save money? We think so!

Create the perfect atmosphere for the special occasions

It is clear that in the case of a limousine, the darker the tint, the better. The task of tinting is to ensure invisibility for every single passenger of the car, creating a cozy, private atmosphere inside.

In addition, the film should protect the Limo salon from the sunlight, this is important both for passengers and for an expensive interior, which fades and deteriorates from UV rays.

Usually limous come out from the plant with tinting windows, but if it was spoiled for some reason, we can fix it. It is a custom job, but in Tinting Chicago you can get the limousine window tinting as soon as possible. The time and money you will spend in the service depends on the model of the limo, usually it costs $70-100 for the side window.

Limo — the only vehicle with a legal black out

There are special categories of the tint for the limousine, which are allowed to be used for tinting extremely dark window tint with 5% visible light transmission (VLT) for the rear windows and back window. It is called “Limo tint”.

This film blocks out 95% of light and keeps the passengers of the car invisible from outside. Of course, it is not concerned with the driver cabin: the front and side windows including the front passenger window must be tint not much more than a casual car so the drivers of limo have to have normal visibility according to the laws.

2 main tips to make the best window tint for a limousine

  1. The main advice: do not choose cheap automotive window tint for the limousine — you will not be able to save money if you have to change it after a year, — the film with poor quality will not last long. In addition, it will look much worse than a high-quality one.
  2. Tip number two — trust the installation of limousine window films only to professionals. Why?

At professional shops such as Tinting Chicago the computer-cut technology is used. It helps to ideally fit the installing film to the model of your vehicle.

We thoroughly clean and degrease glass before installation, which is almost impossible to do at home. While tinting, we use a special air-releasing equipment, which allows the film to be stuck without bubbles or wrinkles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage of tint is Limousine Window Tinting?

According to tint laws, the rear side back windows or back window can be dark up to 5% of light transmission.

Front windshield should provide visibility to the driver, so it is forbidden to use a darker tint for it (the tint laws are different in each state, but the rules for the windshield window are common).

Which brands of films are recommended for the limousine window tinting?

For the limousine window tinting we recommend films by top brands Rayno and 3M. These tints look amazing, are long lasting, provide windows protection and have solid warranties.

These kinds of films also protect passengers and the interior from the heat, radiation and sun. Both brands have a wide line of tint: you can choose the perfect shade for your limo. Feel free to contact us — our customer support team is happy to provide a free consultation on window tinting.

Where can I get the best Limousine Window Tinting in Chicago?

Try the tinting shops near your location. And if you are somewhere close to 3621 N Harlem Ave and 2720 W Grand Ave in Chicago, IL or to 1402 N Rand Rd in Palatine, IL, pop in for a free estimate. Tinting Chicago offers high quality limousine tint installation. You can also always give us a call 773-455-0467 and 312-212-0493 if you have any questions.


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