Camouflage Vinyl Wrap — The Fanciest Finish For Your Vehicle!

The only really cool thing the war brought to our world is… camouflage. And it looks amazing on cars! Here at Tinting Chicago we have a choice of different options of camo car wrapping, made of high quality vinyl wrap. Our wraps have a life warranty and we provide solid guarantees on all of our services.

Without irritating air bubbles for a reasonable price.

So, what is so special about car vinyl wrap camouflage?

Modern camo effect works in an absolutely different way from its original mission. Initially, it served the troops in the ambush, helping them to be invisible by merging with the surrounding environments. But nowadays the camouflage vinyl wrap brings quite the opposite effect: vividly and tastefully colorized cars attract attention and stand out from the crowd. By the way, any vehicle can be wrapped in camo: a car, an ATV, a scooter or a motorcycle.

Here at Tinting Chicago we have a wide variety of camo patterns and colors to help you create an authentic style and get a great (bubble free!) professional finish to your vehicle. Using camo vinyl wraps is one of the best ways not only of personalizing your car, but adding extra protection to it.

It makes total sense that some of our customers, aiming for camouflage patterned vinyl car wraps, would eventually want to take them down. And it’s not a problem — we can also unwrap your vehicle without damaging the original paint. 

Camouflage vinyl wrap film: top 3 favorite patterns of our clients

  1. Classic military green+brown+beige
  2. Vivid blue-black
  3. Snow camo black+white+gray

Besides these all-time favorites we offer other camo style  patterns with  matte or other finishes:

  • Arctic snow camo; 
  • Desert camouflage; 
  • Digital camouflage; 
  • Mossy oak.

6 advantages of camo vinyl film

  1. Easy and affordable way to personalise your vehicle; 
  2. Possibility to change the style whenever you want. We can wrap your car in snow camouflage vinyl in winter and change it to woodland camouflage in summer;
  3. Self adhesive vinyl wrap can be easily taken down whenever needed, without the damage of the original paint;
  4. Camouflage patterned vinyl car wraps can be  also used in decorating your car’s interior: dashboard, handles, etc.; 
  5. Usage of camo vinyl wraps — is one of the best ways to protect your vehicle.  Vinyl film gives its surface extra durability and provides strong UV protection: it won’t fade in 5 years, that is our warranty;
  6. Professional service of Tinting Chicago guarantees high quality of works with camouflage vinyl wrap: smooth finish, lack of bubbles, coverage of existing defects etc.

Camo vinyl wrap VS camo paint

Car Vinyl Wrap Camouflage Camo painting
Ability to remove Removable Permanent, but can be repainted
Protection High level of durability, provides secure and safe protection against rocks, dirt, scratches and oils  Does not resist damages
Pricing for the whole car (usd) High quality vinyl film car wrapping costs about $2,500-$5,000 High quality paint is from $1,000 to $5,000
Special treatment Needs careful cleaning. Avoid automatic car washes Needs cleaning and waxing. Avoid automatic car washes
Lifetime Up to 10 years Up to 10 years or more with gentle washing and waxing
Matte effect Yes Yes
Installment time

(the whole vehicle)

2 days Needs a few layers of paint, so it can take up to 7-15 days
UV protection Yes, 2 years manufacturer warranty for fading  No
Customisation A wide choice of colors and effects, e. g. digital camo or mossy oak, which are hard to replicate by conventional paints Limited range of colors and effects in comparison to vehicle wrap

How to take care of camo vehicle wrap

  • Try to keep the camo wrapping film as clean as  you can.
    It is better to take down even small amounts of dust and dirt with a microfiber sponge;
  • No matter how colorful your car wrap is, it is better to wash it at least once a week.
    We recommend a hand wash using mild detergents. Be sure to remove the water with a microfiber and a squeegee;
  • Test any new cleaner in advance.
    When you shift to another cleaning agent, be sure to test it on a tiny part of the wrap. If it shows no signs of damage, go on with washing;
  • It is always better to dry out the surface with a microfiber than expose it to powerful air blowers;
  • Remove active substances from the wrap as quickly as possible.
    Do not let oil stains or other active agents stay long on your wrapping;
  • Avoid automatic car washes. Normally, automatic car washes deploy bristles and high pressure water sprinkles, which can be not so good for your wrapping film.

Tinting Chicago only offers the PVC from the world renowned brands and manufacturers: you can be sure you get a top quality camo vinyl wrap with high performance features. We use  air-release technology to avoid air bubbles and do meticulous check-ups to make sure the surface is perfect.

We hope our tips will help you make the right choice of your car styling. If you have any questions, be free to contact our 24/7 customer support service. Or, if you prefer offline communication, you are always welcome to visit our shops in Chicago and meet the team of Tinting Chicago in person. Let’s make the world brighter together!


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