Camouflage Textured Vinyl Car Wraps

It is probably difficult to feel unique driving a conventional car. Lots of people in Chicago, IL may have the same model and color as you. So, unless you’ve got a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, being a head turner is quite challenging. Fortunately, the modern market is abound in a variety of vinyl wraps, offering to make your sedan or SUV look unusual by bringing a radical change to your vehicle’s appearance.

The camouflage textured vinyl car wraps have a wide range of fans. Not many hunters want a bright truck sparkling with carnival lights, while its owners try to trace down their prey. For this reason a camouflage textured vinyl car wrap is exactly what you need for your hunting trips. The easy-to-use materials we offer in Chicago, IL provide you an opportunity to disguise your car using a wide variety of camo patterns, giving a great professional finish to your vehicle.

On the other hand, installing a camouflage vinyl wrap provides an excellent opportunity to customize your car and make it stand out from the crowd. We offer a wide range of camo style patterns including army, arctic snow and desert, blue, green, and other effects. Using camo vinyl wraps is one of the best ways of personalizing your car as well as adding extra protection to it. Among all the possible patterns available for the citizens of Chicago IL, the camouflage textured vinyl car wraps have become quite popular. This type of wrap provides a number of patterns with artificial disguise effects, while the modern technologies used to manufacture the film make it easy to install and work with.

The vinyl car wrap sheets are easily applied to all parts of your car’s surface. The pressure-activated adhesives together with air drain technology allow the re-using or re-positioning of the film. The film may be taken down several times, which provides maximum flexibility to your installation process. Microscopic channels integrated into the film’s structure allow fast air discharge, which is very convenient during application. Provided you follow the instructions, the process will be quick and painless. Your car surfaces get UV protection, providing up to 5 years of outdoor usage warranty against fading. You can use all the possible cleaning agents, allowing for painted surfaces, to clean your car.

The main tips on taking care of your wrap are as follows:

  • Keep it clean whenever you can.
    When you have a chance, it is better to take down even small amounts of dust and dirt with a microfiber.
  • Wash it at least once a week.
    We recommend a hand wash using mild detergents. Be sure to remove the water with a microfiber and a squeegee.
  • Put any new cleaner you start using to a test.
    When you shift to another cleaning agent, be sure to test it on a small part of the wrapping just to be on the safe side. If no signs of damage show, use it for larger areas.
  • Avoid using air blowers.
    It is always better to dry out the surface with a microfiber than expose it to powerful air blowers.
  • Remove active substances as quick as possible.
    Do not let oil stains or other active agents stay long on your wrapping.
  • Avoid automatic car washes.
    Normally, automatic car washes deploy bristles and high pressure water sprinkles.

Ask for more details at our Chicago, IL 24/7 hotline. We’ll provide you with all sorts of support, including useful tips and technical assistance. If you’re not sure about any aspect of using our camouflage textured vinyl car wraps, feel free to contact our professional team. Otherwise, read and follow the manufacturer’s instruction manual carefully.

It may seem funny, but the camo effect works in two absolutely different ways. Initially, it serves to hide and disguise your vehicle, merging it with the surrounding environment. On the other hand, it has become renowned for attracting people’s attention. Today, many use camo patterns to enhance their vehicle’s style, make it more appealing and eye-catching. Yet, in both cases the film shows perfect performance and outstanding qualities.

To apply the film, be sure to use some basic installation instructions. First of all, you need to provide the appropriate temperature conditions. We recommend installing the camouflage textured vinyl car wraps in areas with a minimum temperature of +16C. However, in some cases it’s possible to perform the application at lower temperatures. Be sure to refer to the manual for this reason. Another vital condition is providing an air-tight and dust-free area. Most unsuccessful installations were due to small dust particles coming in-between the original paint and the film. Small particles do not allow the wrapping to have full contact with the surface. As a result, a small amount of air is left under the film. With time, small holes will form, allowing water and dirt to go under.

The surface has to be thoroughly washed with a mild soap and water solution. Washing agents should not contain ammonia. This substance works as a dissolvent, which will harm the vinyl wrap. Be sure to use a special primer for extremely curved areas. Check the instructions for more details; otherwise you are always welcome to contact us for useful tips, in Chicago, IL.

The benefits of wrapping your car with camouflage textured vinyl car wraps are as follows:

  • You get a perfect camo texture of various types, providing an outstanding camo effect and individual style.
  • You save your money by avoiding professional painting.
  • You provide a better resale value to your car.
  • You get a choice of colors and effects, which cannot be replicated by conventional paint.

Normally, this type of material is used for the car’s exterior. However, it is also possible to find plenty of applications inside your vehicle. Be sure to use the camouflage textured vinyl car wraps to decorate your car’s dashboard and other interior details. It will add an individual professional finish to your interiors.

The camouflage textured vinyl car wraps we offer have been originally designed to provide opportunities for your vehicle’s style enhancement. They can be applied to any part of your car’s surface, both interior and exterior. This makes a wide range of designs available for your choice. So, whenever you want to alter your car’s appearance, you can be sure the camouflage textured vinyl car wraps are perfect for this challenge. The materials are soft and flexible, ensuring easy installation and high performance.

We only offer products from world renowned brands and manufacturers, so you can always be sure you get a top quality product with high performance features. Additionally, for your convenience we offer a 24/7 support line as well as a team of professionals in Chicago, IL.


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