Tinting comes with multiple benefits but also with some challenges, and there are certain laws and regulations to have in mind. Keep on reading to learn more about the taillight tint laws in the state of Illinois.

Tinting allows any car owner to improve the design of its vehicle while also protecting it against the dangerous effects of the sun, as well as other factors that could scratch or damage it. Tinting can be applied to any of the car windows, and also to the headlight and taillights.

Vehicle Code Laws for Taillight Tinting in Illinois

As mentioned in Chapter 12, Section 12-201 of the Illinois Vehicle Code, taillights should emit a red light that is visible from at least 500 feet. So changing the color to a different one is definitely not legal.

Unfortunately, driving a vehicle with a smoked or tinted lens or cover is also not permitted, as stated in Chapter 12, Section 12-212. Using red lights is only allowed for the braking lights on the back of the vehicle, but not for the front lights or any others in the interior or exterior of the car.

Pros and cons of taillight tinting

The benefits of this process are:

  • Protection against fading caused by the UV rays of the sun
  • Protection against road debris that could cause cracks and scratches

The downsides are:

  • Illegal tinting will lead to getting a ticket in some states and countries

Can I tint tail lights?

When it comes to tinting, whether we are talking about car windows, headlights or taillights, there is no one single federal law that is applicable in the entire country. Each state has its own laws and regulations.

The taillight tint laws can be very strict in some states, but more permissible in others. You should keep this in mind when travelling, because even if taillight tinting is allowed in your state, you may still get pulled over in another.

Even if tinting with a dark film or a colored one is illegal in your state, you may still apply an invisible film over your taillights. This will not improve the look of the car, but will protect it against damage caused by the sun and road debris.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are colored taillights legal in Illinois?

No, they are not legal. Taillights can only be red.

Are smoked taillights legal in Illinois?

No, they are not legal either, and this is stated in Chapter 12, Section 12-212 of the Illinois Vehicle Code.

Are LED tail lights legal?

Even though they are very bright and last for longer, unfortunately, they are not legal either when it comes to the braking rear lights.


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