Order Office Window Tinting and Reduce Heat, Glare & Energy Bills

Tinted commercial window film is a thin layer of adhesive-backed material that’s installed on an office building to change the color of the windows and filter UV light. While large sliding doors and windows create a light, bright office environment, they can also result in dramatic temperature increases and huge cooling bills in the summer. A great solution is to install either transparent or tinted window films.

Commercial window films come in many different colors and transparencies depending on the amount of light you want to filter out. It doesn’t all have to be all about function either, decorative window films help modernize a drab-looking office building bringing it into the 21st century. Mirror window tints can also offer privacy to those working inside an exposed building.

If the employees in your office space are struggling with glare and overheating in the afternoon, it’s time to install commercial window film. Book installation today with Tinting Chicago at 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493.

Benefits of commercial window film

Blocks heat

If you live in a sunny climate, offices with large sliding doors and windows inevitably heat up after midday. This can cause physical discomfort for staff and reduce productivity. Window tinting helps regulate the temperature of an office, keeping it cooler in the hot summer months.

Filters harmful UV light

Surprising to some, harmful UV light can still pass through glass. If your desk is positioned right next to an office window, the chances are you’re being exposed to harmful UV rays in the afternoon.  Window tinting helps block UV light reducing your chances of developing skin cancer.

Reduces glare

Working on a screen with the glare of the midday sun is irritating and unproductive. Window tinting reduces glare significantly while only partially blocking out the bright light you need.

Reduces cooling bills

Offices in particularly sunny locations generate high cooling bills during the summer months. Window tinting lowers the temperature in offices, reduces the need for air conditioning which saves the employer money and is kinder to the environment.

Modernizes exterior

Window tint can transform your business both inside and out.  If your office building needs an upgrade, window tinting is an affordable way to add a bit of color and style.

Provides privacy

With tinted film, it’s possible to see out of a window but it’s not always possible to see in.  If your office is overlooked or located in a busy location with plenty of nosy, passing traffic, tinted window film provides privacy without blocking out the much-wanted light.

Enhances security

So much theft is opportunistic meaning a potential thief wasn’t intending to steal anything until saw it.  Tinted window film makes it impossible for anybody on the outside to see in, enhancing security and cutting down the chances for opportunistic theft.

Retain the view

If you enjoy spectacular views from your office building, why cover them up with blinds or curtains? Install tinted window films and enjoy the uninterrupted views all day long.

Types of office window tinting film

There’s a huge range of commercial window films on offer, with varying functionality. It’s important to research all available options to determine the functionality that most closely meets your needs:

  • Privacy film 
  • Colored window tint 
  • Decorative film 
  • Specialty films (protects against graffiti, reflection, or bird strikes)
  • Anti-fog window film
  • Anti-RF film (blocks radio frequency & electromagnetic waves)
  • Sun reflective window film
  • Security films

Best brands of tinted commercial window film

There’s a whole range of office window tinting brands on the market today.  At Tinting Chicago we only work with 3M, Suntek, and SOLYX brands as we believe they offer the best value for money and they both offer warranties that last anywhere from a year to a lifetime, depending on the quality of installation.

Cost of installing tinted window film for an office

The specialists at Tinting Chicago will visit your site to advise on the most suitable type of film for your building, before giving you a tailored, accurate quote.  With window tinting costs, the following factors should be considered:

  • Amount of glass
  • Type of window tint finish used
  • Brand of film used
  • Complexity of installation
  • Access

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does tinted commercial window film last?

Tinted commercial window film lasts for 15 to 20 years and often comes with a lifetime warranty. Given its longevity, it's well worth researching the best film type to suit your needs before investing in a high-quality brand.

Does tinted commercial window film come with a warranty?

Yes, quality commercial window film brands, such as 3M, SOLYX, and Suntek come with a 1 year to lifetime warranty depending on the quality of the installation. The warranty protects against fading, cracking, bubbling, and peeling.

Is window tint film applied to the inside or the outside of an office window?

Window tint film is always installed on the inside, rather than the outside of an office window. This means no scaffolding or exterior access to the windows is required. It also means that the film itself is not subjected to harsh weather conditions.


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