Commercial window tinting: productive atmosphere and reduced electricity bills

Window films are commonly installed on vehicles, but there are just as many reasons to tint the windows of your commercial space.

Like auto tinting, commercial window tinting involves applying a thin layer of film to the window glass of your business premises — whether that be an office, retail space, or some other kind of property.

Commercial window film comes in a variety of options to suit different purposes. But with so many types and brands available, it can be hard to know where to start in looking for the best solution for your commercial building.

To give you some pointers, in this overview article, our specialists at Tinting Chicago outline the key advantages of commercial window film and provide a quick glance at some of the different products available on the market.

Benefits of commercial window tinting

If you own or use a commercial space with regular glass windows, there are a number of reasons you might want to consider installing tint film on your windows.

For some business owners, changing the appearance of a commercial building or increasing privacy might be the most important reasons. Others might be more focused on the potential energy (and cost) savings that window tinting can offer. Or maybe it’s the enhanced protection from security window film you’re after?

In fact, these benefits of window film are not mutually exclusive and many products can offer several of these functions in a single product.

To help you choose the optimal window film for your business, here is a rundown of the six top reasons for commercial window tinting.

1. Reduce energy bills with window film

Glass windows are some of the most important ways by which heat energy enters and leaves a building. Compared to regular glass, tinted windows can greatly improve energy efficiency by blocking solar energy from entering the building — or keeping heat inside in the cooler months.

The insulating properties of window film reduce the need to run air conditioning, thus saving energy and helping to cut utility bills for your business. This means that investing in window tinting for your commercial building can generate a significant return in terms of cost savings within a relatively short period of time.

By installing film on your commercial windows, you can help to reduce the carbon footprint of your business while reducing running costs at the same time.

2. Enhance comfort and productivity

Time at work is more productive and enjoyable in a comfortable environment. No one likes to be distracted by external interference when you are on a deadline.

Unfortunately, workers who have to spend a lot of time near windows are often subject to glare from the sun, which can also make it hard to use a computer screen.

Solar radiation can also cause uncomfortable hot spots in an office. Excess sunlight can also impact clients or shoppers that enter your premises.

Installing the right type of window film is a cost effective way to solve these problems by blocking out glare and excess heat from the sun.

Different types of window film can also alter the atmosphere and lighting in your workspace. The right choice of window film can go a long way towards reducing excess light intensity and creating an atmosphere conducive to work.

That means every dollar you spend per square foot of window tint can also have a productivity benefit, on top of the energy cost savings and other advantages of window tinting. 

3. Block UV rays

In addition to blocking heat, window film can also block UV rays, which research has shown are a risk factor in causing skin cancer. UV can also cause interior materials such as fabrics or plastics to fade or become damaged over time.

Installing a quality tint film on your commercial windows gives a layer of protection from these harmful rays for your workers as well as interior furnishings and equipment.

Tinting Chicago stocks a range of window film specially engineered to filter out UV light, keeping your workspace safe and extending the life of your office equipment.

4. Ensure privacy in the workplace

Window tinting can offer an extra layer of privacy for commercial spaces while still letting in ample natural light for everyone to do their job. This might be particularly important if your commercial space is used for personal interactions, confidential business transactions, or if it is located somewhere exposed to public view.

Unfortunately, these days, it isn’t only with a pair of binoculars that unscrupulous actors can spy on your business. In our digital age, electromagnetic radiation can be just as revealing. Fortunately, special films that block RF (radio frequency) waves, also known as anti-eavesdropping film, are available on the market and can easily be installed on your premises.

5. A layer of security for your business

Tint film can improve security by obscuring valuables inside your commercial premises that might otherwise be visible from the outside.

Tinting Chicago also has a selection of security films that act as an extra protective layer in the event that a window is broken — whether by accident or intentionally.

For example, anti-shatter film helps to prevent glass fragments from flying out if a window is smashed. Security films also slow down would-be intruders by holding a glass window together and presenting another layer that they must break through to get in.

6. Upgrade the look of your premises

Windows are hugely important to the appearance of any building. The glass on the exterior of your premises is literally a window into your business.

Installing window tinting can transform the look of your commercial space — both inside and outside.  Tinting Chicago has a range of stylish decorative window films and colored tints that can make your building more aesthetically appealing to staff or clients visiting your premises.

Choices for commercial window tinting

Business owners considering window tinting have a huge variety of window film options to choose from.

To ensure the right tinting result for your business, it is worth exploring the different types of commercial window film available before coming to a final decision.

In particular, consider which function is the most important for your business, the position and size of commercial windows you are looking to tint, and the cost per square foot you are willing to budget.

At Tinting Chicago, we stock a range of window films to suit all types of business premises. Whatever your needs are in terms of functionality, our specialists can help you choose the right commercial window film for your business from leading brands in the industry such as 3M and Rayno.

Here are a sample of the different window film options we have available:

  • Privacy film that protects your business and workers from prying eyes. Popular solutions in this category include frosted film and one way mirror film.
  • Colored window tint in a variety of tones — from blue and bronze to gold and green, and plenty of other options in between.
  • Decorative window film in a variety of textures and patterns, as well as window films made to give a stained glass look or produce a gradient fading effect.
  • Specialty films such as those designed to protect against graffiti, reflection, or bird strikes. We also have anti-fog window film and film that blocks RF (radio frequency) electromagnetic waves.
  • Films for climate control and energy saving, including sun protection film, heat reflective films, ceramic window tint, and anti-glare film.
  • Security films, including anti-shatter film and mirror safety film.

How much does commercial window tinting cost?

The total cost to install window film for your business will depend on several factors such as the area of window glass to be covered and what kind of window tinting is to be used.

For a free estimate, please speak to one of our advisors today and we will be happy to run you through the different options available.

Your business deserves a professional tinting service

The specialists at Tinting Chicago have many years of experience in commercial window tinting for all kinds of buildings.

Our team can run you through the entire process, from identifying your tinting needs and selecting the best window film, to designing the most suitable tint configuration for your windows, and the final installation.

A durable solution for your company

When considering how much to budget for window film, it helps to think of money spent on window tinting as a long-term investment for your business.

Installing a quality tint can deliver immediate cost savings in terms of energy bills and long-term savings by preventing the degradation of interior furnishings and other equipment. The right window film can also offer a range of other less tangible (but nonetheless important) benefits such as atmosphere, comfort, and productivity.

To get the most out of these benefits, it pays to invest in a quality window film and installation service. With the proper installation, modern window films can last for as long as a decade — or in some cases even longer.

Quality assured

The best way to ensure you get a window tint made to last is to source quality window film from a reputable dealer. Many brands of commercial window film come with a manufacturer’s warranty. 3M, Suntek, and SOLYX provide from a 1 year to a lifetime warranty on commercial window films. On top of that, Tinting Chicago offers an additional quality guarantee for our commercial window tinting service (also from 1 year to a lifetime, depending on the quality of works), so you can rest assured that your business will get the durable high-quality window tinting it deserves.

Still have questions? Speak to us today for a free estimate or consultation to identify your tinting needs and find the perfect solution for your business.

How to choose a commercial window tint?

You don’t have to make this decision by yourself. Professional tinting companies will let you know the pros and cons of certain products and will help you to make the right choice during the initial call. Then our technicians will drop by your office / commercial space, inspect the windows with the help of special equipment and recommend a number of solutions. You can examine the samples and choose the ones you like straight away — or leave them for a few days to make a decision. After it’s done, we are ready to send you a quote via e-mail and begin work.

Can commercial tinting lower our corporate expenses?

Yes, it can. By installing window tints in a spacy office you will drastically reduce its exposure to UV and, therefore, will need to use air conditioning much less. For smaller spaces the economy effect would not be as significant (the building itself, the roof, the walls heat up during the day). But if the whole building is energy sufficient and constructed of modern materials, then yes, eventually you will save money even in the small commercial space.

What are the key benefits of commercial tinting?

- A modern look that can be customized in your corporate style
- A possibility to quickly change the design of the work space
- Protection of the office / commercial space from glare and harmful UV rays
- Creation of a literally cool, productive atmosphere for your employees.

What kind of commercial spaces do you work with?

We work with all kinds of commercial spaces that have walls, windows and doors — from gyms to restaurants, from banks to shopping centers.

Who are your clients?

Different businesses that encountered a need of a quick and modern solution for their premises — and the requests can be absolutely different. But we don’t just sell the service, we explain it in detail so the client can make his own choice. For example, if the request is to achieve privacy by means of privacy films, we will explain that during the night, when the lights are on, people from outside would still be able to see what’s going on in your office. We are more interested in the satisfaction of our clients than anything else. So far, such companies as Starbucks, T-Mobile, Ikea and many others were happy with our work.

Are there any basic requirements for tinting the commercial spaces?

The commercial space has to be clean and dust-free (sticking a transparent film on a transparent surface in the middle of a repair process might be quite tricky). And, an important moment: the surfaces that we work with have to be made of regular glass, not plastic (acrylic / plexiglass etc.).

Are there any special tinting services that you recommend for business clients?

Besides all popular solutions (windows, office doors tinted with a variety of films) we offer our corporate clients anti-graffiti film. This is a special film for outdoor protection of your premises. It is so solid that can easily withstand the attempts to scratch your office windows — or “beautify” them with graffiti. In case of the latter you just have to take off and reinstall the film. It is easily removed and doesn’t cost much.

What brands of films do you use?

3M, Suntek, and SOLEX. We have worked with these manufacturers for more than 8 years and have chosen them among dozens of others. These brands provide the highest quality on the market, are constantly creating state-of-the-art products, and develop new technological solutions.

Can the window tinting film be removed?

Yes, it can. But it is better to refer to the specialists for clean and fast removal.

What guarantees do you provide?

We guarantee the quality of our work. Depending on the product and the kind of service, it can be from 5 years to a life-time.


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