Get Headlight Protection Film Installed: Fast, Affordable Quality Film

Headlight protection film is a thin, transparent cover that’s quickly installed on headlight lenses to prevent scratches and cracks in the glass, caused by sand, rocks, stone chips, or road debris. PPF for headlights is crystal clear and therefore doesn’t alter the color or appearance of your lights in any way. It can be applied to any light on your car from the brake lights to indicator lights to fog lights and headlights.

PPF or clear bra, as it’s known in the industry, is an extra layer of protection for your lights on the open road. It’s an expensive business replacing cracked headlamps and fog lamps so it makes complete sense to protect them with an invisible protective covering before you even roll a new car out of the showroom!

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Benefits of headlight protection film

  • Protects against dirt & damage
  • Affordable
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting

Can I install a clear bra on headlights myself?

It’s possible to install PPF on a headlight, fog light, or indicator light yourself, but unless the surface is completely clean and dust-free, the application won’t last long and could start peeling off over time. To be sure of a quality outcome with no air bubbles or creasing, it’s advisable to have headlight covers professionally installed.

How to care for PPF on my headlights

  • Clean the film regularly to avoid dirt build up around the edges
  • Only wash with a soft, microfiber cloth
  • Hand wash only
  • Only use nonabrasive products to clean your vehicle
  • Remove wax from the edge of the film to prevent a build-up

Most common types of vehicles to install clear bras on their headlights:

  • New cars
  • Vintage cars
  • Luxury cars
  • Sports cars

What are the best brands of PPF to install on headlights?

After more than 13 years in business, at Tinting Chicago we’ve tried and tested all the leading brands of PPF and concluded that 3M and XPEL brands offer the best value for money. They’re designed for durability, are easy to maintain, and don’t peel, crack or yellow with time.

 In the design stages, headlight covers are tested under the harshest of conditions, to ensure they are up to the task in the real world. Certain covers have proved that they will withstand a barrage of 1-inch diameter stones at speeds up to 120 mph (192 kph), without incurring any damage to the lens they’re protecting.

Warranty for protection film on headlights

High-quality PPF manufacturers, such as 3M and XPEL provide 10-year warranties for their products. This means that from the day that clear bra is installed on your car, it is will be protected under warranty from damage such as cracking, yellowing, and peeling.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I remove PPF from my headlights, will it damage them?

No, the removal of PPF won't damage your headlights. Through the correct application of steam, PPF is easily removed from headlights, without causing scratching or permanent damage.

How long does a clear bra on headlights usually last?

After a professional installation, it's not uncommon for a clear bra to last 7 years on headlights before you need to replace it. For this reason, the upfront cost of installation is worth the investment in the long run.

Is discoloration an issue with PPF on headlights?

The best quality brands of clear bra won't yellow or become cloudy on car lights, even after many years. So long as films are installed on super clean lenses they'll remain highly protective and crystal clear for as long as 7 years.


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