Want to give your car an amazing outfit? Try on Matte Gray Vinyl Film.

Wrapping a car in matte grey vinyl film has become a distinctive sign of style among tuning enthusiasts. The subtle matte effect can be given both — to the entire vehicle or its individual parts (roof, mirrors, trunk or hood).  Car wrapping — is the only way to quickly change the appearance of your car without repainting it. And it costs much cheaper!

Gray Vinyl wrap — gentleman among tinting styles

Humanity has been polishing its cars for so long that “the shine” has become an integral part of our lives. But why not stand out from the crowd and give your vehicle a matte look? Subtle and gentle, today it is the true king of the road. And its elegant glory outshines even the shiniest of the cars. And the best way to achieve that — is to professionally wrap your vehicle in matte vinyl wrap.

What about the colors? Yes, bright and daring might be catching the eye, but gray is the sign of good taste and style.

The maximum effect is achieved if the gray matte wrap is matched to chrome parts and car rims.

Thanks to the conformability of PVC with different automotive surfaces, you can complement the inner design of the vehicle, for example, to wrap the dashboard of the gear shift knob. Ask for advice from our Tinting Chicago professionals — they will recommend the best ways for your vehicle and perform the perfect vinyl wrapping without air bubbles and other imperfections.

Matte vinyl film is not just posh and elegant. It’s also super practical

The quality vehicle wraps are not just made for beauty and style. They protect your car from dirt, rocks, scratches, and oil. And, what’s most important — play a part in keeping the durability of your vehicle’s factory paint. By wrapping your car in matte vinyl film, you can be sure that the paint stays as fresh as new. 

Car vinyl wrap also protects the vehicle from exposure to chemicals, especially used on winter highways in large metropolitan areas such as New York or Chicago.

Tinting Chicago provides a two-year guarantee of the quality of all our wrapping services. And the manufacturers of the films, 3M and Rayno, are using special UV protection technology that helps to provide an extra two-year warranty against vinyl wrap fading.

Why don’t just paint the car in matte gray? Wrapping vs Paintwork

You can also paint your car and it also will look great and cost pretty much the same ($2000 – $5000), but there are some obvious benefits of self-adhesive film wrapping against paintwork.

  1. The wrap is removable, the paint — not. Wrapping your car helps you to protect the original paint. When you decide to remove the film, your car will still look brand new. High-quality films that we use in Tinting Chicago are truly a great product — they are removed easily after the install.
  2. The film is durable and will protect your vehicle against small rocks, UV and chemicals. Paint can be easily damaged after one unlucky gravel ride.
  3. Warranty. For example, the matte 3M wrap film series we provide goes with 7 years of protection for vertical applications and 2 years on horizontal, 8 years expected outdoor performance, and 2 years warranty from fading (thanks to UV filters). Paintwork — does not come with a factory warranty.
  4. You don’t have to wax the wrap, unlike paint. Regular washing is good enough for automotive vinyl wraps.

To fully wrap a vehicle only takes 2 days. Paintwork can stretch for a week or more: each layer of paint has to dry before application of the other one.

Q & A: what else our clients ask about matte car wrapping

Is it legal to drive a wrapped car in the US?

The car wrap is legal in the US, except for some states, which have special rules on commercial tint and movable advertising. But private car wrapping — like matte grey vinyl wrap that we talk about in this article, should be of no concern. You can travel around the country and be sure that you won’t get a ticket for it. But if you are going to also tint your windows, refer to the Tinting section of our site, some states have restrictions.

How to treat matte wrapping film?

Top manufacturers recommend: in order to maintain a beautiful glare, matte finishes are to be cleaned quite often. Stubborn stains may be removed with liquid adhesive remover and Magic Eraser pads. You can also use a good old squeegee.

How many shades of grey are available in Tinting Chicago?

We have a lot! Check out our pallet of PVC colors to choose which one you prefer. Besides the shades, you can choose matte dark gray vinyl, matte metallic, or light gray vinyl wrap for your car. Ready to get matte grey? Good choice!
Still not convinced? For more fancy wrappings check out our matte black or even carbon fiber one!
For more information please refer to Tinting Chicago customer reviews, product descriptions or contact our support for special offers.

Will one damaged element of a car affect the whole wrapping?

If the wrapped car had a little accident or caught a big rock that led to major film damage, of course, it would affect the whole look or the solidity of the color. But the good thing about wrapping is that it gives your vehicle better protection from minor damage — and if it happened only to the parts of the car (e. g. door, wing) they can be easily re-wrapped. It will be much cheaper than re-wrapping the entire vehicle.

Can I be sure that there won’t be any air bubbles or any other imperfections under the wrap?

Yes, you sure can. All members of the Tinting Chicago team have profound experience in car wrapping. Besides that, we use special air release technology that pushes out all of the bubbles through the air release channels. All of the vehicle’s curves would be perfectly covered — no matter if it is a luxury sports car or just your favorite comfy sedan.


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