Matte Grey Vinyl Wrap

The matte grey vinyl wrap has become renown among Chicago, IL car owners due to its outstanding appearance. The possibilities provided by its original qualities are absolutely fascinating. A conventional car can suddenly acquire the expensive appearance of a luxury ride. It also becomes better protected from shallow paintwork damage. That’s a big attraction to many customers.

A car treated with our matte grey vinyl wrap makes an absolutely unforgettable impression. You get the perfect accent to your car’s lines and forms while its matte finish provides mystique and a secretive effect. It definitely makes your ride unique and unusual, irrespective of its type or size. This color is quite self-contained, needing no combinations with other colors. It creates an amazing monochrome effect. If you want to make a unique project, be sure to use the matte grey vinyl wrap!

Our customers say they like the feeling of keeping a stylish lowpro while cruising in their vehicles treated with the matte grey vinyl wrap. For some this color resembles an untreated metal, while others say it is rather stealthy. Like most of the vinyl wraps, the matte grey vinyl wrap offers perfect performance characteristics. It is UV-proof, dirt- and oil-repellant, and scratch-resistant. The air drain technology allows an easy and quick application and helps to prevent the bubble effect. Amateurs, however, should get some advice from our skilled staff in Chicago, IL. We’ll do our best to offer you as many useful tips as possible.

The matte grey vinyl wrap for your car is available in various sizes, so you can easily get any amount of the wrap you need. Additionally, the wrappings are easily taken down and can be re-used, while your original paint will not be damaged by the adhesives, even after years of use. The outdoor warranty ranges from 5 years to up to 10 years, provided that the wrap was professionally installed.

Normally, the installations are performed in air-tight dust-proof areas, with the average temperature ranging from +16C up to +32C. However, in some cases the temperature range may be wider. For this reason, follow the instructions; otherwise contact us for more details. No lamination is required. Once the wrap is installed it is ready to use. The grey vinyl wrap is a wind-proof type, and will show no stretching or peeling from the extreme surroundings. This enables the film to be used for sport vehicles with no risk of spoiling the wrapping.

We offer high quality eye-catching grey vinyl wraps for your car allowing a stylish look to your ride combined with outstanding durability and performance. Additionally, you protect your car from small damages from road debris, thus saving on repair costs. With us, you’ll get a top brand product along with highly-professional advice and instructions. Get more details from our Chicago, IL office.

We offer vinyl wraps in sheets of various sizes, so you will find the most suitable solution and reduce your costs. Our trained consultants will help you with making the right choice to reduce the amount of leftovers. Note that our wrappings can easily be taken down and re-used again, which provides you with additional flexibility with the installation.

Finally, consider the resale cost of your car. Now, when it’s brand new, it may seem an unimportant issue. However, the day you decide to resell your ride, you are definitely going to be thankful to our vinyl wraps, which will have perfectly preserved your paintwork up to its present-day condition. Even after years of use, your paint will look brand new, as if the car was bought a couple of days before. The colors will stay bright and vivid, with no scratches or faded areas.

Our Chicago, IL – based company specializes in car wrappings and has long-term experience in this business. We work with top manufacturers and brands in order to provide the best quality products for our clients. Not only do we sell the films, but we also provide an installation service along with application guidance and support. Our team has been successfully working with plenty of different car models for years, providing perfect service to our customers.

Before any installation, our clients get all the needed information on vinyl wraps. Due to technological progress, there are plenty of small innovations, usually unknown to an average customer. That’s why we try to provide our clients with as many details as possible to help them to make their choices.


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