Driving an SUV is adventurous, prestigious and fun. But also this particular vehicle needs extra protection on the road — and SUV window tinting is the first thing its owners have to think of. Why? Our expert explains.

SUV drivers need window tinting more than others

According to multiple research by car manufacturers and automotive media, SUV owners are prone to adventure more than people owning other cars. Therefore, SUV drivers need to pay more attention to the safety and comfort of their ride. Car window tinting is the first thing that comes to mind as a primal source of protection for the driver, passengers and everybody else on the road. Why? Because tinted windows significantly reduce glare and exposure to sun rays, making the temperature inside your car cool and providing the overall high quality of the ride. You are concentrating on the performance of your SUV road — but not on your discomfort.

What actually is an SUV window tinting?

Window tinting is a process of applying special vinyl films on the top of your SUV’s windows. In a professional shop it is done with the help of special equipment (heat guns, blow dryers etc.). Tint films vary in types, colors and light transmission properties. In Tinting Chicago, after trying out dozens of different films, we made our choice and now only use the ones produced by 3M and Rayno. These are 2 top manufacturers in the industry that make the most modern, technological, durable films.

9 main benefits of SUV windows tinting

  1. Significantly reduces light transmission through your SUV windows
  2. Reduces exposure of the driver and passengers to sun, glare and UV-rays
  3. Creates a cool and comfortable atmosphere inside of the car
  4. Decreases the need of using air conditioning, therefore, reduces gas bills
  5. Protects windows from scratches, road chips, wear
  6. Protects the interior of the car from fading and wear
  7. Allows to customize the design of your SUV
  8. Provides a possibility to choose a unique window tint film
  9. Increases the level of driver’s concentration on the road.

Types of SUV window films

To help you understand what to aim for, let’s check out the main categories of window films:


  • Clear window tint — one of the most commonly used for car window tinting, protects from glare, radiation and UV-rays
  • Metalized window tint — provides good level of climate control but can interfere with cellular and WiFi reception
  • Carbon window tint — one of the most expensive high tech films on the market, the coat contains carbon particles which makes the tint super strong and durable
  • Ceramic window tint —one of the most expensive high tech films on the market, the coat contains nano ceramic particles that make the film super strong and durable.

VLT (visible light transmission)

  • 5% the darkest film, allowing only 5% of light through, also called the “limo film”, illegal for most car windows in all of the states
  • 15% — dark tint that can be used to tint your SUV sunroof or rear window
  • 25% — dark tint that can be used to tint your SUV sunroof or rear window
  • 35% — tint that provides a sufficient level of darkness, but easy to see through the windows
  • 50% — known as the best option for SUV tint, optimal protection and visibility
  • 70% — light tint, but if manufactured by good brands, provides high light rejection percentage
  • 90% — almost invisible window tint, but if manufactured by good brands, provides a high light rejection percentage.

Pro tip: before making a decision about SUV window film, check out your state’s legal regulations on tinting. You can read our article here.

Why does SUV window tint have to be installed professionally?

Installation of car window tint doesn’t require much time or a big budget — and a professionally done job will protect not just the windows of your car, but your life. The quality of the application is important — it has to be bubble, fold-free and

Tinting Chicago offers a variety of choices for SUV window tinting — high quality films from the industry leaders, different colors and shades. Pop-in to one of our stores for a free estimate and advise on how dark or light your auto tint should be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SUV window tinting legal?

Yes, SUV window tinting is legal — but the percentage of tint for every window would strictly depend on your state's legal regulations.

How dark can I tint my SUV?

It depends on what windows you are planning to tint. For example, tinting the windshield is illegal in all states, but you can tint a 6-inch stripe to protect yourself from UV and glare. Front side windows usually can be tinted with 50% VLT films and back side windows can have even darker tints. Rear SUV window or its sunroof can have a tint of any darkness.

Why are SUVs allowed to have tinted windows?

Because all vehicles are. But the level of tint would vary from window to window based on your state's tinting legal regulations. For example, in Chicago, Illinois, where shops are located, we are allowed to tint all windows with 35% film. And the rules for the front and back windows could have exemptions.

How long does it take to tint windows on a SUV?

For Tinting Chicago installers this job takes about 1,5-2 hrs.

What is the cost of tinting SUV windows?

The starting price to tint a full SUV at Tinting Chicago is $250 (excluding the windshield).

Can I tint the windshield of my SUV?

No and yes. According to US legal tinting regulations, full windshield tinting is illegal. It can affect the quality of driving and prevent the authorities from seeing what's going on inside of the vehicle. But windshield tint strips are legal — usually its width can be 6 inches and have a VLT of 5%.


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