Install Rayno Window Tint and Get up to 54% Better Car Protection

After deciding to tint your windows, you are faced with the need of choosing a durable, strong, high-quality film. Here at Tinting Chicago we also had this task — and after 8 years of trying different options, we chose only the best manufacturers. The ones that provide the highest quality and solid guarantees for their products. And Rayno window tint is at the top of this list. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about this manufacturer — and services that you can order at Tinting Chicago.

About the Rayno company

Rayno is our neighbor: its headquarters are situated in Elk Grove Village, IL, and it also has a regional office in Santa Fe Springs, CA. For years the company has had the status of a leader of the industry, based on constant strive for improvement. 

Rayno – focused on quality and performance

Rayno is one of the leading manufacturers of films in the world. The company produces quality tinting films for both vehicles and buildings. It uses progressive carbon-ceramic technology which offers outstanding protection against the sun — up to 99% while making films super strong, damage-resistant, and durable. So, if you ask us which film to choose for your car window tint, one of the top choices would be Rayno.

Types of Rayno window tint

The company offers three series of auto films, well-known and highly appreciated in the United States. 

  • The Phantom Series — include various types of nano carbon ceramic window films that offer long-term protection using professional materials. They are made to last so you will never have to worry about cracking, fading or bubbling
  • MonoCarbon — a 2-ply true carbon film based on nano-technology that doesn’t include any metals or dyes. It is designed to provide great clarity, color stability as well as good heat rejection
  • Creed PPF — a top quality paint protection film made for excellent protection and very simple installation. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Rayno tint ceramic?

Rayno offers 3 series of protection films, and one of them is ceramic. This is the Phantom Series that uses Nano Carbon Ceramic technology for extra protection, clarity and longevity.

Is the Rayno S9 tint good?

Yes, it is! The S9 film is part of the Rayno Phantom Series, which was the first carbon ceramic film made with a patented formula that exceeded competitor standards in terms of performance. It features nano-scaled carbon particles for color stability and clarity, as well as nano-encapsulated ceramic particles for durability and great heat rejection. In a test of 1,000 hours, the Rayno S9 true color held 54% better than the competitors, so we can definitely conclude that this Rayno window tint is good.

Where can I get a Rayno window tint installed in Chicago?

Our company is here to assist you with any auto tinting requests, and we are a partner with Rayno, using their films for many years now. Tinting Chicago made hundreds of customers happy with Rayno window film tinting — join them now! Call us at 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493 and book your session.


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