Anti Shatter Window Film

Probably one of the biggest disadvantages of a glass pane is its fragility. Broken glass increases the risk of injury, which is unacceptable for home owners. Applying anti-shatter window films helps reduce these hazards as well as improve the physical qualities of the glass. The technology of shatter-proof glass is widely used in vehicle construction as well, paying a great deal of attention to drivers’ safety issues.

Today, while the glass is used in the construction more than ever, the usage of shatter-resistant materials is an absolute must. Modern building norms and standards do not allow the usage of non-reinforced glass structures in public places such as offices, airports, schools, shopping malls, etc. Just imagine a Chicago IL skyscraper built of unprotected glass during a weather disaster. The damage that will be done by the flying sharp glass chips can hardly be described nor estimated. Those who are inside the building and those who stay outside risk getting serious injuries, which may even be lethal.

According to the recent researches, one square meter of glass produces up to two thousand sharp and dangerous pieces which are able to cause serious physical damage. Now, multiply this number by dozens of square kilometers of glass panes used in buildings in an average city, and you’ll understand how devastating the effect could be.

Not surprisingly, the issues of reinforcing glass structures and making them safer are of great importance. Fortunately, modern technologies are able to reduce shatter risks dramatically. One of the most popular ways is the installation of anti-shatter window films. Due to their ability to make the structure of glass more reliable as well as keep it in one piece even when damaged, window films are now widely used in various spheres of our life.

Depending on the type of a film, its thickness, structure and the way of application, you can get glass of various strength, including bullet-proof or explosion-resistant. Amazingly, some of the most advanced films may provide so much strength and durability to glass structures that they can perform like a concrete wall. The anti shatter glass film prevents the glass fragments from falling into different directions in case of an explosion as well as absorbs the energy of an impact. That is probably why anti-shatter window films have been found not only in civilian but also military applications.

Nowadays, many Chicago IL homeowners have started to utilize the benefits of reinforced anti-shatter window films. Not only will they improve their windows by making them stronger, but they also are able to provide a much higher level of safety to their family members.

Shatter-proof glasses prevent accidental body injuries, especially among youngsters, as well as serve an additional protection from intruders. In addition, many of the security companies already set up the usage of reinforced window films as one of the basics of your home security.

Apart from being safe and secure, anti-shatter window film installation offers other benefits. Those are: energy efficiency, UV protection, reducing heat gain or loss, improved privacy, and stylish designs. In other words, you get a chance to improve your home by making it look nicer, more secure, and cheaper to maintain.


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