Shatterproof Window Film Application in Chicago: Quick & Affordable

A shatterproof film (also known as an anti-shatter, safety film, security film, protective film, or fragment retention film) is applied over windows or any other glass surfaces in order to strengthen them and to prevent shards from scattering around.

Installation of an anti-shatter film to your home windows is times cheaper than getting shatterproof or tempered glass. And the benefits are the same: in case of damage, the glass stays in place, reducing any risk to almost a zero.

Here at Tinting Chicago we offer our clients the safest shatterproof films that come with solid guarantees. And they are super affordable, too! Give us a call for a free estimate on 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493. 

Why would you need a shatterproof window tint?

Home windows often break: it can happen from an innocent wind gust or an unfortunate ball flying in from a playground. In case that happens, broken pieces can be scattered all over the place, becoming dangerous both for the homeowners and their pets. 

Today it is totally in your power to add a layer of protection to pretty much any glass surface of your home by installing an anti-shatter film. It has solid protective properties and is totally transparent, so it won’t interfere with the natural light transmittance.

2 key benefits of a shatterproof film

  1. Increases safety of your home. The window is harder to break or penetrate. While in case of mechanical damage a regular window breaks in about one second, for the reinforced one it will take 15 seconds and more. It increases safety of your home against intruders and can give you an extra time to call the police;
  2. Hold glass in place in case of breakage. When the window does get broken during a heist, the shattered pieces will be held in place and not fly all over the room.

Brands of shatterproof window film

Over the years, the Tinting Chicago specialists were testing the performance of multiple brands. After more than 12 years of continuous work, we chose the best. These 3 brands have been proven to be high-quality and durable:

  • 3M — a reputable American brand, a definite leader among shatterproof film manufacturers. The 3M window films are some of the most resistant in extreme weather conditions, which is important when it comes to anti shatter films; 
  • Solyx — this brand is a part of the 3M company, but belongs to a mid-range price category. Solyx shatterproof films are of high quality and are quite popular among homeowners. They come in various shades, patterns, and colors;
  • Suntek — the shatterproof films of this brand offer a good price-quality balance, and are super popular among our Chicago clients. They come in a variety of options: colors, UV protection properties. You can choose different levels of VLT (visual light transmission) for more or less privacy. 

Shatterproof window film installation in Chicago

In order to know the best ways to protect your home windows against shattering or breaking, call Tinting Chicago on 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493 and have a chat with our experienced technicians. They are ready to assist you 24/7! We offer you an exclusive service of a free on-site estimate: we can visit your house any convenient time for free, and present you with a quote and free samples! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is tempered glass better than film?

Yes, it is. The glass is much thicker than a layer of film, therefore, it is more resistant to mechanical damage. But not every space requires such strong reinforced windows! Regularly, application of a shatterproof film is totally enough.

How thick should window security film be?

The best safety films are 8 to 12 mm thick. All of them offer protection against the glass shattering, but the thickest films also offer protection against burglars.

Can window film damage windows?

If the film is installed properly by a specialist, then it will not damage the windows in any way. But if the film is not applied correctly, it can damage the seals around the windows. So better call the professionals and get the film applied perfectly. Here at Tinting Chicago, we offer fast installation of shatterproof window films. Call us today at 773-455-0467 or 312-212-0493 and book your appointment!


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