The sun often gets in our way, blinding us while we’re driving. According to research by the National Center of Biotechnology information, the risk of a life-threatening crash is 16% higher during bright sunlight than normal weather. The U.S. Department of Transportation claims that 9,000 glare-related accidents occur each year! Though windshield tinting is forbidden by law, there is a way to protect yourself. Get a windshield tint strip.

Sun visor strip — only 6 inches wide but saves lives

Almost everywhere in the world fully tinted windshields are strictly prohibited by law. There is an easy, fast and cost-effective alternative that will protect you and your passengers from glare — installation of a Sun visor strip. This is a strip of transparent automotive window tint film that is glued to the top of the windshield, saving the drivers from direct sunlight. The strip decal that is installed to the windshield must be of an exact width of 6 inches in Illinois (4” or 5” for some other states).

Car sun visor brands-best sellers

  • Rayno S5 and S9
  • 3M FX Premium
  • 3M Crystalline

Also popular are the kits of the window tints (which includes the visor strips) for the popular models of Toyota, BMW, Ford, Audi and other car brands.

Why is professional installation of windshield tint strip is important?

  1. The exact computer measurements. In Tinting Chicago we use computer cut technology that allows us to measure the width of 6 inches precisely. Therefore, we are following the law to a tee and you can be sure that you are installing the legal tint.
  2. Top quality films. To serve its purpose, the windshield tint strip must be made from high-quality films which are available only in licenced shops like Tinting Chicago. The main advantages of these films are full sunlight and UV protection that allow you to drive on a sunny day without wearing sunglasses, be protected from glare, risk of an accident and eye damage.
  3. Precise bubble-free installation. DIY sun visors are not impossible, but without special equipment and an immaculately clean room it is very hard to make it bubble and dust free. Professional installers use special air release technology — and do it inside of the dust and moisture free room.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a windshield tint strip do?

Windshield tint strip protects the driver from the sun, radiation and UV rays, providing a safe and comfortable ride.

Can I tint my whole front windshield?

No, it is forbidden by state laws. You can tint side windows, rear window and sunroof, but before you do it, better check your local tint laws for exact tinting percentage regulations.

Are windshield tint strips legal?

Yes, the visor tints with width not more than 6 inch for car windshields are legal. But tinting rules differ from state to state. The one thing is common for all of them: it is forbidden to install film on the whole front window. You can check out the regulations for your local area at

How dark can the windshield sun visor be?

Maximum 70% VLT (visible light transmission). It is the percent of light that passes through car windows. And don't forget to check your local tint laws!

How to take care about tint strip?

Very easy. Wash it as usual when cleaning your windows, use the squeegee.

Where can I install the window tint strip?

You can do it in your local tinting shop. If you live somewhere near 3621 N Harlem Ave or 2720 W Grand Ave, pop by to get a free estimate — or get your visor strip installed very quickly. We offer a wide range of window films and provide solid guarantees for professional windshield sun shades installation.


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