Solar Window Films To Keep The Heat Out

Sun control window films reduce UV radiation, protect interiors from heat, and improve energy efficiency for all types of buildings. Moreover, they are able to enhance the buildings’ exteriors and to provide extra privacy during daylight hours. The advantages of installing solar control films are as follows:

  • Reducing energy expenses – Newest technologies used in the production of modern window films allow a cut of up to 90 percent of energy loss due to enhanced insulation. On the contrary, in warmer climates, up to 80 percent of solar heat can be kept out, thus reducing cooling costs.
  • Climate control – Solar window films help to manage the temperature differences in various parts of a building, creating comfortable surroundings for those inside.
  • Prevents fading – Since most of the solar films are able to filter out up to 99 percent of UV rays, they are definitely the perfect solution for reducing solar damage done to fabrics and furniture.
  • Enhancing the exterior – In many cases, using solar window film not only adds to the stylish look of a building’s façade, but also helps to save on time and the cost of refurbishment.

If you are interested in keeping the heat out by installing solar UV control heat window films in Chicago, IL, you are always welcome to come to our company. Our trained specialists will provide all the necessary information as well as technical assistance.

Nowadays, two main types of window insulation film for reducing heat transfer are used.

  • Solar control film, which is applied directly to the surface of the glass. It filters out the infra-red component of solar light and absorbs UV rays. You can also get a tinted or silvered type of film which decreases visible light.
  • Convection control film, which is installed to deal with convective air flow in order to avoid heat contact with the glass surface. This is done by attaching double-sided pressure-sensitive tape to the window frame, thus creating a thin layer of air between the film and the glass. Such an installation helps to reduce thermal conductivity and prevent condensation.

However, window films weren’t popular with the residents of Chicago, IL at first. In the beginning, plenty of misunderstandings and faulty rumors about the harmfulness of its materials made many clients hesitate to choose window tinting. Today, with newly designed technologies available, solar UV control heat window film installation in Chicago has become much more popular. The application of modern materials, including high temperature acrylic adhesives, scratchproof coatings, and metals like titanium help to keep the heat out and ensures the durability of the solar UV control heat window film.

In addition, a wide range of designs together with its easy installation process makes this product the perfect solution for residential buildings. Modern materials, as opposed to their predecessors, do not change the look of objects on either side of the glass and allow visible light in whilst still keeping the heat and ultraviolet light out. Of course, any kind of the window film has to be correctly installed. If you are seeking professional solar UV control window film home installations in Chicago, IL, our company is always ready to provide our services and products of the best quality. Our solar film can be applied to various types of window panes, including existing windows. A range of colors, grades and shades is available. Each product offers various appearance and performance levels as well as different levels of heat protection, while still allowing natural light to pass through your glazing. Samples of each film type, free of charge, are available as well. This will allow you to check how each individual product performs in order to make the right choice.


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